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Just kiss and make up already

I had an Amnesty meeting today. As I was writing the urgency messages against death penalty (I’m in charge of the Middle Eastern and North African region), my mind slipped to tonight’s UN meeting where the main focus would be on Palestine and Israel. It’s still going on by the way and I can’t understand the deal between these two countries. Oh, that’s right – they haven’t recognized each other yet and they probably never will either.


I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of that conflict and I’ve only lived for 19 years. Imagine the people who have grown old with that fuzz. That entire region has been a bubbling soup of blood since even the day before Israel saw its very first daylight.


Just kiss and make up already!


big nose effect (and no, this is not a Jew joke)

I should be sleeping, but do you know what? F sleeping. Sleep is for puss… (in Swedish that means kiss, but in English “kiss” means piss. How sarcastic, right?)


Anyway, the reason why I’m writing this post is because I’ve come to realize something odd. My nose is crooked. You're probably thinking "Really? You've come to realize that now? Congratulations!". I mean, it’s got that natural crooked look like Native Americans and Middle Eastern’s got, but there’s something more to it. And I think I’ve got that extra crookedness from… drum rolls please… the accident I had six years ago. I was hit by a motorcycle on my way home from school. That son of a bitch did a hit and run and left me bleeding on the road. It’s a funny story! I might even write about it someday. Anyway, at first they (as in the doctors at the E.R) thought my nose was broken. Luckily, us Arab/Kurd/Turk/Mediterranean/Russian/Nomad Africans/(and a few more places) have got noses of steel. They are friggin’ invincible (shouldn’t be confused with invisible, because they sure as hell aren’t. Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? I thought you had. Have you ever heard of the big nose effect? Let me give you an example or two: Oops?! Was that a tornado? No it was just Abdul Aziz from Syria who sneezed. Hey where did all the air go? I can’t breathe! Well… Little Bear Paw from Alabamu needs to breathe too!)


I’ve got no idea what my point was here. I guess I’m a bit tired. Good night noses all over the world!    


Twiligh: Breaking Dawn part 2

My brother’s in town so we’re going to hit the city for the cinemas, yey! I should be reading my literature, but hey – family comes first, right? We're watching Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2.



Get psyched!

Tomorrow is the day, people! You’re probably thinking ”what day?”. Well it’s Tuesday of course! Haha, no I’m just kidding. Or… it is Tuesday tomorrow, but that has nothing to do with what I’m about to spill. Tomorrow is the day when I’m getting my fat lazy ass to the gym… to get a gym card (not necessarily work out… One day at a time, mates, one day at a time)



Go go go go shortey, it's ya birthday!

Last night’s birthday celebration was so much fun! I don’t think I’ve been to such a MULTI cultural party in Sweden since I was fifteen or something. It must have been such a shock for the Swedes, since they don’t have the same culture as us. BUT I could tell that they were all having the greatest time, haha!


Happy birthday again, Ronja! ♥



I’ll be on my way to Ronja’s 21st birthday party in a few minutes. I’ve got a feeling that this is going to be a good night!


Swedish House Mafia

Last night I went to party along with 35 000 other people at the Friends Arena, where the Swedish house mafia were playing their last show in Sweden, ever. I had such a great time! Everyone were psyched, dancing until their bodies couldn’t produce anymore sweat, haha! Yeah, it was one of those shows.


But the most remarkable thing happened while I was there. I managed to see my old colleague among all of those 35 000 raging people, haha! Stockholm is a tiny city, isn’t it?


WHAT UP?! It's not fun being looked down upon is it? Now, you know how it feels to be a shorty! When I scream "RUN" you scream "SHORTEEEY" - RUN SHORTEY RUN!!! (That had absolutely nothing to with the fact that I'm short... Some one recently told me to become an actress because "they're all short so you'd fit in perfectly". 
I envy tall people. They don't have to jump around to see anything. Instead they can just stand there like a mounting (or as a wall for us other shorties)
What a show! I never got a picture of the fireworks though. Well, you can imagine the thrill!
After the show I was like "Please, can we go on another show like this again?"

S-s-swedish house mafia

To do list:


1)      Go for a doctor’s appointment

2)      Attend the magazine meeting



If I’m not dead by tomorrow, I guess I’ll see you guys. If not, then know that I loved every second I’ve spent on writing these blog posts for you.

Exam party vs ...

There’s an exam party at Snerkes tonight. But I’m not going. It felt so boring to tell my friends no, while we were having dinner and getting excited after our Magazine meeting... But I had to go back home. The real reason why I didn’t go out tonight wasn’t just because my stupid temporary nation card had split into half and expired, or because of the fact that I was tired. The guards would have let me into the club anyways and I would have partied like there was no tomorrow even if I was dying. Sleep is never an excuse when it comes to me. I’m the girl who didn’t sleep for 72 hours in a row, remember? The real reason was that I'd got an idea, which I had to write down as soon as possible. The world kind of stoped as a revolution broke out in my head. I get those sometimes. In Sweden we call them “Snilleblixt”, which can be translated as genius lightning, haha!


I had to hurry curry back home as fast as I could so I wouldn’t forget about it. I was seconds away from making a voice memo on my phone, but I ended up developing my idea in my mind – storing it in my section of major ideas, haha!



If you’re wondering what the picture symbolizes – let me just tell you that this is what post-examination looks like. One word, and one Japanese word only: Yatta!


Life as students' knows it!

Do you recognize yourselves?

Guest blogger

Hey! My name is Bradley Soileau (Swallow) and I’m a model and a DJ. Yeah, I live in New York. I like tattoos. Perhaps you’ve seen the one on my forehead? It says “War inside my head”.


I was actually inspired by one of Begonia’s drawings when I decided to copy her concept and literally immortalize an idea (of a then twelve year old girl) on my forehead, so nobody would miss it.





Of course it wasn’t Bradley who wrote this. I’m sure it would have sounded exactly the same even if it was him who wrote that, but still… it wasn’t. I may know a lot of people, but not this guy. All I know is that he’s got some cool tattoos and speaks confidently (almost overconfidently). With that said, I believe it's time we have a guestblogger here soon.

A late lunch with PC coming up

Tonight at 6 pm, I’ll be airing a show on the student radio along with a couple of other mates. We’ll be talking about the everyday racism, aiming to hit one target and one target only; racists who’re still hiding in their dirty closets.


A lot of people say and do pretty messed up things and think they’ll get away with it. After all, their not as bad as Hitler, right?  But this time no one will get the chance to say “Naa, that ain’t me. I don’t support Nazism, I’m not an antisemit, I haven’t killed a black guy just because he’s black”. No. This time, every one’s going down, down, down – including me and you!


So c’mon and listen to us while we sink this pretentious ship of innocence. We’ve been digging deep into others and our own minds, and trust me when I say this – I’ve been through a lot of messed up things. Things which could have locked up some people for a long, long time.


Listen to us at 98,9 – late lunch with PC (politically correct)!


Put your seatbelts on, because you’re in for a harrowing ride, haha!



I was sitting in my sofa, reading every member of my seminar group’s essays, when my opponent asked me to send him my essay. When I opened the document, just to check if it was the right one, I realised that all of my references were gone. Lost! Nowhere to be found! What the fudge?! I have no idea how that happened… Because I know for sure that I had at least eight references in that friggin essay. #Deathfromabove. Yeah, that’s right! I hash tagged! What are you going to do about it? #Hashtag


Okay, I’m out!   



Happy "Fars dag"!

I wrote the best Happy Father's Day rhyme ever last night! Today when I read it out loud, my family couldn't hold it together. Dad was trying not to laugh, but mom was crying her eyes out because she was laughing so hard.
Now, I know some of you won't be able to understand what it's about. But for those of you who speak my language and knows my dady - you'll understand everything!
Happy Father's day, daddy! I love you, this is for you!

God dag!

Idag är det söndag

Happy farsdag!

Jag önskar att jag kunde ta dig till Haag

Eller kanske Prag?

Men min ekonomi är i dagsläget aningen svag

Så det där får vänta ett tag

Typ när jag, Obama och Ban Ki-moon spelar i samma lag

Och jag har fett med drag


Du är min far

Och jag är lycklig för att jag dig har

Du må inte vara någon cool Avatar

Men du är fan ändå min superstar

När jag var en liten knatte var du min trollkarl

Du var ohejdbar


Som en rysk tsar

När jag var tretton och arg var jag för dig okontaktbar

Det hjälpte inte ens om du köpte mig en glassbar

Men när jag blev 14 och slutade bete mig som en Conan-barbar

Och insåg att du trots allt hos mig alltid stod kvar

Fattade jag att du inte med någon var jämförbar

Idag är du mitt immunförsvar

Och vår vänskap är odefinierbar

Du är förfan oöverträffbar


Med dig jag snart sticker till Qatar

Där glider vi runt i vår svarta Jaguar

Och käkar lite fin kaviaaar

Även om vi inte gillar smaken

Då sa slovaken

”den är bättre än kloaken” …

Det var innan man kände eftersmaken

De orden blev dödsorsaken

På den lilla saten


Haha, gudfadern who?

Har du träffat min pappa eller, bro?


Sluta glo

Annars hamnar du på Arken Zoo

Med huvudet i en sko

För har du sett sizen på farsans fossingar?

När de är nakna vet du att det dig inget gott bringar

För då han en toffel, eller ännu värre en krycka, mot ditt huvud svingar



Det var bara farsan som gled förbi med sin toffla och krycka i sin Mustang

Nu vet du att det nalkas lite bangarang

Även om man halvsprang

Skulle det krävas jävligt mycket talang

För att undkomma pappas vattenslang

Du vet, vapen nummer två

Nu är du gul och blå

Och antagligen jäkligt skitigt må


Försök inte ringa BRÅ

Du frågar ”Hurså?”

Jo, han de redan har mutat på en resa till Bordeaux  


På flyplatsen kallas du för stålmannen

Inte bara för att du är gentlemannen

Utan för att halva du består av stål, mannen

Du är älskad av bankmannen

Kanske för att du är guldmannen?

Typ Affärsmannen

Från savannen

Eller så är det för att du är landsmannen…?

För du är så fan heller adelsmannen

Du till ”FTW and the US” är upphovsmannen

Idag är du hedersmannen

Dig når inte ens liemannen

Eller lasermannens skott

För honom du redan flått

Under ett raseriutbrott

Och sedan skickat till Elliott

För att spela lite tjejidrott…


I alla fall

Du är riktigt ball

Och jag behöver inget stjärnfall

För att önska att vi ska få hänga på Casino Royal

Det gör vi ju den tredje lördagen på månaden i alla fall

Åtminstone i deras väntehall…

Hehe, skoja bara – jag menade ju inne i deras pengaval(v)

Och tänk att det här skriver jag på din wall

What up rånförsök?

Vänta ni bara, den här söndagen blir ert sista gudstjänsbesök!

Att bråka med pappa är som att begå ett självmordsförsök

Lika jobbigt som ett jäkla Jehovas vittne-besök


Mina rim spårar alltid ur

Och jag fattar verkligen inte hur

Men pappa, jag vill att du ska veta att

Jag aldrig menade att vara en bratt

Eller på din födelsedag den 1a april alltid spela dig ett spratt

Och alltid sno dina kläder och hatt

Jag vet att du på mig för det alltid får fnatt

Men pappa

Nu får du fan från nyheterna zappa

Och lyssna på mig när jag för dig rappa

I din regnkappa…



Det brukade vara your way

Eller the high way

Nu kommer jag till mitt slut och du säger ”no way”

Men jag säger ”yes way!”


Av ditt namn kommer jag på facebook göra en tag

För du har fett med swag

Även om du röker din jäkla fag

Och hänger på 9gag


Pappa, du är som en himmel blå

Du en blick har som få

Den kan vem som helst levande flå

Folk runt dig får stå på tå

När ditt humör inte är på en glad nivå

Pappa rååå

Du är typ fett mycket bättre än Rousseau

Du till frulle käkar Stalins patetiska järnridå

Det är av en anledning folk kallar dig för Maestro



Din blomma, Begonia


Say what what in the butt?

You've got no idea what my sister and I have planned for tonight. We are going to stay up all night and prepare some treats for daddy. You know, it's Father's day tomorrow and dad's the kind of guy who pretends he doesn't care about special days, when he's really like a kid on Christmas, haha!
Dad: "What? It's Mother's day again? How come she gets all the fun days? I never get celebrated! When's Father's day?"
Akasya: "Dad, it's in November! You'll have to wait".
Dad: "But it want to be celebrated now! NOW!"

Cosmopolitan, cosmopolis, poliscosmo - who bloody cares?

Have you seen Cosmopolis? No? Okay, don’t watch it then. Those of you who have seen it probably understand why. Never have I felt such waist of time (or should I say waist of life?) while watching a movie. I absolutely love films of all kind so much that I usually notice things that others necessarily don’t. And I appreciate that. But this film was… dull! Basically, it was about a billionaire who sat in a limo all day, living in it as if it was his office and home. He even had a toilet in the friggin limo? Is that usual? I don’t know, I don’t really go for limo rides that often. Spoilers alert: he dies in the end. Perhaps you wonder why? I’m not even going to bother to tell you because it’s a waist of time.


I just wanna ZzzZzzZzzzzZzz

I’ve got to tell you, I’m still feeling a bit groggy from yesterday. I really need my sleep, but I need to finish my essay a bit more. Actually, it’s the opposite – but life is all about prioritizing and right now, sleep is on the bottom of my list. In fact, it’s not even on the list. What was that? Oh, that’s right – sleep when you’re dead!


Does it count if you already look like you're dead? I mean... look at me, haha! I can't even hold my chin up, that's how tired I am!



Election night

The American people have spoken. Barack Obama has been re-elected. Congratulations, haha!


Last night (or should I say this morning?) has been lovely. I’ve been following the election for thirteen straight hours and met so many interesting people.


The night started out at Prime, with reports coming in live from CNN, Hawaiian Pizza and drinks, but also a direct insight of what the night might bring us by Carl Melin from United Minds.


Afterwards we headed to Stockholm School of Economics bar, where the American Society had arranged an election night. When we knocked on those great doors, we were met by two students.


Guy: Are you students here?

Zazkia: No

Girl: Are you on the list?


Haha, this is when the tired Zazkia turns into an angry diva and says “Well, yes of course we’re on the list! We are the CNN-ambassadors”. Anyway, they were very friendly and gave us the front row sofas! We bunkered up with red bull so we wouldn't fall asleep. After all, the night wasn't nearly finished yet.


At 4.00 am it was finally time for the real good stuff at Hilton Hotel, where we followed up on the outcomes and mingled with the U.S Embassy, CNN, Prime and The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce USA. Of course, we had some of our own Swedish politicians too!


I must say that despite Romney lost the election, he had a really good "loser" speach. Barack Obama's speach on the other hand almost moved me to tears. If I had to pick my favourtie part of his speech it would be this one:


"America, I believe we can build on the progress we've made and continue to fight for new jobs and new opportunities and new security for the middle class. I believe we can keep the promise of our founding, the idea that if you're willing to work hard, it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like or where you love. It doesn't matter whether you're black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Native American or young or old or rich or poor, abled, disabled, gay or straight. You can make it here in America if you're willing to try.


I believe we can seize this future together because we are not as divided as our politics suggests. We're not as cynical as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. We are, and forever will be, the United States of America."


This has been such a great experience and I’m satisfied with all the work I’ve done as a CNN ambassador. Thank you everyone for a memorable long night! 


This is the dress I wore. I got some rally nice complements during the night, haha!
When the National Anthem was sung, Siri suddenly came on on my phone and said "I didn't catch that. Please repeat that again!" as she was sining, hahaha! Sorry about that guys, but I will blame Siri for this!
Carl Melin was great!
My Obama smile impression! Why couldn't he smile with his teeth like Romney, haha!
Miko and Zazkia worked on how they would cheer when Obama won the election! We learned from the best, the American people, haha! It's insane how enthousiastic they are about the election. I think it's absolutely amazing! You would never see that kind of passion here in Sweden, haha!
Chilling at Stockholm School of Economics bar Like a BOSS!
Just haning out with Obama at Hilton Hotel! Nothing special really... haha!
The American Ambassador in the auditorium
So interesting!

US Presidential Election Day

"Sleep when you’re dead" – I’m staying at Hilton Hotel for the US Presidential Election night/morning(?) with the American Embassy. Since, Sweden’s a bit in the future (hey there space cowboys’) I will be hanging out with CNN and Prime from 7 pm today until 8 am tomorrow - just to follow the development of the election.


Anyway, the night starts with some Pizza at Prime and live updates from CNN in Washington DC. After that there will be a few more stops until the grand finale at Hilton. It's almost going to be like a big pub crawl, except there's no pubs... actually, it's more like a US Presidential Election Crawl, haha! Fair enough, I say


FYI, I wrote this on beforehand, because I knew there would be no way in heavens name that I would have had the time to write a post today. I’ll give you guys all the updates tomorrow, until then goodbye and “God bless the United States of America”, haha!


Obamasessed with Romnesia

I haven’t figured out which topic I should write about for my essay. I’m thinking of post-materialism, but I don’t know yet. I’m definitely going to use my book about democratisation processes. Wow, I absolutely love that book! I almost don’t want to return that book to the library. But I have to, unless I decide to go gangster… Perhaps I could wish for it for Christmas? Oh, that’s right! I don’t get any Christmas presents in this household, haha!


Anyway, I’m going to continue watching a documentary about Barack Obama on CNN now. I just watched a documentary about both Oboma and Romney. Haha, I can’t get enough! I guess that what happens when you’re a CNN ambassador during the US Presidential election 2012.




I tried to do a Friday Mandy mash up, but the best thing I came up with was Manday... say what?


Anyway, last night I hung out with my best ghetto alien friend, Mandy! We haven’t seen each other for ages, so we definitely had to catch up and terrorise her cats. Haha, I think they hate me! All I want is to pet them and talk to them with my highest pitched up annoying baby voice imitation. How can they not like me? I mean, haven’t they heard me? I am a voice actress for crying out loud!  


Housewarming party

This Thursday I went to Emil, Camilla & Sebastian’s housewarming party. Now when I think about it, that party might have turned out to be a house leaving party… hahaha! Anyway, it was fun while it lasted, right?


Their flat was a bit off centre and all the surrounding flats were being renovated, so it really looked like a ghost town in the dark. It might have just been because it was Halloween, I don’t really know!


I had my first good real sangria (I only drink sangria blanca), though it wasn’t really an original sangria. Emil had spiced it up with some nice Christmas flavours. Good job, Emil!

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