Someone having the piss?

Oh, dear! I almost forgot that I had my presentation tomorrow. I guess it's time for me to start writing on it then. And i have my finals tomorrow as well. Did I mention that I blocked my bank account by accident and that I can't reactivate it now when I really need it? No? Well, now you know!


Oh? Is that a picture from last night?

Well, yes it is! You BET it is! Haha, it's not very like me to not take pictures. So here's ONE, extremely bad picture.

My Last Roomie Sunday

Pimwa and I had our last “Roomie Sunday” today. It’s not until now that I’m realizing that I’m actually leaving. We started our day by riding our bikes to the City, where we went to sell back our bikes to the shop (stage 2 of realization). Then we headed to Thai Orchid to have our last Sunday Thai Lunch, which was d e l i c i o u s (stage 3 of realization)! Oh, it’s almost mouth-watering to think of it, haha!


Afterwards, we did some shopping in the Centre. I regret that I didn’t buy those shorts, but oh well, I might swing by later this week (if I’m not broke until then).


Later on we headed to a park nearby our house and just enjoyed the sunshine. I had a great day, and that’s all thanks to my soul sister. I love you Pimwa!

Can anyone even guess how long Pimwa hasn't used her bike for? Here's a start: 8 months and a half? Hahaha!

At Thai Orchid


Chillin' like a BAWS!

Walkin' through the City, LIKE A SIR!!!

Haha, I found these hipster shades at River Island today. Boys, it looks like you don't have to grow a pathetic puberty mustasch to match with your sunglasses anymore..

Do I look gorgeous or what?

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

I know that it's not Mother's Day here in the UK today, but it is in Sweden so I'm celebrating it now! Happy Mother's Day, Mami! I love you... so, how about a mother daughter shopping spree when I come back to Sweden to celebrate it for real?

It's scary how true this video is! Haha, I love this guy!

Exam party (with Jesus?)

Last night was… legen… wait for it, DARY! It all started with a picnic at South Park with Giulia. I don’t even know how we got into the subject, but last night was all about Jesus. It might have begun with Giulia drinking Jesus blood (aka red wine). Since Jessica was unreachable, we decided to find her at ‘Thirst’ where she was supposed to be. I had never been there. All I knew was that it’s close to ‘The Bridge’, so we headed to Bridge. But as we got there, the guards showed us a quick way through the club to Thirst. It turned out we went through Bridge, down a few stairs, went through another club and then out through another club. It was like waking up from dream to then realize that you’re still dreaming, so you wake up again… AND THEN AGAIN, but this time it’s for real. (Inception, is that you?)


But then we finally got to Thirst. We met some of our friends there, who were discussing (or should I say debating? Maybe arguing is the correct word for what was actually going on) religion and Jesus Christ with some guy. (Dejavú, is that you? Haha, okay I’m going to stop with that now!)


Anyway, I had so much fun last night. Who knows? Maybe next time I’ll get to party with Jesus Christ himself? He seems to be following me where ever I go. But that’s alright, because he rocks!

I never took any photos last night. I just made a whole lot of videos, haha!

But here's a picture from yesterday when Jessica and I had some nutella milkshake at Brooks Uni!


I don’t usually do this, at all! Before I leave for the big party I need to reveal my inner thoughts for this blog and the precious readers that I’ve got as well. Okay, so I won’t reveal exactly everything because then I would be banned from this website for using too much cursing.


Anyone who knows me know how focused I am when it comes to exams and school. Everyone knows that I need my little peace of mind before taking an exam to just… relax, chill out! Everyone knows how important and annoying it is when I don’t get my exam sleep. I went to bed at 10 pm last night. BUT MY LITTLE HOST BROTHER AND THE ENTIRE FAMILY WOULDN’T LET ME SLEEP UNTIL 2.30 AM!!! I had to wake up at 6 am! Can you imagine how pissed off I was to say the least? Never have I EVER heard a nine year old kid curse the way that kid does. He has no respect for his mother, what so ever. He was throwing around things, jumping in the stairs, screaming and crying non stop for almost five hours. God forbid I ever get one of those. I would have to send them to Guantanamo or Tora Bora… or worse, my father!


Well, do you know what? The 7 hour exam is over and I feel as light as a feather falling slowly through time and space. I am a free bird, baby!

Let's get F:d up!

I’m glad to say that… THE FINAL EXAM’S FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!! That my mates, calls for a Carlsberg!


To cut a long story short: I am going out celebrating tonight! For those of you who are still revising – C ya, wouldn’t wanna be YA!

Break time!

Giulia and I decided to take a break from our insane revising at the library, so we went to George & Denver opposite to Christ Church to have some ice-cream while lying in the grass! Life is good... When you're not busy revising for your life! I'd like to dedicate my treat to my lovely big sister who turns 25 (+1) today, congratulations my love!

Ps this is yesterday's late ass post

Work & revising

Today Ana and I were sent on a vox pop mission in the city. We interviewed a couple of people and did some recordings for Jack FM, which was a quite fun and hot challenge in the boiling summer heat.

After work I headed strait to the library to meet up with Giulia for a study date. I'm still not finished revising for this bloody exam, so you won't be seeing me out in the sun any time soon. I'll be hiding in the library all day long, pale as a vampire, with unbrushed hair like a warewolf (not with unshaved legs though)... Soon they will be calling me a hybrid!

Studies, waffle sundaes' & almost getting killed

... Sounds like a pretty normal evening to me? Or NOT?!

Tonight I went to meet up my Brazilian "avion" (hottie) friend, Jessica, at G&D's for a study date. Everything was great... Until we headed to our bus stop and got attacked by some old drunk. Luckily the bus came right on time (thank you karma) and saved us! Otherwise, things could have turned very ugly (for him).

Well, I'm home now, nice and safe! I've just taken an ice cold shower (not to wash away the shame from eating too much ice-creamsundae or being attacked, but because it's boiling hot in my house. It's like being stuck in a sauna) and I'm about to crawl into bed.

Glide FM and other stuff

Today I did some voice over for Glide FM. It was really fun. I was told I had a perfect radio voice, haha yey!

The weather has been great all day. I changed clothes strait after work, changed into a pair of Nike shorts, DC t-shirt and Vans shoes, bought 1 litre Tropicana juice and walked home looking like a skater without a skateboard.

Ok, I'm kind of soaking wet of sweat right now so I'm going to hit the shower in any second now. Peace!

As if I am not there

I recently saw ”As if I am not there”, a film based on true stories from the 90’s Serbian – Bosnian war, which have been revealed during the International Criminal Tribunal of The Hague.


The film is about a modern schoolteacher from Sarajevo named Samira, who takes a job in a small village far away from her home. As the war is getting tense, the village gets invaded by Serbian soldiers. They shoot the men and keep the older women as labourers and the younger women and children as sex slaves.  


I must say that I wanted to vomit at some points during the film. It’s not just because some of the scenes were horrific, but because what people are actually capable of doing to each other. But that’s our reality – There are no rules during war times. There’s only anarchy to the fullest. It’s an order dictated by maniacs. It’s a field of madness.  


People cry when they see movies which tell the story of a war. Sure, I do that too. But the truth is that what we see on film doesn’t mean a sh*t. What we see on film is nothing like what actually is happening out there. It’s not even comparable. Yet, we are the lucky ones. We can just turn off the film whenever we have had enough of the horror, and then continue to live our happily ever after. If only the ones who actually lived through hell day in and day out, years in and years out, could turn it off as easily as we can.


People watch a movie and then they forget all about it. I don’t! I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

I don't know why, but she reminds me of Adriana Lima.

At Jack FM

Today I worked with Paul Darraw again. I love recording with him. He’s such a professional and talented actor and I feel that I’m learning a lot from him.


I also worked on some upcoming music quizzes coming up on Jack FM.

Oxford is on fire

I usually love it when it’s boiling hot outside. I want to feel like hell has risen to earth and surrounded us with its eternal fire to fry us all alive (maybe that was a bit exaggerated, but you get the point. I’m tired of feeling cold and looking like a corpse. My skin is not meant to be this pale) That’s the kind of summer I want… just not when I’m fully armed with winter clothes. Goodness, it was literally like hell to walk back home after work today.

I managed to take a quick photo just before I melted through the ground and dripped down to hell where I boiled along with the entire population of Oxford in satan's spicy sweat. I'm NOT in a good mood right now!

¿Dónde está Jésus?

I just watched The Crown Jewels, a Swedish film directed by Ella Lemhagen. I must admit that it was a beautiful film. The setting was absolutely amazing, almost magical at some points. I don’t mean magical as in Harry Potter magical, but more like fairy tail magical.


My favourite character must have been Jésus, and it’s not because his name was Jesus, but because he reminded me of some people I used to know, some very special people. My father used to work right by a community centre for young adults with special needs, some with Down syndrome just like Jésus. Sometimes these kids went to visit my father’s workplace to get an idea of what his and his colleagues’ job was all about. During the coffee breaks my father always used to sit with them, play games with them, just hang out with them… For them he was a friend. They could rely on him, talk to him, and he listened like no other would listen to them. For others these kids were just people with special needs, they saw them for what was written in their medical report. My father saw them for what they were; intelligent people just like you and I. I know this is true, because I’ve met them (I used to go there during some long gaps in primary school, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone just to hang out with my dad), and I must say that some of them have incredibly creative ideas that none of us would ever come up with.


Something I couldn’t get my head around was how bitter and self-centred some of the workers were. It was like they were looking down at these kids. It disgusted me. It really disgusted me. The ones who really felt it was these kids. But they never seemed to care about it. It was like they had no worries in the world what so ever. They were all so full of joy, of course in their own little way, haha! And they knew who were their friend and who were not. Do you know why? Because they would mock and tease the workers who they didn’t like. But the way they did it was yet so innocent and funny. I was laughing and saying “in your face” inside of me.  


I used to know a boy with special needs. His father called him stupid in front of me because he broke a glass. Do you know what he said? He said “I’m not stupid? Why do you call me stupid? You’re the one who’s stupid”. I could see the regret in his fathers eyes as we left. We left him speechless.  

And Sunday Always Comes Too Late

Yesterday when we woke up at noon (okay, we woke up at 14.20. So what?) Louise, Victor and I went to have some breakfast at a really simple but cosy place at Willesden Green. I loved it – but our lunch was a bit overpriced judging from how much we got (or should I say ‘how little we got’?).


Later on Emma came by to hang out. Well, we didn’t do too much. We ate some birthday cake, sang some birthday songs, apologized to the rest of the flatmates for last night’s madness (We blamed Louise. She was all over the place!), and just lied in bed and laughed all day long.  

London + Sing-a-long + gay clubs = how good can it get ?

As you may remember I went to celebrate one of my best friends in London last Saturday. First I took her out for some dinner at an amazing (#totz amazing, haha) Indian tapas restaurant in Soho. Then we went to Prince Charles Cinema for the Sound of Music sing-a-long, which was a gift from her brother (thank you again, Wille).  Mates, that was some experience! Haha, at first we didn’t know what was happening. People were screaming and making animal sounds, and when she sang “The Hills are alive” we all just stood up and screamed the lyrics with her. Haha, it was c r a z y! Since we were new to this phenomenon it took a while for us to get the hang of it. I thought we would never be able to compete with those sing-a-long veterans at the cinema, but when we were half way into the film we suddenly became experts at the different crazy noises!


Anyway, there was one rule and that was “THERE ARE NO RULES”, which explains the crazy atmosphere at that place. But when we were at the bar we noticed that there actually was a rule – not to take in the glass bottles into the cinema. That was the one and only rule of the whole event, and we broke that rule by taking in not one, not two, but six mini bottles of wine into the cinema! Haha, talk about living the thug life.


Afterwards we went to one of the best gay clubs in Soho (according to Louise), where we met “Victor come to the store” (aka Victor).  We had so much fun, until the DJ started to play horrible music (if you can call what ever it was he was playing music) and I had to shoot him with my invisible gun which for your information is especially designed to shoot bad DJ:s. (They call me the DJ hunter so you better watch out DJ:s. You can run, but you can't hide! I will, and mark my words, I will find you) Since he refused to change the music (was it just because I'm a girl? Smells like discrimination… Haha, If that wouldn’t have been a gay club the DJ would have changed music instantly…) we headed back to Louise’s flat to continue our party until 6 or 7 in the morning.

At the Indian tapas restaurant in Soho, which I can't remember the name of.

Can you see what's wrong with this picture?

Yes, that's right! We sinned... We walked around in London with trainers (as in those kind of trainers sprinters wear for a marathon... aka fast shoes) The sickest part is that we actually went clubing in these shoes after the sing-a-long! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT WE GOT IN WITH THESE SHOES?! Haha, they can't have noticed us. We were probably too fast in our shoes. "Swosh!" and we're gone! 

At Louise's flat.
Victor: "Louise? There's mould in the wine..."
Louise: "Really? Well, you know what they say - what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger"
Victor: "Except that this can kill you..."
Me: "I ain't drinking that shit..."
Awkward silence.


On the Oxford - London tube

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that everything that possibly could go wrong has already gone wrong! Before I went on the tube I had to go for a last minute shopping spree since my specially designed birthday cake for Louise, which had the funniest quote written all over it, hadn't been made. Panic penetrated the cake shop and they begged for my forgiveness... I was so angry. I was furious! I wanted them to suffer for what they had done (or should I say not done?) so I shed a few tears in front of them and said "I am the worst friend ever! This is her most important age... I have ruined everything for her". Now, I kind of feel a bit bad for that since I really made them feel miserable. I mean, it's graduation time here at Oxford. They obviously have a lot to do now! They offered me other cakes and gave me some discount but I refused it and went to buy two pieces of double chocolate gateau at Patisserie Valerie instead.

Now, I'm at the London tube and it stinks sweat here! I had a great spot, but of course two stinky men had to sit in front of me. I don't know... Maybe they haven't heard of a shower before? Gosh, it stinks! And it's not that kind of smell that just stays in one place - no, this one spreads across the whole tube and works itself inside everyone's system. If this was a horror movie it would be called "28 minutes later" and everyone would be stinking sweat thirsty zombies.

21, the golden age? - Not in Sweden!

I have to be in London at 5 o’clock today! As you may know my lovely friend, Lollo, turned 20 a week ago. You may not get what’s so special about this age, so I thought I’d cut a long story short and make it a whole lot simpler for us: It’s the legal age when you can by your own booze in the liquor store in Sweden. We’re aloud to drink alcohol at clubs at the age of 18, but it’s illegal for us to drink outside pubs before we turn 20. But since she lives in London the law doesn’t really affect her… Haha!    

Last night

Last night I went to meet up with some friends for an Iranian night out. Well, it was a middle eastern/Spanish inspired night with Sangrias and a whole lot of fun at Kazbar. I love that place! Well, since it’s a “sister bar” to Café Tarifa it has to be great!


Later on I went to Angel & Greyhound to meet up with my roommate and her friends. I taught Sunny some facts about Harry Potter… Goodness, that guy! You can’t go to Oxford University and not know anything about Harry Potter… That’s just wrong! “Screw this, I’ll do my PhD at Hogwarts instead!” – Sunny. Haha, that’s the spirit!

At Kazbar

"'White Sangrias'?" "IT'S NOT RACIST!!!"

Scrabble at Angel & Greyhound. Go team P&B (Pimwa & Begonia for those of you whose skulls may be used as flotation devices during an event of a water landing...)!

My mission in life is to be the best person I can be, solve global conflicts, make the world a better place and to missionary knowledge about Harry Potter...

"You look so Dolce with that ring" "Well, thank you ever so much!"

Smells like dip dyed hair

Yes, in about two weeks you will be seeing me walking around with dip dyed hair. I will be the optical and meterological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky as the sun shines on the droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere. They say "after rain comes sunshine", but what comes inbetween is a tiny tiny hope of wealth and joy, which only lasts for a little while. It is known to be the rainbow. Yes, my friends - I (my hair) will become an ever so colourful rainbow.  

Just throw it on the ground

"Man, this isn't my dad! This is a cellphone! What? You think I'm stupid?... My dad's not a phone, Duuh"

Top 10 favourite guys: J to the esus!

I thought there would be a bank holiday coming up tomorrow, but apparently not. Where did all the love go? I thought people in the UK loved Jesus. They guy died for the sake of the entire human race, then he rose from the dead and then he finally went to heaven to party in paradise with God the gracious himself, Moses, The angel Gabriel and all the other cool kids.


I don’t know about you, but I love Jesus! The least we could do is to raise a glass (or two) to the sky for the sake of our beloved Jesus. Where I come from we have a bank holiday for the sake of this day. In fact, we’re even on holiday the next day since there’s just one day squashed in the middle of the bank holiday and the weekend… (say what?!) which allows us to raise even more glasses and partying for two whole days... or five days for those of you who really loves Jesus and just can’t get enough of him. Do you know why we're so blessed in Sweden? Because we love Jesus! And do you know what? Jesus loves us too! So... unless the UK stops acting like a bunch of satanists and warshiping the dark side, you won't be having a bank holiday like us! (Goodness, I'm going to get shot for posting this! Then I'll be going to hell... Well, I guess I'll be seeing the rest of the UK down there too then. Prepare your sun screen and sun glasses! I just have to rob a fireman on his clothes before going down there. Ok, I'm sorry! I'll stop now!)

Photos by David Lachapelle

Wednesday plans

The sun is shining and today’s plans are to go to the hospital, have some lunch and study at the library (hopefully not alone). What will you be up to?

Trainers - it's just an occasional thing

For those of you who’ve been sticking around here for a while, you know that my friends and I would always make fun of people wearing trainers (as in sprinting trainers), when not doing sports. It was okay to wear those kinds of shoes if you actually were out running etc, but never, I repeat never, otherwise. Especially not in school! The only ones in school who would wear trainers like that would be natural science/technological science students/gamer nerds (which didn’t belong to any of the programs. Hell, I don’t even know what they were doing in our school. Probably free loading on our free wi-fi). And that my beloved readers, were how we recognized which programme they all belonged to.


Well, guess what mates! I, Begonia, have worn “running trainers”/”fast trainers” as we call them… TO SCHOOL! There, I admit it! Oh, it’s such a relief to write it out here! I’ve done it before. And it felt so good! It’s not until you’ve been walking around in your trainers - just to do it - that you realize how comfortable they are. It’s like… walking on clouds, being kissed my Jesus Christ himself and sliding down rainbows and be caught by flying unicorns in the sky! But I didn’t do this in my own country! I’ve only done it here in Oxford! Since it’s not my home, we could just turn a blind eye! Nobody speaks about what they did on Ibiza or in Las Vegas! So why should I feel ashamed about what shoes I’ve worn during my studies in Oxford? It’s not even a habit. I’m in control. I would never go far enough that I would walk around in them in a regular basis. You’re probably thinking “That’s what you say now, that’s what they all say”, but I know for a fact that I will not be a slave for those trainers. When I get back to Sweden I will never wear them to school again. I will only use them when I’m doing sports… or out power-walking… or walking my dog… I PROMISE! Don’t judge me, don’t you dare judge me!

Crazy, stupid, love.

You have to be kidding me! I’ve been trying to get a hold on this movie for months, but my (il)legal website (haha, just kidding! It’s as legal to stream movies at this website as guns are legally sold in The States to people without licenses! Too much? Perhaps!) which I’ve been using to find the movie has refused to come in handy. Do you know why? Any time I typed in “Crazy stupid love”, the website would annoyingly enough answer me with this message “Sorry no movie found”… until today, when I typed in “Crazy, stupid, love.” WITH TWO COMAS AND ONE DOT!!! Then it suddenly became crystal clear for the webpage what I was searching for. Seriously?! It couldn’t just act like Mr Google and suggest something like “Did you mean ‘Crazy, (coma) stupid, (coma) love. (dot)?”? 


Wow! And this page has the nerves to require the correct grammar and spelling when it itself just answers “Sorry no movie found”. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR COMA, HU?! Shouldn’t it say “Sorry, (COMA) no movie found”? You started it… "I don't know whether to help you or euthanize you." Well, thank you Jacob for filling in for me! I think I actually might help this webpage.

You’re probably asking why I didn’t just use the picture of Ryan Gosling in the locker room. Well, since my dad is my biggest reader I didn’t really think that it would be… appropriate? I’m almost embarrassed to upload a photo with Gosling without a shirt… Sorry about that, daddy! Hahaha! If my skin tone would allow me to blush, I would be doing it right now. Since it doesn’t… Well, I don’t! To (kind of) hide the whole… situation circling around… Mr Goslings… abs… I chose to do a little collage as you can see. Yes… I’m going to sign out from this awkward situation now!

The word of the day: Swaggie! Thanks Bibaa

Some girl was singing Boyfriend with Justin Bibaaaa (Bieber… I know! I just wanted you to get the UK feeling since I live here), and my first thought was ”Stalker, hustler, pimp alert!”


This girl wouldn’t stop singing the song and it really, REALLY, started to annoy me. Goodness, woman! He’s saying he wouldn’t let you go, as in NEVER EVER! Don’t you realize how stalker like that sounds? Sure, it all sounds nice just because it's Justin Friggin' Bibaa, but if it would have just been some random guy on the street your approach would have been pretty different. Personally, I would have gone all Travis Bickle (De Niro) on the guy and said “You talking to me?!” before going Tony Montana and introduced him to my little friend “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!” Just sayin’! (And that’s why I’m single… hahaha)  


Moving on: Let’s say this is a random guy and not Bibaa.


 “If I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go, keep you on my arm girl, you’d never be alone”? Your reaction is simple: Mmm… Mate, that smells like a restraining order… as in you have to keep your distance at least 5 cities away from your “target”.  


“I’ve got money in my hand that I’d really like to blow on you”? Say what? First he sounds like a stalker and now as if he’s talking to some prostitute. Wow, now you really got her hooked! I mean, any girl would just die to be treated as some cheap escort!


“I can take you places you ain’t never been before”? Yeah… It sounds mysterious and all that, but… I think I’ll pass. (You don’t want to end up in some dungeon)


“Spend a week with your boy, I’ll be calling you my girlfriend”? Okay, that just sounds like somebody has watched Pretty Woman one too many times.


“Na na na na na na na na”? So you’re Batman now too? Seriously mate…


“Swaggie” And now he’s Steve Urkle.


Okay, I’m sorry for this everyone! I’m sure the song is great. I just happened to ruin it for myself by putting it into a whole other perspective.

Oh, good old Monday!

I never went to work today. I just couldn’t manage to get out of bed. It was rather scary to be honest. I was all hot and sweaty… I’m positively sure that I’d had a fever last night. I tried with all my strength to contact Jack FM to let them know that I wouldn’t be in this morning… Well, that didn't work out all too well, did it? I spent 10 minutes trying to remember the code to my laptop and when I finally got into my user I couldn’t find any contact information or what so ever on their website. Then I just collapsed and woke up soaking wet of sweat three hours later with the laptop buried under my blanket.


Haha, you’re probably thinking “Thanks for that information” right now, and you’re more than welcome! Anytime!

Social Network needs Help!

I watched “The Help” earlier, and oh my apple pie, did I cry! I’m a real sucker for everything called freedom and right: human rights, civil right, freedom of speech, take your pick. It doesn’t take much for my eyes to tear up, my soul to gear up with compassion, my heart to beat faster and make my blood pump even quicker through my veins as the adrenalin rushes through my entire body and my fist to hit the table harder than Thor’s hammer – just to engage in a simple discussion. Goodness, I turn into a Martin Luther King wannabe when it comes to these things, haha!  


Anyway, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to think about anything else while lying sick in my bed if I didn’t occupy my time by watching another movie. So I watched “The Social Network” instead. Haha, talk about going from equal rights and saving the world to an online world lost in an anarchistic capitalist jungle filled with hungry tigers with rotten souls. My favourite part of the movie was:


Cameron Winklevoss: What, do you want to hire an IP lawyer and sue him?
Divya Narendra: No, I want to hire the Sopranos to beat the shit out of him with a hammer!
Tyler Winklevoss: We don't even have to do that.
Cameron Winklevoss: That's right.
Tyler Winklevoss: We can do that ourselves. I'm 6'5", 220, and there's two of me.


I loved The Winklevoss twins, haha! They were almost too funny to be true. Well, that is actually the case since it was only a film.


Divya Narendra: You can't get a meeting with Larry Summers.
Cameron Winklevoss: My brother and I pay tuition at this school, we carry a 3.9 GPA at this school, we've won trophies for this school and we'll be rowing in the Olympics for this school. I want a meeting with the goddam president of this school.

Depressed? Noooo, not at all!

I’m going to put on a movie, hopefully a sad movie, so I can feel sorry for myself for being ill. Oh, dear mother of Patty McFatties… Something tells me that I’ll feel even worse after the movie if I start to cry. I’ll play film roulette and we'll see where I’ll end up.

Exams, exams!

Yesterday I had an examination which lasted almost 7 hours. Do you realize how demanding that is on someone who’s ill? I don’t think so! I was constantly coughing (I feel so bad for all the other candidates who had to put out with me), I had a running nose and a bit of fever. Wohow!


Afterwards I went to meet up with some friends at Café Terifa and just relax, even only for a little while. Then I collapsed in my bed at 10 pm.


Earlier this week I went to have some dinner with Anne at Zizzi. Wow, these pizzas are enormous and just perfectly crusty. The pizzas were served as squares on huge wooden plates. Perfection my lovelies, perfection!  

WOW! What's up with my teeth? They are generally not that white... Actually, I shouldn't even mention that here! I should just play along and thank my camera for co-operating with me for once! So... Let's rewind and act like I have more white teeth than everyone in Hollywood together.

The desert wasn't too good to be honest... I always finish what's on my plate, but not this time!

Things that makes me smile

Well, you don’t have to do a lot to make me smile actually. But that’s not the point here! I received this wonderful letter from my dearest Munich lovie, Lisa. This girl sure knows how to pick her timing. Here I was, lying in my bed, feeling sick and weak. The rain was pouring outside my window and every drop whipped against the glass felt like gunshots to my ears. The air was getting thicker and I was drowning in the thought of fading into a place much darker than darkness itself (Yes, I get very dramatic when I’m ill, haha! Trust me, I’ve written sonnets during worse times and this is just a cold). But someone knocked on my door and handed me this letter. It was like a gift from above. Suddenly the rain stopped and I could see a glimpse of sunlight. And I was cured “It’s a miracle! Hallelujah!” (Okay, I’m not going to push it further. I’m still ill… so it’s not exactly a hallelujah moment).   


Oh, Lisa! I can’t tell you how much I laughed when I saw the picture. You’re something, something alright, haha! I love you honey! Thanks for making me smile when I feel miserable. ♥

Live from Jack FM

Hey, guys! I’ve had some Lebanese and just got back to Jack FM.


I love you Jimi!

"Hulk! SMASH!"

Jessica stood us up, so it was only João and I at the cinema (and a hundred more) – but hey, less is more (especially when it comes to movie snacks, as in less people – more snack, for those of you who are… how shall I put this? One taco short of a combo plate, a few beans short of a chalupa, one sandwich short of picnic, a few beers short of a six-pack, one brick short of load, a few cards short of a deck, a few bees short of a hive, one chopstick short, one egg roll short of a Pu Pu Platter… You get the point!)


Moving on; the movie was highlarious! It was a typical movie I’d watch with my brother and laugh at and quote for days or even months. I know that Ernesto and I would laugh our heads off together for the part when Loki and Hulk is fighting and Loki says “I am a God! I am not going to be bullied by a…” and gets interrupted by Hulk who grabs Loki by his legs and throws him around like cave man with a bat. That scene was like it was taken out of my brothers head, haha!


Bruce Banner: I don't think we should be focusing on Loki. That guy's brain is a bag full of cats. You can smell crazy on him.
Thor: I care how you speak. Loki is beyond reason, but he is of Asgard. And he is my brother.
Natasha Romanoff: He killed eighty people in two days.
Thor: He's adopted.


Hey there! This day has been filled with meetings and hacking. Well, not really hacking! But I had too look up some information about various stuff. Anne came to have lunch with me in Summertown, which was more than what I could have wished for. We had some Lebanese. Oh, how I miss my mother and father’s dishes.


Do you have anything special planned for tonight? I’m going to the movies with João and Jessica. We’re watching The Avangers! Jessica is Ironman, João’s the Hulk and I’ll be Thor since I’m the most Viking like person in the gang. “Is it because Swedish? You know I haven’t even got a single drop of Swedish blood in me, right?” “It doesn’t matter! If you’re from Sweden, you’re a Viking. It should just say Viking in your passport. It comes with the nationality!” Well… Fair enough! Vikings are pretty bad ass!

Don't ask! This pic is from a crazy photo session with Marlene, haha! Scary, yes?

Intern at Jack FM

Tomorrow I’ll be starting as an intern at the radio station, Jack FM. I wish I could tell you more about the job, but I’m pretty tired and I need to be able to wake up tomorrow so… Good night, over and out! ♥

Bank Holiday = Lazy Day

I went to the centre to run some very important errands today, one of which was to light £150 on fire and walk away. It didn’t feel too good to be honest. Anyway, afterwards I went to have some lunch with a couple of friends here in Oxford. I had a rather great time really!


My day has been pretty calm. I watched a movie (Inception, goodness that is one great movie!), ate some ice-cream (I’m getting a bit bored of eating ice-cream… Can you believe it? Me? Bored of ice-cream? ICE-CREAM?!), tried to sleep off the pain in my throat, listened to some music and all that stuff you do when you have a lazy day at home.   

Prom night à la 2008

I was going through some really old pictures last night, and I found some of the pictures from my 9th grade prom (when I graduated from primary school)! Haha, that was four years ago! Goodness, time really flies.

I was so cool back then! I was like “Mom, it’s just a prom! Stop kissing me… Gosh!” Nobody was able to take a real photo of me. I wouldn't let them, haha! I wasn't used to be dolled up like that. The dress was a last minute buy during a trip to Rome with my big brother and sister.

Outside Emelie's house

Haha, look at us! So young... Wow, I really need to stop writing like I'm 115 and about to die.

Underage drinking... but we did it with style, just to be clear! C'mon, it was champagne! We look so miserable... Maybe because we had 8 adults photographing our every move like a bunch of paparazzis, haha! I don't know. It was just a thought.

As we all finally got ready to rock'n'roll, our ride arrived and took us to the prom.

As you can see, entrance is of vital importance!

My sister and I!

Oh, how I loved Josefine's hair! Absolutely lovely! However, I remember that time in school half a year later when she was struggling to find something in her purse and she accidently pulled up a piece of hair extension (that was used to make those incredible braids of hers) which was stuck between her pen and some books, haha! That was a funny moment! You probably don't think so, because you weren't there. Now, I'm starting to regret that I even mentioned it...

Little did I know that I would soon (in High School) become friends with these girls. Back then they were just some 9th graders from another school, haha!
There we stood, queuing to be set into pairs. I remember how Emelie and I had promised each other to stay together if we were to share an escort (as many had to). But no, as we were selected to go with some guy, My pushed me aside (I almost tripped! It was quite a scene) and ran towards Emelie and the guy, Filip. Then she screamed "I'M GOING WITH EMELIE!" I really had to control myself not to explode. There I stood, all alone, not knowing who I would be chosen to go with. I was 14, all alone and scared to death! Okay, I added too much drama into the last part, but you get what I mean!
Well, knock, knock! Who's there? KARMA! Ha, in your face, My! I got to go with a prince and a princess instead! Little did I know that we would become classmates in High School and share three of the most important years of our youth together.

"Karma is a bitch? Well, just make sure that bitch is beautiful!" is something Lil Wayne taught me. And beautiful it was, Wayne! Haha, just kidding! But seriously, these guys are great! How did I thank Karma by the way? Oh, that's right! I accidently stepped on Viktor's foot during our dance and accidently stepped on Caroline's foot at some point too if I recall it correctly. Sorry about that, mates!

I love this vid


I’m just writing to tell you that I made it. My entire body was shaking as I was trying my hardest to open the bottle. I started to doubt the strength that I had been saving for this final moment... when I would finally be able to open the bottle. “I can’t do it… I can’t!” I thought to myself. As a tear drop fell on my bright blue sheets and shaped a dark blue spot, the bottle suddenly opened. I looked at the bottle that I was holding in my hands and thought “Yes, we can!”

Eating ice-cream and crying…

I was watching Another Cinderella Story, which for your information was NOT the reason why I’m crying. It’s just that my tonsils are so swollen that I can’t eat anything but ice-cream (“fair enough?” you think). And now I’m thirsty! I’ve been trying to open my brand new bottle of 2 litre water, but I just can’t seem to manage it. I feel so hopeless and weak. And my roommate is gone so she won’t be able to help me either. Where is she when I need her the most?! Even if I tried I wouldn’t be able to scream for help. I’m a lost case… I’ll probably die in my bed due to dehydration.


No!! I’m not going to give up! I’m going to put my laptop to the side, pull myself up to a sitting position in my bed and then I’m going to let my Mediterranean side take over. I’m going to fight as if I was fighting for my life in the battle of Troy to open this bottle of friggin’ water. “TAKE IT – IT’S YOURS!!!” – Troy (Brad Pitt).  

Six billion backs against the wall

I saw this picture on Facebook today. The picture in itself is disturbing, but not as disturbing as the text below it. “Hit "Like" If You Would Help Him ♥ :'(“. And then he wants people to subscribe for his account? Wow guys! Bravo, I really clap my hands and take my hat off for you. What would the world be without your thoughts and pity, eh? I tell you what; the world would probably be a hell of a better place if people actually gave a shit about making a difference. What’s up with these people? If you really would like to help this child you wouldn’t just post it on Facebook and do sad faces. You would actually try to fight for a change in this sad miserable world of ours.



I feel that a lot of people just post things on Facebook as a cry for attention. It really saddens me. “Look at me, I feel so sorry about poor people in Africa, but I couldn’t give a flying f*** about actually doing anything about the situation. Nope, I better just sit on my fat ass and wait for someone else to take action. But I’m going to hit the ‘like’ button so I can feel proud of my contribution. WAIT! OMG! Mike and Alison have gotten into a relationship? Oh, I hate that bitch! But I better comment something nice on this update so nobody thinks anything bad of me”. Am I too cynical perhaps? I believe I’m just being realistic.  


Everyone: Nobody buys your Facebook bull****. If you really want to help, then go out and make a change in this world. Be the change. Do SOMETHING! You can’t rely on someone else to take action. If we don’t do this – nobody else will.


You are probably asking what the hell I’m doing that is so great comparing to you. Don’t even bother asking me what I’m doing to make a change, because this post would turn into an autobiography. Comparing to all the other attention seekers on Facebook I would look like friggin’ Mother Theresa or Mahatma Ghandi. Now, those are pretty big names! Holy names! I don’t mean to make you feel small or pathetic. I just want you to realize that you also can make a change, a real change!  


I wanna rock!!!

I feel exhausted. Not to mention weak. I can’t speak properly because my tonsils are killing me. I don’t know how they got so swollen. I guess it will remain a mystery for the time being.


Even though I haven’t got the strength to pull myself up from my bed, drink water or eat what so ever, I would like to dream myself away to Hard Rock Café. I don’t know why, but that’s where I want to be right now!    

Senior citizens wish they were young

L'Apollonide Souvenirs de la maison close

Marlene recommended me to watch the French film, House of Tolerance. I can’t say how beautiful and real that movie felt. Sure, it was disturbing as hell, but the pictures were amazing.

Havin' a partyyyyyy!

Pimwa and I are having a little party in our room! We have a lot to celebrate; one of which is her IELTS result!


Up next: party and watch a movie.

At Brooks library

I'm sitting here at the university library, studying and trying to figure out what to buy for little D. The kid turns 9 today!

I wish I actually was as happy as I am on this picture, but frankly I couldn't feel more indifferent and tired right now.

Oh, Peeta!

I haven’t read the Hunger Games yet, but mark my words: I will! One thing I have thought about though is Peeta’s name. “Oh, Peeta!” I have never heard of anyone named Peeta before. I mean, it’s even an underlined error on Word. Why Peeta? I taste the name in my mouth, as I try to figure out where the name derives. “Pee-tah, Peet-ah… Pita? Pita bread?” My guess is that Peeta was a choice of name in lack of inspiration. Since he’s the son of a baker (it almost sounds like a swear word when I say it like that “You son of a baker!”) his parents probably saw a pita bread laying around and thought “That will do! We shall call him Peeta!”

What a good choice of topic for a Wednesday night discussion, don't you think? Haha!

Sacred Terror

I just got the news that I will be studying a little summer course at Uppsala University this summer. I believe it’s going to be really interesting. “Sacred terror: the role of religions in violence, conflicts and conflict resolutions”. Haha, I'm already excited!

Drink milk and think

I had been hoping for a visit from my parents or siblings, but it looks like they are not going to be able to make it here. It was just so much stuff I wanted to show them and do with them in England, especially with my mother and brother who never have been here.

For a new start


I feel like a spring flower, blossoming to the beat of bird songs, smelling like love and shining brighter than the sun. Can you guess why? I just took a well needed shower after last nights/this mornings Mayday madness, haha! I have scrubbed myself so hard that my skin feels smoother than a baby.


Okay, enough about how lovely I smell and how wonderful I feel. Let’s skip to what Mayday was all about. Jessica, João and I started our Mayday celebration by going to the Atomic Burger to have some dinner and then to meet up with some friends at Café Terifa. After a whole lot of “wows”, “oh:s” and “ew:s” (trust me, we experienced a lot there. Once I didn’t know if I was at a pub or in a scene of “Pretty Woman”… Some girls sure knows how to… dress up…) we went on to the Purple Turtle/ The cellar (we couldn’t really decide where to go). Anyway, after over an hours queuing, we had had enough and decided to go to some where else… A night café to be exact!    


Even though it rained outside, and there was a little thunderstorm... and the fact that we never got into the club, we all had a really good time. But that’s life when you hang out with the right people (as in me)!


Everyone was pretty tired today in class. People came from the clubs/pubs at six in the morning, had some breakfast in the centre and then went strait to school at 8.45, dead tired, without grabbing a shower or freshening up first. 

At Atomic Burger

At Café Terifa

HAHAHA perfection!

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