Ice, Ice, baby c'mon!

Do you guys see this home made popsicle ice-cream? I made it by squeezing the guts out of some organic fruit and without adding any sugar what so ever in it. It’s just plain, normal, ecological fruit! How great is that?


Bonsai is an AW (Attention W&@%£)

I always wanted a bonsai tree when I was young(er). Guess what I found at Amanda’s place the other day? A bon-friggin-sai tree! How cool is that? Apparently these trees are pretty devious since they have mood swings and need a lot of attention. Now when I think of it, it pretty much sounds like an annoying girlfriend. Haha, don’t kill me now – but we all now how girls can be!


Time to fork somebody

I’ve been cleaning the whole kitchen and done some working out today. The reason why I cleaned was because a china plate mysteriously fell on the floor. I absolutely freaked out and picked up a fork (in lack of anything more threatening) and ran into the kitchen, prepared to fight till death, prepared to kill, haha. How pathetic was that? A fork? What was I thinking?


“Oh, no! Don’t kill me with that silver fork, please!”




Amanda's Tuesday


Heya! I hung out with my dear partner in crime, Amanda today. Haha, we did all the things we shouldn’t have done… but, sshh! Don’t tell anyone! Our catch up date (haha, sounds like ketchup date!) started out very innocent. We had some Chai Lathe by her kitchen table, did some catching up - you know the drill, haha! Suddenly we decided to have some dinner at Mae Thai. That’s where it all escalated, haha! We went from desperate housewifes’ to real housewifes’ of New Jersey (mafia exclusive) in a time limit of 5 minutes (which is the walking distance between Amanda’s house to Mae Thai). We ordered in big trays with Thai food, gossiped about everything imaginable (within the radar of B-town of course) and had ice-cream for desert. Hahaha, well, you can’t really blame me. I haven’t been here for some time and apparently I was in need to know what was on and about in town.  

Is it me and my coloured twin or is it me and my black & white twin? Anyway, me and my twin sister! Don't we look identical?

My favourite cat, RANDY!!!


Can you believe this? I had to pay a fortune just to switch to vegetables instead of rice. It is really true what some American guy said, "It is too damn expensive to be healthy, so F it, I'mma eat McDonald's every day!" Well, okay! I only paid 20 sek extra, but still! Aaaaand then I had a Magnum afterwards... Hahaha, so really, it was all for nothing!

Here is my latina partner in crime, haha! "We are not Vatos Locos, you and I. Okay? I don't even know you... See you in North America, I'll have you killed!" - Amanda to some lame guy. (Okay, so some of that was a lie. She really is a part of the gang... Just kidding!)

Call me chef

I cooked some food the other day. It was a total improvisation and oh my, was it delicious or what! I think I’ve got my cooking skills from my father... or I’ve just helped him out so many times in the kitchen that I’ve learned his tricks. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if my future plans go to hell I will open a restaurant… or two, haha!
Eat, love, live – right?

Women Without Men

I need to see this film as soon as possible. I was doing every thing in my power not to cry... Just, watch the trailer will you?

Her voice breaks my heart

Doing homework like a... nerd (like a nerd)

I just came out from the shower. I had been out for a run (wow, Be-go-go-gonia!), which is pretty awesome to be me. Haha anyway, I’ll be studying the whole day today, which will be pretty lame (NOT?! PSYCHE! I FRIGGIN’ LOVE SCHOOL!!!). Okay, I’m not very good at acting all cool, skipping school and being a tool (“King of rhymes? Is that you?” Well, as a matter of fact, it is!), but you already know that. I admit it, I’m a nerd who takes summer courses just for fun. So what?!


Midsummer – That shit cray!

Hey y’all, haha! I don’t know what’s wrong with me today; I’ve been speaking with my broadest southern Texas accent all morning. However, that’s not the reason why I’m writing right now. I actually wanted to show you guys what I was up to yesterday during the Scandinavian holiday Midsummer.
I had been invited to the archipelagos, but we kind of screwed those plans in the last second. I decided to stay with my precious family and celebrate the hell out of this fine holiday. We cooked, baked, made fantastic drinks, laughed, sang, danced – well shortly said, we kind of did it all!





Pink Friday


I’m thinking of taking a break from life. Just escape and fly away to the village where my father grew up. I need to get away, to think.


I’m imagining myself lying under a tree in the melon garden, while the sun is gasping heat all over the village. I want to walk through the vineyard, eat the fresh grapes, drink water from the mountains, role the fresh tobacco (which I won’t smoke, since it’s disgusting) just to have the sweet smell on my fingertips. I want to climb the highest mountain and sleep under the stars. I want to go horseback riding or perhaps ride on the donkeys? Haha!


Oh, well… We’ll see!     

For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know

Everyone has an Angel. A Guardian who watches over us. We can't know what form they'll take. One day, old man. Next day, little girl. But don't let appearances fool you, they can be as fierce as any dragon. Yet they're not here to fight our battles, but to whisper from our heart. Reminding that it's us. Its everyone of us who holds power over the world we create.

You can deny angels exist, Convince ourselves they can't be real. But they show up anyway, at strange places and at strange times. They can speak through any character we can imagine. They'll shout through demons if they have to. Daring us, challenging us to fight.

The Hungover Games

Oh, btw...

"Did anyone mention to you that you're all going to write a report on this book, "Maniacs, Panics and Crashes" by Kindleberger which we haven't been talking about what so ever? No? Oh, well... Now you know! Good luck!"

Gee, thank you ever so much for the humble deadline, SIR!

I guess you all can see that I have a few things to do, for example reading 318 pages of this ever so "hip" book. TTYWIHALA (talk to you when I have a life again) haha

Life Dilemma

I’m in a life crisis at the moment, so please do forgive me for this post. I thought my biggest concern at the moment was to decide whether to study in Stockholm or Uppsala. But now I’m not sure of what I should study this fall: Politics or Law? Law or Politics? Should I study both perhaps? One programme at each city, haha? I’m pretty indecisive at the moment. I was so confident of my choice of choosing politics, but then a thunderstorm of wisdom (aka PIP) stroke me like lightning, and suddenly I just didn’t know what to choose anymore. 

It’s like I’m in a dark hallway with doors on my left hand side and doors on my right hand side. Behind every single door hides a different version of my future. The question is which door should I pick? Is there a right or wrong door?  

Do you know what? I think I’m going to let faith decide this for me. I applied for two political programmes and two jurisprudence programmes. I’ll choose the one that answers me the quickest, DOT COM!

Study Sunday

Ouch! I just bit my lip. I hate when that happens.


Anyway, it’s time for me to read 300 more pages of my bible of Global Economy.

My Julie

When I got home today I saw that I’d got mail from Belgium. My dearest Julie had sent me a post card and boy, was I happy to read it! I love getting mails and post cards from my friends, haha! Thank you honey, I’ll send you something soon! ♥

Sweden - England

I went to Kista Galleria with my family today. I bought some school material and functioned as my sister’s personal shopper, haha!


After our little shopping spree we raced back home just to make it to tonight’s game (Swe – Eng). Again, I don’t want to talk about it. Frankly, I have nothing to say about the match more than that I’m disappointed. At least we played better than last time (if we may call wussing around “playing football”) But hey, I can’t say that I expected Sweden to win this match. However, I was truly hoping that we would.

Sun's up

Hey there! I'm just hanging out in my garden for the moment, doing choirs and stuff, haha! Luckily I've got the sun shining on me, good music and my sister to make me company.

I’ve failed myself, I’ve hurt myself & I’ve had enough

Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay – Simone de Beauvoir

Your image is loading...

B to the ored

I’m bored! I want to escape my boredom by going abroad, travelling or just… to be! I don’t know. I want to do something, anything, everything!

In my garden

I just woke up under a tree in my garden after a little nap in the summer heat. Guess what I caught looking at me behind the bushes 8 steps away from me? A rain deer! Haha, I had a little Bambi moment to be honest.

Anyway, I thought I could lay in the sun for a bit absorb a little vitamin D and melatonin. Later, my darlings!

Hipsters existed before Jesus was cool and died for our mainstream sins

Live Out Loud

Picture taken in Oxford at Purple Turtle.

Go Sweden...

I was watching Sweden – Ukraine… I don’t want to talk about it, period!


You know, it is something to pass Zlatan the ball (all the time), but to rely on the thought of him rescuing Sweden from a loss and misery is just to go one step too far. As far as I’m concerned, he was the only one moving his ass on that field. Why do we even call it the Swedish national team, when frankly it should just be called Zlatan’s team. Gosh, I’m so over this bull ****! I may not be a great footballer myself (in fact, I can’t play at all. I mostly scream when the ball comes at me… that’s not the point though), but guys – give me a break! I think it’s great that we’ve got some new fresh players in our team, but you have got to man up and stop acting like a bunch of wussies. Freshers, the ball won’t eat you up (the opposite team might). It’s called football, it’s a sport, have fun with it!


Ukraine – Good job! Especially Shevchenko. He was the hero his team.  

Haha, school football tournament à la 2008! I used to be called Pocahontas at that time. I think Louise and I look pretty bad ass on this picture, don't you think? 

I’m so adventurous

I don’t know what happened after school today. I realised when I was only one step away from entering the tube which would take me back home that I had forgot to by my book… so I had to take the underground all the way back to SU (Stockholm University), but before I could do that I just had to go on an adventure! Okay, so I didn’t look where I was going and I just happened to get on the wrong tube and then I just happened to end up on the edge of Stockholm. Cheers! Klink! After my adventurous trip to the middle of nowhere, I headed back to SU only to find out that the book I wanted was sold out. Praise the lord for giving us adventurous days like these, ameeeenAH! (Yes, that was a joke for those of you who are a few fries short of a happy meal…)    

Schooools out for summer - not!

In an hour or so I’ll be heading to school for a lecture (Summer uni life <3). After that I’ll have to swing by “Akademiska” (The Academic book shop) to by one of my books. Goodness, I was actually supposed to read about 200 pages in that particular book for today…


Anyway, my plans for tonight is to hang out with Amanda aka Funkymandy. It’s been too long now so I can’t wait!! But there will be no munchies since I’m detoxing right now (sorry, mate! I guess we just have to stare at each other for 3 hours with the awkward silence of us not eating anything instead).    

Thumbs up for uni, my book (which I will by today), detox and last but not least Amanda. Praise the Lord, Amen! 
Ps. That is one oooold picture right there. I believe it was the summer of 2006 and my friends and I were going to watch Håkan Hellström at Gröna Lund. Back then I used to be skinny (not thin, not slim, s k i n n y) and I also used to have fangs (for real though, my teeth looked like friggin' vampire teeth) 

Nati's b-day

I spent last night with my girls celebrating Emelie’s baby sister’s 18th birthday. We had a BBQ party at Emelie’s place before heading to the most luxurious club in town… not! Haha, I don’t even dare to spell it out here on my blog, but I have to let you know that I had a fairly good time.  

My was wolfing down the meat, haha! I absolutely love this picture!

"Everybody - To the cluuuuub!"

However, we had to cuddle before we could leave the house. 

Everyone was obsessed with the little dog. I'm not sure about my feelings for the dog though. It was such a tease! The first minute it loved you and couldn't get enough of you, and the next minute it would just leave you like you meant nothing. Humans have feelings too you know!!

Burn Baby Burn!

I went out for a little promenade with my mother in a pathetic attempt to burn some of the unnecessary toxins my body gained from the chocolate I ate earlier today, haha! Then I did some rope skipping. Did you know that 10 minutes of skipping equals 30 minutes jogging? I had no idea… Anyway, I only skipped for 7 minutes. Haha!  

Emelie’s Kitchen

I went to Emelie’s place to bake with her and My today. It was obviously not for our pleasures sake, but for her little sister’s 18th birthday. That’s what big sisters and her friends are for, right?

Congratualtions Sweden

It is the National Day today, yey!

Welcome home Begonia – Now clean!

Haha! No, I’m not going to be that hard on them. I didn’t clean too much today. And it didn’t take long enough for me to collapse and fall into sleep in my bed. My sister basically tucked me in while she did all the cleaning of my (or should I say our?) room. Yes, it’s true! My sister and I are currently sharing our room and sleeping in the same bed. But I can’t really complain – I like to sleep by her side (sometimes over her or pushing her off our huge bed). It’s cosier than sleeping alone. Besides I’ve just come home. I think I need some sister loving before moving down to our basement… all alone! I don’t even know if I can do it. Sure, it’s the coolest part in our house (except from my room…), but I’ll be all alone down there. Care for a party anyone? No?

Fatty style

Goodness, I’m tired! I’ve worked out in the sun with my sister today and now I don’t want to move from my bed, haha!

La Familia

This day has been perfectly calm! I went out for a run with my sister in the afternoon, helped out in the garden, and then I’ve just been doing some catching up with my dad, cooked our famous salmon dish and just spent time with my family. I'm planning to spend the rest of the evening with them as well.

Begonia goes Uni!

Yesterday it was my first day at uni!! I’m currently studying Global Economy at Stockholm University. It’s basically looking back at the economical history and reflects over why financial global crisis occur, why some countries are poor and others are rich. It’s quite interesting!   

The dream is real

I’ve been home for a couple of days now. It’s been taking a little while to get used to the idea of actually being here. There has been a bit of an Inception feeling over the whole homecoming thing, haha! I didn’t know if I was dreaming or not. I thought that I would wake up in any second and realize that I was lying beside me roomie in Oxford again. It was kind of the feeling I had when I first moved to Oxford. I thought I would wake up from a dream and realize that I was still in Sweden.


Anyway, when I went to meet my besties My & Emelie I really had to restrain myself from speaking English. When I went to buy a day ticket to the City I accidently started speaking English! It was so awkward. A war inside my head mushroomed: should I keep speaking English to this guy or should I just switch to Swedish? Maybe he doesn’t know that my Swedish is of absolute perfection and believes I’m foreign? And then I did the most awkward thing I could possibly do; I switched to Swedish and pretended like nothing, haha!   

In Sweden, Arlanda – 72 hours later

By the time I got to Sweden I had been awake in about 60 hours. Can you imagine how I felt? I don’t think so! And things didn’t get better when I realised that nobody was picking me up from the airport. My family had forgotten that I was coming at 3 pm, so they didn’t get there until 5. I couldn’t use my iphone since I didn’t have a Swedish sim card (and my phone was dead anyway), I didn’t have any Swedish currency so I couldn’t go to a phone booth, my bank account was as empty as an account could possibly be, so you can imagine how doomed I was, haha!


I didn’t sleep until the evening, so I had been aawake for 72 hours when I finally went to bed.   

Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport – Adios UK!

When I came home around 4 am, I turned on the light and started packing my bags. I literally turned half of the room upside down to manage that. It was quite a struggle. I had been awake for so long and I noticed that I was hyperactive but yet so tired that my hands were shaking.


Then I had my roommate to help carrying my luggage to the bus stop and then… we had to say “See you” (because I don’t say goodbye to those who I know I will see again. If I’ve said good bye to you, just know that it might just have been our final goodbye, period! Hahaha, no, I’m just kidding. Or we’ll just have to wait and see, don’t we? I’m just tempting you to prove me wrong, my lovelies)


I took the Airline Bus around 7 am and suddenly I was at Heathrow Airport. I called my dad and told him that my body was failing on me. I was about to collapse in the middle of the airport, but I pulled myself together and went to Giraffe to have a huge breakfast and a smoothie. While sitting there, I got a bit sentimental since Giraffe was the first place Pimwa and I went on our first night out in Oxford. 

Breakfast at Giraffe.

Staying awake with a nice frappochino (my first ever to be honest) while waiting for my gates to open.

Friday – Last night in the city of dreaming spires

I had so much to do during my last day in Oxford. I had to swing by London to run some errands (but I didn’t have time for a final pitstop by my dearest friend, Louise, since I was already too late). Afterwards (after a whole lot of traffic), I went back to Oxford where I met up with João and Giulia. We thought of going to Café Terifa one last time, but the place was closed due to a mysterious sudden leak, so we went to have one last ice-cream sundae at G&D’s, which was great. Then we went by the park party, but just for a quicky to say goodbye to some mates.


I thought I had to go back to pack my bags, but finally I just said “YOLO! - You only live once, Begonia” to myself and headed strait to the Purple Turtle with Giulia to party our lives away with our friends one last time in Oxford. It was a drum & base night, so you can all imagine how intense it was. When I admitted that I hadn’t slept for 43 hours, Oxford students suddenly started to praise me like I was some kind of God and bought me drinks. It was quite… strange! My body was basically fuelled on energy drinks.   

Hahaha, Damian is getting stealth bummed by Onni! #stealthbummingtothenextlev

Thursday Cambridge

Before leaving the UK I just had to visit Cambridge again, so I dragged my roommate with me, haha! We had a really nice time, although it was raining from time to time and all of the colleges were closed for visitors due to the examinations… and of course us not making it to Starbucks in time to get our half priced Frappochinos. A really cool Thai restaurant which we thought was open, was closed… I had a terrible stomach ache as well… Oh, did I mention that my poor roomie got food poisoned?


Well, even though we weren’t feeling top notch during our trip I must say that we still had a great time. It wasn’t a Cambridge trip from hell; it was just full of surprises, almost like a little box of chocolate… We never knew what to expect, haha!

Graduation Day

Last Wednesday I graduated in MA English & International Affairs! I don’t really know what to write more than that it felt great, haha!


My friends and I had a little champagne ceremony with strawberries and raspberries in Headington Hill Park that evening. I must say that it was the finest piece of bubble I’ve ever had. But since it was French and the finest of its sort, I’m not surprised. Great work, Anne (our French Champagne importer)


Later on that evening I went to meet up with my Italianos Giulia & Paola. We headed home to their friends on Cowley Road for an exclusive house party (we were 5 people, but boy did we have fun and my, oh my, did I pull some bad jokes… I had a real “Joke gone wrong” moment there. I shouldn’t even say what it was, but I’m afraid that I will have to sooner or later)


The night was great… until I had to R U N back home. I was freaking out while walking alone in the dark through a very dodgy neighbourhood, so I ran for my life. Can you imagine me running like a crazy person while pretending to talk (or should I say scream?) on the phone with my DAD. “YES, I’M ALMOST HOME DAD! YOU DON’T HAVE TO MEET ME, I CAN SEE THE HOUSE FROM HERE! WELL OKAY, IF YOU INSIST YOU CAN SEND OUR GUARDS, BUT REALLY I’M OK! OH, I CAN SEE THEM NOW, he-he…he” I’m not exaggerating… I actually spoke English with my father who wasn’t on the phone. That’s pretty pathetic. I should have just taken the cab! That way, I would have speared myself the trouble and to not say the least, speared the whole neighbourhood the annoying and loud fake phone conversations with my dad.

Toasting for the future with my lovely roomie!

Jessica and I, like two "Bawses"

At Magdalene College Chapel with Hiromi and Athe!


At the Champagne Ceremony!

Cheers ladies!

Lovely Taraneh!

Paola the sweetheart!

At Juan & Angel's flat!

The day before the graduation

I went to Christ Church Meadow with Paola and Anne to just enjoy the beautiful weather. Later on we met up with Tarhane at Quod, where we sat in their back garden and had an incredible afternoon tea by the fountain. I had such a lovely time. Haha, it almost felt like we were in an episode of SATC!

There were at least 50 gees here, but my phone died before I even got the chance to take a picture of them. But I did actually caught them on tape.. Hahaha, though my friends and I are acting like complete psychos. It's probably best that I don't show you the video.

Updates baby c'mon!

I’ve been so busy for the last couple of days that I haven’t had the time to update you all about my fast and furious life. And yes, for the last couple of days it has been very furious. I haven’t slept a wink, literally. Before I went to bed last Saturday I hadn’t slept for almost 72 hours. True story! But I will tell you all about that later.


For the next hours or so, my blog is going to pop up with new posts which will update my memory (and of course you, my lovelies) of what I’ve been doing these days.

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