Guess Mission Impossible isn't that impossible after all

Today I went to the City Centre during my looong break to go dress hunting, again. I thought I was on a Mission Impossible, but Guess what! I finally found a cocktail dress and some accessories that will go just perfect with it at Top Shop. Bless you Top Shop, for I do not know what I would have done without you!


Afterwards I could finally relax and have some lunch in the sun with my lovely Anne. We sat on some steps at Radcliffe Square with the absolutely beautiful view of All Souls College, Radcliffe Camera, Brasenose College and The College Church of St Mary the Virgin.

With all due respect Queen Elizabeth II, but I think you've got some competition. Just sayin...


Dear Hacker

There’s a hacker near by my streets. I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE! I’ll tell you what Mr Hacker (or Miss Hacker… You don’t want people to think you’re sexist or anything), stay the hell away from my internet connection or else… YES! I’m not going to say or else what, because it will take away the Darth Vader look that I'm going for here, and I will not sound as mysterious as I want to… BUT MARK MY WORDS FELLOW, I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL GET YOU!



Begonia (your neighbour… probably?)

Dress hunting

I’ve been on a hunt for a ball gown the whole day! Gosh, I’m tired of searching. I wish I had designers lining up with dresses for me. Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, just hand me of a supply of dresses, haha!

Here are two of the million dresses I tried on today. I ask myself WHY?! Why didn't I just look for a dress when I was in Sweden? I don't have time to run around in London to find a dress either. I've got one day left, then I'm off to Brussels. Christ!

B-day girl

My birthday has been pretty awesome, even though I didn’t do too much! After school I went to have some cake with some friends at Patisserie Valerie.  Afterwards we decided to go to the park since it was over 19 degrees and the sun was screaming for me. I don’t know how it started but we got into a water fight, haha! Great times!


Later on I met up with Anne for a little birthday date at Atomic Burger. I designed my own burger… WOW! If my life goes to hell I have a plan Z, and that my friends is to design the food of tomorrow! Hahaha!

I gave myself a little present... from the taxfree! Hahaha!

Anne was starving!

So was I!


When I came home I had a little present on my bed. Thank you Pimwa!


The Hunger Games

I just came home from the City. I went to see The Hunger Games with my friends at the cinema. It was such a wonderful movie. I got angry, I cried, I screamed out of fear, I screamed out of anger... It was pretty tense!

I could go on about the movie for hours, but the scary part is what people are capable of doing once life suddenly is no longer a right, but a freedom. Yes, we all feel disgusted by the thought of being in a game where the only thing you can win is saving your own life, having to kill to stay alive. But what is there to lose? Your mind? Yourself? Nothing will ever be the same once you have pulled that trigger. The truth is that this is the reality for so many people in the world. I don't think anyone knows what they are really capable of doing before they are forced to their very limit. And what is that limit? Gambling with their own life? Saving themselves? I don't know, and I wish for none of you to ever no either.

I'll tell you all about my b-day tomorrow!

But this is the little text I got from my roomie at 00.00 this night, haha! We were both awake, but the light was off and we were both waiting for the clock to turn midnight. Thank you for being the best roommate in the world!

Vintage and pre b-day's

Last Saturday I went to the Vintage Fair in Stockholm with Amanda. We found a beautiful vintage dress from New York that was in the same league as the ones worn at the Golden Globe parties or the Academy Awards.


After the fair we went to have some real Chai Lathe at Café 60. I’ve been craving for that Chai Lathe for months. I haven’t found any equal to the one at Café 60, haha!


Later on I went to meet my parents in Kista Galleria, where we had some dinner and did some shopping. And after that we went home to celebrate my pre-19th birthday with the rest of family. It was quite a nice last day in Sweden if you ask me!

"Ah!" Rose just called and said she wanted her necklace, which "sunk" down with Titanic back. That b*** shouldn't have thrown it into the water then, because now they are selling it in Stockholm's Vintage Fair, haha!

I loved this skirt! It would have gone perfect with a pair of neon shorts/skirt under it.


I don't know if you can see it, but it's an Yves Saint Laurent from the 80's! I don't even want to know what it cost, haha!

Here's THE dress! (Don’t even get me started on the fitting room… haha, it was one big giant fitting room where strangers were changing clothes in front of each other. It was a bit like behind the scenes of a fashion show really, haha! Anyway, that wasn’t the point. The point was that it looked like a hospital of some kind. There we stood with our gorgeous vintage cloths ready to rock the world… in a scary hospital room. I was almost expecting a crazy doctor to run in and butcher all of us.)

My gorgeous Amanda!
Don't mind the double chin... On second thought, don't mind anything on this picture, hahaha!

Crazy hats make a crazy fun party

Here are some pictures from Norrland’s party! Of some reason we all wore crazy hats

A gangster with an enormous head and a pimp!

Hahaha scary!

Gangsters in the hood!

Congratulations... TO ME!!!

Today’s my birthday, my 19th birthday! Everything has been great so far, the weather, school (or the registration), my friends, all the lovely notes and so on.


Soon I’ll be going to the City Centre to run some errands and then to celebrate my last b-day as a teen! Oh dear heaven, I can’t believe it!  

Here are som pictures from my 18th birthday:

Haha I don't know what we were doing in my room, but we sure had a whole lot of fun there!

On my way to Norrland's place

I finally made up my mind. I’m going to the frigging party and I’m going to have a blast with my friends! How could you even think of turning down a house party?  


Sometimes I just don’t get myself. I mean, I’m back in Sweden now – I should sieze this moment and make the very best of it. But instead of going to this big party with my friends tonight, I wish for nothing more than to just watch movies and eating ice-cream. What is wrong with me? Haha, no… I should really go out tonight!

There’s probably a party somewhere out there

I went to see Emelie’s little sister’s second year high school play tonight. My, oh my – that was something alright! It was a mix between Dante’s Divine Comedy, Westside Story, Mama Mia and Twilight. I remember when my year did the school play. That was back in the days alright! (Okay, so it was two years ago) Here are some pictures from the play and the after party.


I couldn’t hear a thing in the beginning and it’s not because I’m half deaf or anything, but because the guy who played Lucifer was screaming. I tried to make sense of it all, but all I could here was "WAAH OOH WEEH AAAAH ASHOAAA". Ha, try to make any sense of that if you can! I was like “Dude, what is your problem? Just shut the f up already”  (ok, not really. I was speachless) then I realised he was the devil and I got what his problem was. It ain’t easy to be the devil these days…  


Anyway, my favourite part was during the wedding in the Mama Mia scene. Someone in the cast asked all the possible fathers to stand up in the church. Out of these three men, one turns out to be black while the daughter on the contrary is pale as snow, hahaha! And she didn't have albanism, so why even bother standing up?

Right now, all the second year high school students are on their way to their party. I remember our party... wow! Haha, I even got to turn 17 on that party. Good times!

Even though I'm not 18 (I am... but soon I'm not... like in a couple of days...), in high school and on my way to a great fun party, I am pretty satisfied. I had a great dinner!

S-s-strawberries in the sun

Right now I’m sitting in the sun in my back yard while eating strawberries. Life couldn’t be better!

Back in the days when we were all rebels

I just got home from an amazing lunch with my two rock babes, Emelie & My. It feels good to be home, but pretty weird too to be quite honest! The steps where I and my skate buddies used to sit all day long has got benches now. We used to sit on the ground, drink coke and look so damn cool there. I remember that we used to get into so much trouble for skating there after nine o’clock. You see, it was too noisy, haha! Our dream then was to get some benches and a real skate park, so we continued being rebels until the authority heard us. Haha! And today we’ve got benches and a skate park. To bad we all had to grow up and move before anything happened. Well, at least the next generation doesn’t have to put up with the same problems as us.  

Hallelujah, I said Hallelujah!

I'm officially no longer a brace face! I can't explain how good it feels. NOW they can send me to Hollywood, haha!

Oh yeah!

I just got back from the dentists. They tightened my braces so much that my teeth will move in turbo speed, haha. I might even get to take them out today at three o’clock! Mates, do you know what this means? I will no longer look like the geek that I am! Though, I will forever be a nerd in my heart and soul.


Anyways, cross your fingers so I can smile without blending someone with my shining braces.  


Ronia the Robber's Daughter

I’m going to watch one of my childhood favourite films with my daddy, Akasya and Robin now. Both my sister and I have been longing for this day ever since… we started talking about downloading the film (legally!!! haha).


You have all heard of Ronia the Robber’s Daughter, right? My mother used to call me "The Robber’s Daughter" when I was a child. Not because my dad is some gangster robber, but because my hair used to look just like Ronia’s when I woke up in the morning, haha! I used to look like a cave girl with my big hair in the morning, haha!  

Did you say diet as diet diet? Ain't gonna happen mate!

I just got home from a great fun (fat) day with my best Amanda! She and her brother picked me up at my house because Amanda was sick of waiting for me to get there. (I couldn’t help it, I was stuck with the dishes…)


We have both done so much lately (she has been in Brazil and I’ve been in the UK) that we just couldn’t shut up about our lives – a really good session of catching up if you ask me! We went out for some dinner at Mae Thai (the best Thai restaurant in town) - cheers Mandy, next one's on me! Guess what we did afterwards? We went back to her place to lie back in her sofa and… turn into two big Patty McFatties!!! We ate so many goodies that we almost overdosed on sugar and died. It’s true (well almost)! At first I thought we were in a food coma, but then Amanda realised that we were in the state of limbo.

Funky Mandy had gotten into a fight (just incase you're wondering about her patch. She got two stitches... Haha, just kidding! She was training Thai Boxing when suddenly... well, there was an accident (not the one that you guys are probably thinking right now)... and she did get two stitches! 

Mm-m, Chicken Satey!

Mandy found a tiny tiny crab in her oyster. The precious little creature wasn't bigger than 1 cm.

Oh la la se magnifique macarons - imported straight from France!

My brother is going to kill me when he see's this... Haha! Oh, brother forgive my sins, but I just couldn't help it! THEY WERE TALKING TO ME!!! Hence, both I and Amanda turned into Patty McFatties... AND WE LOVED IT!

Live, Love, EAT - Giraffe's moto! 

Yo, yo feel my flow, I've got a mo, ok maybe not, so go... ho*!

Hello world! I feel that I can finally relax and be myself again. These past couple of days has in some ways been a bit hectic; Ever since I came home I’ve been running around on appointments and meetings with doctors, but now it’s time for me to start living again.


Today I’m going to see my dear friend from the hood, Amanda. We will probably do all those gangster bro stuff that you do… in the hood... such as eating ice-cream, playing scrabble, drinking tea, dealing drugs and doing a drive by or two... You know, all those normal everyday things that you do in the hood! "But that's all okay, because in the end of the day - God will forgive us no matter what we do! Just say that you are sorry and it'll be alright and the doors to heaven will stand wide open for you!" - some idiot in Hungary

Saturday is for bros and dinners

Aloha! Last Saturday I went to Eskilstuna with my family to visit my brother. We went for a cup of afternoon tea at his new apartment and then we headed to the Italian restaurant Grappa.

Back in Sweden

Yesterday I took the flight back home to Sweden. Luckily I had my sweet adorable Lisa to keep me company on the Oxford-Heathrow bus as well as at terminal 5. Both our flights took off in the same time, even if they were both delayed half an eternity… Was it a sign? I don’t know! All I know is that I’m home nice and safe now, and it feels real damn good to be home again!

London comes to Oxford

Last Wednesday two of my best mates from London came over to Oxford to visit me. It was Karl’s last night in the UK before moving back to Sweden, so I decided to take my friends to Patisserie Valerie for lunch and to South Park to chill out in the sun and dance to Kanye West and Jay-Z’s watch the throne, haha. Later on we went to Atomic Burger to have the coolest burgers in the world, and then (“and then…?” haha) we went on a tiny tiny pub crawl before ending up at The Purple Turtle, where we had the famous college shots.    

Karl suddenly turned into the god father in a second hand boutique

And then both Karl and Louise turned into warshippers of Illuminati in the middle of South Park

The wall of fame at Atomic Burger

Hahaha, that must have been one funny picture because this photo came out HIGHlarious!

Louise drinking her milkshake like a former sp student vs Louise drinking a glass of margarita like a former sp student?

You can call him Bond, James Bond!
M-mm! Dead Elvis with Sci-fi-fries
Hahaha looking good!

Gangsta 1

Gangsta 2

Gangsta 3

Gangsta 4... Okay I'm going to stop now!

That must be the biggest bottle of Beer I have ever seen...

I’m honoured to say that I was the one to fulfil one of my friend’s dearest dreams: to sit and have a beer at an Irish pub with live music. You're welcome buddy!

College shots at Purple Turtle

The Artist

I just got back from a fabulous last evening in Oxford with my dear friends. Well, it’s their last time in Oxford – not mine!


We went to watch The Artist at the old cinema “The Ultimate Picture Palace”, which is an old cinema that opened in 1911. I absolutely loved the fact that we were watching this amazing silent black and white film in this old cinema. It was almost like going back in time, haha! The film was b r i l l i a n t, I absolutely l o v e d it!  


Afterwards we went to G&D’s to have a last midnight snack before saying “see you later” and not good bye. Oh, I’m going to stop writing or I WILL cry!

Ninja kicking party animals in London

Two weeks ago I took the bus to London strait after school (almost) to hang out with my lovely rock babes that had come all the way from Sweden to visit me, Louise and Karl. I must say that even if it was eight months ago that we all hung out together, it felt like it was just yesterday. I love them to death and had such an amazing time with them!


It was a bit of a mid weekend for me since I stayed there until Thursday, but I have to say that Wednesday was probably the best day since I was crowned queen. For those of you who don’t know about out little tradition: I and my special girls celebrate our big birthdays (such as our 18th, 20th, 21st, 25th, 30th birthdays and so on) by crowning each other with a special little pink fuzzy tiara (do I have to mention that it is ugly as hell?). The thing is we never got to crown me queen on my 18th birthday last year of some reason, so we did it at Hard Rock Café before my 19th birthday instead. How rock’n’roll is that? After our fabulous dinner (that is a joke by the way. Never order a stake there, just go with the burgers – they are amazing), we went back to Louise & Karl’s place for a little pre-party with lots of SingStar and Lil Wayne rapping. Oh, dear god – I used to believe I was the next Lil Wayne, but I guess I’m a lost case in the world of HipHop Rockstars. Then we headed to club 49 in Soho, where we all went completely crazy on the dance floor. Haha, it was a great fun night!    

On the bus toward the party!

At club 49

That is not what it looks like. It's niether cocain nor tampongs which we're pressing up our noses. What it is though is inhalers for blocked noses. Yes, we were pure warriors that night! Even though every single one of us were having a cold, we still went out and made the best of the night. 

My lovelies Emelie and My!

Finally crowned queen at Hardrock Café!

Cheers for a legendary night, haha!

Drinking boost!

Drinking more boost!

Did I tell you guys that we shot a music video for one of Lil Wayne's songs in Louise's flat? Yes, we shot it in the middle of her living room. We asked Lil Wayne to put on my shorts, gave him a baseball jacket, a baseball cap, let him borrow a bottle of cheap vodka (we were out of Patron you know... But at least he got to pose with vodka, right?) and last but not least he got to wear my beer glasses for that final extra touch that a real rockstar rapper needs. I mean, look at Mr Kanye West for example. You still think of him whenever you come across those blinds shades. Beer glasses is what will make YOU guys recognise Lil Wayne.

Last Propaganda Night Before The Holidays

As you may remember my friends and I were at Propaganda last Saturday. I thought I could show you guys some pictures from that amazing night.

Me, Begolile the Crockodile & Julie... Just hanging!

"Party like a hobo, Party like a hobo, Party like hobo, P-party like hobo!"

Madie with the beer glasses. Since we were already smoking hot that night (not really, it was a bit cold to be honest) - we looked even more gorgeous when she was wearing the glasses.

Hahaha, Anne looks like she just woke up from a real bear nap!

AT PROPAGANDA! "DANCE TIL YOU DROP!!!!!!!" some one screamed, and so we did. When I finally was in my room at 4.20 am (after walking all the way from the center to our campus and then taking the bike back home) I dropped, in my bed! Those energy drinks really came in handy. I made it just to my bed! Then I woke up, granny style, with pain all over my body from all the dancing.

Watch out or I'll whip my hair on you! Hahaha, "Mental dance in three, two, GO!!!"

Hahaha Lisa and... some other dudes who wants to be in the picture as well?

"Hey you! You see this? Yeah, it's for you!"

Little Venice Sunday

Yesterday I went to Little Venice with my friends in London. The sun was shining and it was hotter outside than inside my friends flat. Well, it’s always hotter outside whenever you’re there, even in the winter. They refuse to turn on the heating of some lame reason!


We decided to have an ice-cream while walking from Willesden Green towards Warwick Avenue (it took us 50 minutes, people, 50 MINUTES) But, it was okay since it felt like we were abroad. (Technically we are abroad, but we live in the UK so it doesn’t really count)


Anyway, it was quite a nice afternoon! We walked by the canal, had some dinner at an Italian restaurant (which I can’t remember the name of) with a great view over the canal. Life was pretty good… life is still pretty good except that I’m suffocating due to my blocked nose.

After that I had finished playing cards we finally started Operation Little Venice.

“See you later Julie” lunch

Yesterday I went to St Pancras station to have some lunch with Julie at the Belgian restaurant Le Pain Quotidien before she went back to Brussels. As you may know, her time in Oxford is up, but her time in my life is NOT! So, we didn’t say goodbye, we just said “See you later honey!” There were no tears because… wait for it, wait for it… Both Anne and I are going to Brussels to hang out with our beautiful darlings Marlene and Julie the weekend after my birthday!!!!

Queen of Hoxton

After the gig on Saturday, my friends and I went to Queen of Hoxton – a club which Noel Gallgher has recommended, not personally (I wished though, haha). There we met Louise’s brother Wille and his entourage. It was a great fun night, with a lot of fun stories to tell, but unfortunately this is not a novel.   

Wille felt it was too many uggly people in the room, so he had to wear the beer glasses. Suddenly he was like "WOW, SO MANY HOT PEOPLE, SO LITTLE TIME!!!!!!!" ´Not really, but you get the idea!

Gigs & Parties in London

Last Saturday I went to London to see one of my dearest best friend’s concert at The Hope & Anchor in Islington, where great bands such as Sex Pistols has played (it was after all a leading venue in the punk rock movement). He was great, I felt like a proud mother standing there in the crowd with both of my hands glued to the center of my chest, feeling my heartbeat not go “du-dunk-du-dunk”, but his name “MT –MT-MT”, haha!


After the gig my friends and I went to The Queen of Hoxton to party. The place was crowded and we didn’t think we would get in… But hey, who wouldn’t let us in when we ARE the party? Haha, just kidding… No, but really, we are the party!


We made such great bargains that night: Firstly we didn’t have to pay as much entrance as everyone else, secondly we got to pay less for our drinks (not that it was any fancy drinks… just lemonade really, BUT STILL!)

Our master chef Karl cooked me and Louise some dinner before going to Islington to watch MT’s band No Omega.

"Ost och Kex" as we say it in Sweden!

At The Hope & Anchor, roooock!!!

My lovelies, MT and Louise (with the band shirt)!

Haha, MT signed our band shirts YEEEY!

Karl is pumped up and ready to mosh. Louise is old and scared to get hurt. So am I! What happened to us rock girls?

Hahaha, "Fuck everything... Fuck Bristol, fuck Liverpool, fuck Cardiff, fuck London, fuck UK, fuck every city in the world". Aaah, that's the spirit, love!

"Follow you heart... wear beer glasses!"

Louise drinking Guinness like a real rocker!

Louise drinking a vodka mixer like her true self... Hahaha!

No Omega


The Family

Last Friday we had a little get together with “the family” at The Lamb and Flag with Rob! I had a really nice time, but it got a bit emotional towards the end when it was time for us to say good bye to those who would leave and go back home the next morning.  

Don't worry, we're not in hell! Hahaha, everyone got those creepy eyes with the flash of my Iphone!

The word is Kony – spread it

Too often we do nothing – Now is the time to take action and make Kony famous!


If you see what I see and if you feel as I feel, then I ask you to stand beside us, united as one, divided by zero – spread the word, be the change you want to see in the world. Together we can fight injustice, cruelty, terror, madness.


Earlier today during my International Affairs class we were watching Defcon 2 Cuban Missile Crisis, when I suddenly burst into laughter when JFK really messed up by sounding like a complete dummy.


Marshall Carter CIA: “This is the result of the photography taken Sunday, sir. There’s a medium-range ballistic missile launch site and two military encampments on the southern edge of the Sierra del Rosario in West-Central Cuba”

President John F Kennedy: “Where would that be?”

Marshall Carter CIA: “Uhm... West-Central, sir.”


Haha, really? “Where would that be?” REALLY?! You can watch this part here if you fast forward to 3.10

Make up something!

I didn’t do that much shopping when my rockbabes from Sweden were over in London. Actually I only bought make up since I don’t really own any. I bought a make up primer, foundation and a foundation brush from Lancôme, but guess what: I got a whole goodie bag filled with lots of fun stuff! Wow!


Fun stuff you know

Hey everyone! I haven’t blogged that much this week, but that’s just because I’ve been in London to see my rockbabes from Sweden, going to graduation dinners, parties and lots of lots of other fun stuff. But don’t worry my darlings, I will tell you all about it in a bit.

"Oh, oh Gor-illa!" - Tarzan

There is no feeling like new shaved/waxed and moisturised legs. I actually feel like a Homo Sapiens again… I was getting a bit scared that I was going through a regression and slowly becoming an ape of some kind (Kingkong maybe? I like Gorillas. Nobody messes with a Gorilla, since the Gorilla the king of all apes). Haha, okay it wasn’t that bad, but still… you get the idea!

No WMD, please!

It seems like the president of the United States has sharpen his tone when it comes to the allegations of Iran’s nuclear weapon capacity. Whether Iran has the ambitions to enrich uranium for purely peaceful purposes or to build nuclear weapons is a matter of personal opinion. But as far as I’m concerned, there is no valid evidence that the latter is the case. Even if that would be the case, I’m not quite sure that the United States of America really has anything to say about the matter. Frankly, I think it’s rather shameless of the United States to even bring the matter up to discussion. After all we are talking about the superpower with the largest supply of weapons of mass destruction in the world.


I say: Either every country should have the right to own it’s own supply of nuclear weapon or no country should have that right, including USA. Either everyone or no one! It’s as simple as that. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the idea of weapons and war threats (this world would do much better without any of these things), but it’s not fair to only let a few countries have that kind of right or power. It would be dangerous. Because then we don’t only have a threat panting us in the back of our necks, but we have a constant reminder that we are inferior. Inferior to an elite backed up with weapons of mass destruction, war, terror.


It is said that one must change before asking anyone else to change. I think it’s time for USA to take a look in the mirror before deciding to preach about what is right or wrong. Be the change you want to see in the world, America! Embrace this opportunity to put down your weapons and bury them at the bottom the ocean.     

You don't have to be Jesus to be wise


I miss my big sister, Akasya! To keep me from getting all sentimental I listen to her music. Here's one with her featuring Lazee!


Dead Meat Sunday

After lying in bed all day doing absolutely nothing, my roommate and I figured it was time for us to go out and have some dinner. We hadn’t even had breakfast when we went to At Thai at 7 pm. Later on we went to George & Denver opposite to Christ Church to have some dessert.

I had some Chicken Pud Thai

with a whole lot of chilli

and then some Wonder Woman Brownie Sundae 

Later on I predicted Pimwa's future through her cup of chocolate. As you may see all I could find was the woman in black.


Last night my friends and I tore down Propaganda piece by piece with insane dancing and loud singing. For some of the girls last night might have been the last time they set fire on the dance floor of Propaganda since they are leaving next week. It was quite a special occasion so I had to wear my beer glasses, haha (which was passed around the whole crew).  


It was a night to remember! I will restore this memory in a special part of my heart.♥

French inspired? Oui!

I just got home from a day out with my sweet friends in Jericho. The day started with me meeting Anne & Julie outside Ben’s Cookies, buying a cookie (of course?) and then meeting up Lisa, Madie and Inger. We had a bit of a hard time finding a place to sit for an afternoon cream tea, since it’s graduation ceremonies all over town and all the hotels and dining places are overbooked. But as the kick ass girls we are, we clearly found a nice little spot to hang out at.   

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind

- Mahatma Gandhi


Hey! I just got home from the centre, where I had done some grocery shopping. Well, actually I just bought water, raspberry yoghurt and strawberries. I feel so ill, I’m just going to lay in bed, eat slowly since my soar throat is killing me and skype with my dad.  

Spice up your life

Sometimes it can be more fun to take your medicine if you pretend that it is not medicine. For example I just pretended that I ate The Leaning Tower of Pisa piece by piece.

I should have started with the biggest pills since the last pill was the most disgusting one. It leaves this weird aftertaste of concrete in your mouth. I hate being ill! Who doesn't? Don't get to smart mart and say "A masochist" now.


P to the A to the T T Y oh, you’re tasty!

It was so crowded at G&D’s tonight that we barely found any seats. When we finally did find a table it was too small. But than something amazing happened: a group of people who sat by “The Big Patty McFatty” sofa which usually never is available left it… So I ran for it! I jumped off my seat, ran across the room and threw myself on the sofa just before another pack of people reached it. Okay, so I didn’t really throw myself on the couch, but you get the point. We were like a bunch of animals, haha!


Anyway, the sundaes’ was only £2,50 today since it was Wednesday and after nine o’clock (and these lovelies are usually £4,95). I guess you get the whole hysteria behind my story now!

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