Rumour has it I'm the one you're leaving her for

By having that said, I surely mean the brownie, which leaves the plate (her) for me. Mates, it’s that time of the year again – It’s “Kladdkakans dag” as we call it here in Sweden, haha! (I love mixing Swedish with English, Swenglish!) For my international mates, kladdkaka is like a stickier and tastier version of a brownie. I don’t think those are made in any other place than Scandinavia. For your record, I make the best kladdkaka in the world… I think (?) Nope, I’m pretty confident on this one! I am the best!






My day had been gray and rainy, until I realized that I’d just received a post card from my lovely friend, Lisa, in Munich! Suddenly my day felt much better, haha. Thank you honey!



I’ve thought about something. I will forever be 169,5 cm. My passport says I’m 170 cm, but it’s a lie. I was wearing shoes. DON’T JUDGE ME! You don’t know what it’s like to be below 170 cm! You feel so short, so small, like everyone is looking down on you when they speak to you. I used to be one of the tallest girls in my class… when I was 10! I don’t know what happened. Why did I stop growing? All I want is to be 170 cm, at least! C’mon, it’s just 0,5 cm difference! That can’t be too hard can it?


I used to dream about reaching 175 cm or 178 cm, but I guess some things are just meant to remain dreams.  


Hello Monday

I’m lying in my bed like a friggin’ queen, watching New Girl while hiding my books under my pillow so I don’t have to think about school for a second or two. Haha, the idea was to fool myself so I wouldn’t find my books and so that I wouldn’t have to study later on… And how’s that working out for me? Not that good since I was the one to hide my books under the pillow.



Haha, what up people?!

"Jesus loves you!"

For once in my entire life, I was blessed rather than cursed by a Christian missionary. I was on my way to post a letter, when a girl stopped me to say “Jesus loves you!” and gave me a little flyer.


I must say that it feels good to hear that you’re loved rather than constantly being threatened about eternities fire, that I’m a sinner and that I’m going straight to hell. First of all, these people doesn’t even know me. So what gives them the legitimacy to predict my faith? Second of all, does that kind of PR do any good for their church? I didn't think so!


I may not be Christian, but I know how to motivate people (don’t mind the post before this – that was just a joke, haha!) People will rather go some place we’re they are welcomed and were they feel loved. Only masochistic son’s of b****** go to some place where they are threatened and judged for things they didn’t even do.


I mean, would you rather go on a paradise vacation in let’s say Thailand or would you go to Guantanamo Bay detention camp? You may choose which ever alternative you wish. But only an idiot would choose to go for a vacation at GTMO. Just sayin'...


Do you feel depressed? Worry no more!

Here is some of the stuff I bought on my mother daughter shopping spree this weekend. Haha, I bought the ugliest jacket ever made as well. However, I’ll spare you the sight of it for a bit. Actually, I don’t care that it’s u g l y as f***, because it’s so warm and cosy. And since I live in friggin’ Siberia, I need to keep warm during the winters. I have a feeling that there’s going to be a hell of a winter in Sweden this year. Just FYI, I’m not looking forward to it.


By the way, I hope you’ve all turned back your clocks one hour. Congratulations, it’s officially wintertime. You may now commit suicide if you like… Kidding! Though, a lot of people do really commit suicide during this part of the year. You know what they say; no sun – no fun! Actually nobody says that, I just made it up… Anyway, people get depressed when they don’t see the daylight for more than just a few hours every day. And since almost all of us go to school or work, we never get to see the sunlight at all. It’s like being a god damn vampire during this time of the year. We wake up before the sun has risen and we finish what ever the hell we’re doing during the days, when the sun has set. So what I like to say is that I get why people get depressed during the winters. That’s why I wanted to give you guys some motivation to keep alive.


Here’s a list you can take a look at when you’re feeling blue and life isn’t filled with happy unicorns with sugary tattoos on their asses, sliding down rainbows and jumping from one pink cotton candy cloud to another:


1)      Halloween is almost here. Do I need to say more? Dress up to something funny or frightening (or why not both?) and get your ass to a masquerade party


2)      Go for a spa day You’ve got to chill out, get your senses together! Stressed people do lots of crazy s*** - probably the reason why they end up dead… Okay, that wasn’t nicely put, but this isn’t about being nice – this is about being honest! Stress makes you irrational and irrationality makes you do some pretty messed up stuff.


3)      Christmas time is coming Oh-oh! Do you hear that? It’s Santa Claus coming with his sleigh and his eight reindeers; Rudolf, Mudolf, Kudolf, Sudolf and the other four Dolfs’. And his coming with lots of presents for ya’ll! If you don’t get any presents like me, you can always enjoy the celebration with your family and friends... and of course the food! Presents’ doesn’t change anything. Because in the end of the day you’ve got the biggest present in life – love! I could go on for ages about why Christmas is such a great time of the year, but I’m not writing a novel.


4)      Doomsday! I guess you’ve all heard about the doomsday 2012. Yes, apparently we’re all going to die! It may sound depressing – I’m aware of it! But since I’m all about spreading joy and being positive, I thought to my self “Why not arrange a big doomsday party?” I mean, IF we’re all going to die – why not have the best time of our lives before it’s time to go? Am I right?


5)      New Years Eve! Since Doomsday never happened and we all went to a big party for nothing, (haha just kidding – you never go to a great party for nothing) we get to celebrate the party of the year, namely New Years Eve! It’s the time of the year when you get to say “I made it through this year and I’m happy I did, because now I can start a new year with the people I love the most”


6)      2013 What’s there not to be excited about? The first day of the year… (well, the second day of the year at least, since you’ll probably have the worst hang over of the year) gives one the best motivation one can ever dream of. You get to start out fresh (hopefully you’re not covered in your own puke, or someone else’s for that matter), it’s a new beginning with new possibilities and new dreams to fulfil. Don’t worry about yesterday (that was so 2012), focus on today and tomorrow. Anything is possible. You’re unstoppable!  


I hope you all make it through these dark times and that you feel a bit more motivated now, haha!


A white shirt!
Marine blue nitted jersey!
And I bought a new pare of shades! Haha, don't you just love the pink fast shades to the left?


Friday, Friday, Friday oooh! It’s Friday, Friday, Friday ooooooh!!


God, I love Fridays! But it turns out I love this Friday a little extra much since my mama decided to take me on a shopping spree. Who am I kidding? It’s not Friday I love – It’s my mama!


A collage from yesterday.



The WTF moment of the day

This is how I reacted when I caught the girl with the light (warning, it gets u g l y):


At first I just smiled non-judgemental, then I tried to figure out what she was doing, then I started feeling a bit weird about it, then I was like… “okay…?”, then I was like “Are you for real?”, and then I was like “Heeeell no!”, then I understood she was high and things just got even more weird, then I burst into laugh and tried to cover myself.



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How to win the US Presidential Election 2012

Yesterday was a busy day, to say the least! I had meetings after meetings and then there was my big night as a CNN ambassador!! Haha, my group and I had arranged a panel discussion at Universitetshuset, where we had invited Billy McCormac (Prime), Maria Velasco (Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Charles Parker (professor at Uppsala University, he was the moderator FYI, and a bloody good one too!). I don't know if they will ever see this - but I'd like to thank the once again (I think I might have done so a million times by now). They did an absolutely amazing job!


I believe the event was quite successful really! A lot of people showed up. But can you blame them? Who’s not interested in the US Presidential Election? After all, the final outcome will affect the whole world, haha! But, no pressure folks!  


BUT during the discussion something happened, something extremely odd… and yes, it made me laugh so hard I couldn’t stop for 10 minutes (and I’m not exaggerating one bit)! There was a girl sitting next to me, playing with her table light. But she wasn’t just playing with it. She was absolutely mesmerised by it. The funniest part is when I look over my shoulder and notice Anton’s facial expression; it had WTF written all over it, haha! I couldn’t understand what her deal was, but then it came to me – she was high (and I’m not talking “high on life” high. She was stoned out of her ass).


The girl who played with light (Haha, sounds like "The girl who played with fire"). Trust me, this picture doesn't show the reality.
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I love this gif, haha!

United Nation's Day

Happy United Nations Day, everybody! I guess you’re all stuffed with delicious UN bakery by now… perhaps not! I sure am anyway, though from yesterday when I attended a United Nations meeting at Stockholms Konserthus to honour the day and to follow the debate regarding the crisis in Syria.


Anyway, I thought I’d describe the day with a few pictures and comments so you can get a feeling of how it was to be there.



The day started with some mingling and was...
followed by a song by the singer Anna Bergendahl (she was the Swedish nominee for the Eurovision song contest 2011 if I recall it correctly) - very nice voice anyway!
When the Swedish UN Secretary General had welcomed us, it was time for a speech by Aleksander Gabelic (President of UN Swe.) and Karin Enström (our Minister of Defence).
Later on, it was time for the annual UN supporter to be announced, the Swedish EU commissioner Margot Wallström.
Haha! And I thought to myself, !I better brag about seeing her to my old high school teacher!"
Last, but surely not the least - the panel, the reason why I went to this meeting in the first place! It was really interesting and I can't wait until I actually can save the world, haha!
The Swedish Crown Princess was also at the meeting to show the Royal Family's support! 

Hold on!

Where the hell am I? I don’t know anymore! I’ve been running errands all day after school today as I was trying to contact the press for tomorrow’s CNN event, haha!


Batman and Begonia - we could make great team!

I’m off to school now! I haven’t really slept much, since I had to watch “Batman: The Dark Knight” with my daddy before I could finish my homework last night. I guess it’s not more than fair?


Photo: Begonia Randhav
Styling: Begonia Randhav
Model: David B.

The Prince

While studying in Oxford, I took some photo classes as well. I never showed you any of my challenges, did I?


One of the challenges was to pick a famous picture and recreate it. So I chose to recreate David Lachapelle’s portrayal of Kanye West as Jesus Christ. What about my model? Well, he's a friend of mine from Nigeria, David!


Anyway, here are some of my pictures.


Photo: Begonia Randhav
Styling: Begonia Randhav
Model: David B.

like a boss!

I’m supposed to go to this reunion today… but I really need to take one day off, especially now when I’m about to get a cold and we’re supposed to be outside in this crappy weather. I mean, look at me... I'm chilling inside my onepeice like a friggin boss! Haha, there's no way I'm trading that for anything (except a one way trip to Thailand of course...)



Intouchables must be one of the best films I’ve ever seen! I saw it a couple of weeks ago with my family and I don’t think we’ve ever laughed that much to a movie together, ever. Now when I think of the movie, I feel how my eyes start to tear up. It’s such a beautiful story with all the necessary elements for it to be successful. The fact that it’s based on a true story makes me even more moved. I guess the reason why I love this film so much is because I really can relate to it.


Everything about the film was great; the actors and the pictures were flawless, the music was perfect. God, I could go on all day! You’re lucky I’m writing this a few weeks after I actually saw the film, or else I would never have stopped writing.   



I don’t mean to sound all business woman here but…

This day is suffed with meetings, planning, reading, studying, preparing, phone calls etc. It wasn’t until know that I actually realized I’ve double booked myself, again (as always)! Why can’t I just pick up my god damn calendar and check if it’s even possible before I say “Yes” to everything? Jesus, I even double booked my night! Well, that’s me for you – I’m time optimist. I believe I can do it all. Most of the times I do make it, but today I think I have to reschedule some of my social stuff. Halleluja, I just solved my problems! Back to being awesome again, haha!


Party with coke heads and royalties

Here are some pictures from last night’s midterm party – Enjoy!


Pontus, Matilda and Ella cooking confetti at the pre-party!
Ruben, Josefin and Katarina as Danish teen alcoholic moms'
Cecilia "Just being Danish"
Ella and me as Danish criminals.
Haha I love the fact that Emma mingled around with her little tea cup! (She was from the UK btw)

The day after

I should have just partied the day before the midterm party and gone to it like that. My hair’s even more trashed than yesterday. I’m never doing that to my hair again, ever!


Thank god for the man who invented the bath! It seriously took me ten minutes to scrub those fake tattoos off. But they were pretty bad ass weren't they? Haha, they were even glowing in the dark.


Midterm party "UN meeting gone wild"

Last night I partied and partied and partied and pa-and-pa-and-partied at Värmland’s, where I had my first midterm party ever. The theme of the party was “UN meeting gone wild”. And boy did things get wild alright!


I was in team Denmark… I guess you’re probably thinking “why the hell were you in team Denmark?” and trust me when I say that I asked myself the same question when I realized I was in that group. But my team was pretty awesome! I’d be damned not to say that “if my team was a beer, it would probably be the best beer in the world – Carlsberg”  


Haha, I think we were the hottest group (or not?). We looked like trailer trash junkies. We had a little theme of our own; Denmark couldn't find better representatives to send to UN, so they picked us. I looked like some cocaine king/pimp (who had just gotten into a cocaine fight, therefore the wounding), cruising around with Danish beer cans in my hair, tattooed to the neck and ripped clothes. Sex appeal for real!


Ex con!


I’m so excited and just can’t hide it, haha! I just received some great news and I’m so, so happy right now! BAM!


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We’ve reached a decision

Last night we skipped Kalmar’s and decided to go to Norrland’s instead. Half of the group was missing so we bought of few pints to fill their place, haha! Anyway, we made up our minds about the theme of our group, and let me tell you, we’re going to look disgusting! But here’s the fact: if you go to a party without trying to look fancy and just look like you’ve traded your clothes with a hobo, you might have the night of your life. It’s what I like to call “Dress for success”. If you already look like sh**, nothing can get worse. It can only get better, and trust me it always does.


Team D at the pub

In a little bit, I’ll be on my way to Uppsala for a little meeting with team Denmark at the pub. I’m looking forward to it!



My body’s stiff and it feels like I just came out of... Auschwitz. Seriously, I feel massacred. I've got to just lay down for a bit. This Sunday is all about resting.    


When you really shouldn’t laugh, but just can’t stop…

Yeah, I think we’ve all been through that awkward moment a few times. I attended an ever so posh and important meeting in the city today… and from nowhere I started laughing… at god knows what! I couldn't stop even if it was depending on my life. There I sat, trying to keep my cool, remain serious - but instead I ended up covering my face with my hands while shaking hysterically as I was trying to suffocate my laughter. I just couldn’t stop! I had to excuse my self and get the hell out of that conference room before things turned ugly.


Mates, I had a laugh attack. Those of you who’s been around whenever that has happened, knows what kind of issues I’m dealing with. The weirdest thing was that when I finally came to my senses after five minutes outside (laughing it out of my system), and I went back in to the conference, I started laughing again. I was in laugh hell! And that, my friends, is not as fun as it sounds… Haha!


Heaven is a place on earth with you

There’s a man who has got me curled around his finger. He knows about his power, but he doesn’t abuse it. He lets me choose my own path in life. He never guides me. Instead he follows me in all of my journeys, supports me in my weakest moments, and believes in me when even I doubt my abilities.


He is the source to my existence. Why I see. Why I feel. Why I breathe. Why I do everything that I do.  


Ipse est illuminatio mea. Hinc lucem et pocula sacra.



World Day against Death Penalty

The Death Penalty is the ultimate cruel and irreversible punishment. It doesn’t deter crime. It doesn’t leave room for doubt. It doesn’t allow one to forgive or to learn from one’s mistakes.


No one deserves death as punishment no matter what crime one has committed or in some cases not committed. An eye for an eye only leaves he whole world blind. The greatest revenge is to force the criminals (again, no matter what they’ve done) to learn from their mistakes. We are highly developed intellectual creatures, we know better than killing. But instead of reacting against this inhumanity, we turn a blind eye, cover our ears and act like our voices don't matter.


Life suddenly feels a lot more difficult and complicated when we realize that we actually can make a change. We no longer have an excuse to just sit around and do nothing. We are lazy, we only think about ourselves, and as long as we don't suffer nothing matters. But what if this was our reality or some one we knew were treated like dirt - would we still act they way we do know? Do nothing? Or would be cry for help from others who weren't in the same position and actually had authority to stop the madness? I believe the latter. And I think it's time we all take action.

The chosen one

I’ve figured out my life. I’ve reached a decision and I’m going to make it official in a matter of a few seconds. Until then…

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I'll be out in five

I’m going out for a walk with my sister and my puppy in five minutes. Then I think I’m finally going to watch “Another Earth” before reading my literature.  


National Anthem

I don't know if the president it sopposed to be Kennedy or Obama, but I love this music video!


Help! I suffer from a severe indecisive syndrome and I need my sister’s help really bad. Do you hear me Akasya? I need you!

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S-s-saturday night

Here come some of the pictures from last night.


Smells like UK spirit!

THE Kiss on the lips party

Oh, how ever so mysterious! A kiss on the lips party? Well, there were masks and everything so I'll call the whole event THE kiss on the lips party. And you don't even know what I'm talking about yet, so why don't I tell you?

Last night I went to celebrate Meg’s 20th birthday. We were served refreshments and strawberry wine, all of which, Meg had made herself (though, she didn’t make the strawberry wine… She just bought that at the liquor store, which by the way kind of is a big deal in a youngster’s life here in Sweden.)


I had a great time at Meg's, even though I wasn’t feeling that great (I’ve got a cold in case you’re wondering). Maybe I would have felt better if Chuck would have been there? Or not? That psycho tried to force himself on Jenny at the real party.


To honor the day, I decided to fill my lips. Don't I look great?


Halaaaa at ya!

Happy cinnamon bun day!

It’s the 4th of October, which means we all get to eat as much cinnamon buns as we want. Isn’t that great? I think that calls for a cinnamon bun!



CNN Ambassador

I went to the kick off for CNN and Prime’s “Front row view of the US presidential election 2012”, which basically means that I’m a CNN ambassador. I’m really looking forward to be planning events for the US presidential election wake here in Sweden, following the election, debates and so on while also getting more insight in the American election culture. I think we’re a stabile group of people with different backgrounds and experiences. I believe this could work out quite well actually. I can’t wait to get started with everything!

I just got mugged!

I got mugged today. Some thug stole my Iphone while I was on the tube. I don’t get it! I’m such a good citizen; I’m friendly, hold the door for people I don’t know, guide strangers when they’re lost, help old people over the street, make space for old people on the bus/train/what ever, always listen to what salespeople have to say even though I honestly don’t care and just want to get the hell out of there, pay taxes – you know the drill! But this… this is the thank you I get for being such an awesome human being? Screw this! I’m taking over the underworld.


On the bright side – I won my Iphone at an international blog competition. But still! Anyway, some one’s bad luck means someone else’s good luck. Right? I may have lost all of my beautiful (and not so beautiful) pictures with that phone. Haha, this person must be laughing his/her ass off right now. I have so many funny pictures at that phone! Oh, well! Life isn’t always fair.




I'm tired right now! But do you know what I'm not tired of? Soup lunch! Preferably with some friends, haha. Here's a picture from my soup lunch with Josefin and Ella today.

Waiting for the buss in the rain

I can't complain really - Life's good! It's my big brother's birthday and my parents anniversary, so congratulations to all of you! <3

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