Athletes these days... If Antic Greece only knew

I don’t get why everyone calls every participant in the Olympics “Olympic Athletes”. Everyone’s obviously not athletes! Would you call people playing ice-curling or modern pentathlon athletes? I sure as hell wouldn’t. You don’t even have to be fit to do that s***. How do curlers work out? Clean? Haha, just kidding! Oh, no, don’t hate me now because you’re all sharing the sense of the Olympic bandwagon. You know the feeling people get of becoming a fan of certain sports that nobody gives a f about besides during the Olympics? Just know that that feeling of not giving a s*** about this "sport" goes back to not caring after the Olympics are over.



Olympic Adoption

Usually Sweden rocks the Olympics, but if there would be even the slightest downer, know that I’m up for an Olympic adoption. Since I’ve got heritage of almost half of the countries in the world, I always win. Bring that gold!  



Disco disco good good!

I did some morning exercise today… wow, do I sound like a granny or what? What’s next? Pool gymnastics? Oh, wait – I’ve already done that! I sure am an old soul, haha!


As I was done with my workout, soaking wet, I looked myself in the mirror and noticed the sun peeking on me through the window. The sun’s reflection on the millions of sweat drops all over my body made me look like friggin’ Edward Cullen exposed in the sun. If you ever need a disco ball, you know where to find me!   


Anyway, I’m having a little party of my own soon. I’m waiting for my dad to come home and have lunch with me.


I miss you

I’ve never missed my best friend more in my entire life. I can’t explain it; I just want to be there for her, be the comfort she needs, make her think about the good times, be a distraction. My love goes out to the whole family. I’m sorry for the lost. ♥


A few pictures from the day before she moved to London. Things were so easy, we had no care in the world, we were two graciously spitting fountains in Rome and the most difficult decision to make was what to pack or how to get around in London. I hope you’re well my love. I’ll see you soon!      




Charity vs shopping

Have you noticed that I’ve given up shopping? Yes, it’s been quite some time since I’ve been on a shopping spree for myself now. But life’s more than just me, myself and I. There are more levels to this s***. I used to feel fulfilled after buying stuff for myself. But something’s different now. Don’t get me wrong; I still love fashion and I will probably always continue to do so… I guess I’ve just lost my appetite considering the world situation. I just can’t seem to find the joy in buying things I don’t necessarily need (Although, I really am in need of a pair of new jeans, but that’s a whole other story) when so many other people struggle just to stay alive due to our lack of wise decisions through out the years. Instead of buying things for myself I’ve decided to give more of what I have (or should I say “don’t have”? – you choose, I’m just a poor uni student!) to defeat diseases in developing countries. It may not be for me, but heaven knows I feel better about helping human beings to survive the day than a new top will ever make me feel. I may never be able to show anyone what I’ve bought or done… Frankly, I don’t give a damn about that. I don’t need anyone to know that I’m doing what I’m doing. I don’t need anyone’s appreciations’. I couldn’t care less. But the thought of that who ever gets the treatment will know that there is someone out there, who cares enough to give even if it’s just a little, that’s more than satisfying. Sometimes a little is just enough to save a life and perhaps even spread some hope.  


I get that all students don’t want to give all their money to charity. Hell, we need some charity of our own, haha! No, but really. You don’t have to give away every single penny. 8 dollars is more than enough to buy 20 shots of vaccinations. Imagine if everyone could donate 20 shots of medication. It would mean the eradication of a world problem. “Yeah, one out of a thousand other problems” you say. Well yes! It may be one problem out of many, but at least we are moving forward. Rome wasn’t built in one day. The world won’t change in just one day either. It’s a process. Goodness, it’s a long term process. But just because the answer of our prayers lies in the future, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. As much as every single vote in the election matters, as much as every single voice in a choir matters or every single instrument makes the whole orchestra – as much does all of your help also matter!  


You’re voice matters, you’re help matter, you matter – you can be the change! Just hop on board and do it already, yeah?


Sigtuna harbour

Mates, this day have been something I’d like to call a “Stoy Sunday”. (You’ll understand the meaning of that when you’ve experienced it. You may use the expression “stoy” whenever you feel something is so good that you can’t even explain it. It hasn’t got any words, it just… is. Thank you for inventing the word, Céline) Anyway, I had picnic with my friends by the harbour, talked about life and just relaxed. It was pretty stoy if you ask me, haha!  


I don't know if you've noticed my new mo. It's very French if you ask me. Oui, oui!

Here we go!

In about 30 minutes I’ll be off to Sigtuna with Meg. We’re having picnic by the river with My. I guess you’ll hear from me later – OR you could just follow me everywhere when I’m not writing here. How about at instagram? I’m addicted to photography of any kind, haha. Anyway name is Begoniaretina. See you there, mates!



Rhymer B

I think I could be a really dope underground rapper. Seriously, if I only new how to rap and my rhymes made sense, I would be rocking off your socks right now! People would be like “Busta who? Lil what? Was it plan B or Z? Kanye East, was it? Tampax/2pac – same thing!” None of those guys would matter anymore. I would be the shizzle nizzle… drizzle… sizzle, fizzle, kizzle, hizzle… YOU NAME IT IZZLE!


My first baseball cap, 14 years old, haha! OG!

Look at me! Nicki who? Just turned 14 and I was wearing bras and thongs over my clothes before any of those chics! (haha, in case you're wondering it was a birthday prank. My friends gave it to me and I just looked at the set and said "Gee, thanks guys!" and when they asked me to try it on, I DID!  #Fab


I’ll be walking down to town in a few minutes to meet up with My for an after work... ice-cream! We’re not really cool enough to grab a pint after work, haha!

The opening of the Olympic Games 2012 ceremony

Heya! The opening of the Olympic Games 2012 was quite something of the extraordinary. I had Goosebumps all over my body throughout the whole ceremony, except towards the end during the long boring speeches. Just cut to the point and light the massive torch already, haha!


Something I thought of was that it was officially the first Olympic Games in the history when there was the fact that women were competing in all of the participating national teams. That’s big step for mankind right there. No, but seriously! To be frank, I was moved. Saudi   Arabia had their first women representing their country. I was holding my breath during the whole parade of the nations. I couldn’t relax until I saw Saudi   Arabia’s flag and the participant came out with their beautiful strong women in their team. It was a beautiful moment, having such a strong, powerful and not to mention influential nation as Saudi Arabia making such a progress, stating an example for the rest of the world if you ask me, haha! Change is finally on its way! Just wait and see!    


Another thing which caught my eye except from the spectacular performances, effects and shows, was the old chap who sieg hieled when the Germans entered the stadium with their flag. Quite a welcoming if you ask me! What the hell was he thinking? Haven’t the Germans suffered enough of the humidity Hitler caused during WW II? Seriously, I feel sorry for the youth of Germany, having to face people talking about Hitler whenever they go abroad. “Yeah, I knew Hitler! I wasn’t even born when he decided to use Vanish on an entire people just because he thought they were less worthy than any other person, but sure, let’s have a little chat about him anyway!”


Tell me that's not a sieg heil! What's wrong with him and how in the bloody hell could they film that? If that's not all over the news today, I think we can all count with a Goose step on TV soon too.

The Olympic Games

My family and I will be glued stuck on our bums watching the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games in London this evening. I’m really looking forward to this. I went to the Olympic Village while I lived in England and I must say it’s quite extraordinary, haha. Can you imagine they actually built a whole new stadium, hotels, high-tech parking lots; you name it – just for the Olympics! Over 60 000 cops/security forces will be patrolling the streets 24/7. Great Brian even called back troops from Afghanistan for safety reasons, haha! Talk about calling in the big guys. What’s next? The air forces? Oh, that’s right! They’ve already got that covered too, haha! I love that country. They sure know how to be on the safe side! The question is what they are so afraid of. Terrorist actions? It’s not a mission impossible. Actually, I would be quite chocked if some kind of chaos wouldn’t break out during these coming weeks. The English lads have made themselves famous for riots these last couple of years, behaving all “hooliganic” (for obvious reasons of course). Hopefully, this will be a fair and enjoyable event where the biggest issue will be who brought the picnic bag!


Happy Olympic Game’s opening, everyone!



On the move

I helped my big brother move today. He went from a flat in the hood to a flat in the city right by the river. It’s insanely beautiful there and I wish him all the best.


However, the move was rather exhausting. I’ve been carrying things all day. My legs are soar, haha! In the end I just couldn’t do it anymore. I just lay down on the floor while my brother and sister did all the work, haha. (Patty McFatty, I know!) As if it wasn’t enough… of course we just had to eat junk food at McDonald’s.


Daddy: Why God, why?! What have I done to deserve to eat this shit? It’s not even good… (grabs a bite of his cheeseburger) I will never eat here again. (takes another bite)

Akasya: You said that the last time…

Ernesto: And the ten times before that!

Me: And look, here we are again! Face it daddy, you’ll say the same thing next time too.   


THIS is what you look like if you eat at McDonald's

Too much...?

I really didn’t want to work out today. I was so tired after tonight. I didn’t sleep until 3.30 am and in case you’re wondering, it was not for fun. My room was boiling hot and I was sweating like those guys in that AXE commercial. I was soaking wet and feeling woozy, kind of drunk to be honest. After I’d been flipping and turning in my bed as the blanket got stuck to my sweaty body, I’d had enough. (Yes, I know! I shouldn’t cover myself with a blanket if it’s hot, but the truth is, I can’t not sleep without it. I just can’t!  I feel safe under a blanket, haha! Plus I was sleeping with barely anything so I kind of had to cover myself up anyway. God see’s everything you know… haha, just kidding!) I did what I should have done hours ago. I stumbled to the living room in the dark, took the fan and placed it in my room (or the guest room… don’t ask!) and turned on the bloody fan. I felt massacred when I woke up this morning, to say the least. Don’t bother about the feeling of being hung over (not that I’d know the feeling), I’m telling you – this must be worse!   


Anyway, back to my workout, which is so interesting that you’d die if you didn’t get to read about it? I thought to myself with my wise voice (Morgan Freeman) “Begonia, you won’t regret this workout… because the only workout you’ll ever regret is the ones’ you never did”. Well, b-less you Morgan, you’re the best god damn imaginary voice of wisdom anyone can ever have in their head! #Truemotivation


Yeah, I know... I share a little bit too much about myself, haha! Rule nr 1 of being a fresh girl: Don't tell anybody that you sweat. 2, If somebody asks you, you never go to the bathroom for other business than to grab a shower or take a hot bath with candles lit all over the place. 3, Don't  post a picture of you eating food, unless it's a salad of course. 4, Don't EVER post a picture of you without make-up OR when you've just done your workout, again, nobody likes a sweaty girl. 

Mates, I'm sorry to break it to you, but... rules are made to be broken. I Guess I'm a rebel after all... haha! I don't want to brag; but I do sweat when I work out, I eat (sometimes a bit too much?), I shower for like 40 minutes, I almost never wear make-up and I still upload the pictures. #Nastygal

Hey, hey apple!

In your face!


I remember when I shot the first picture with Louis in Oxford. I was a pure dictator from hell, haha! “You’re a disgrace! Is that how you hold an apple? REALLY?! I asked for Edward Cullen, NOT SHAWN OF THE DEAD!!! Shape your hands like a heart… I SAID A HEART! Dude, what is that? That ain’t a heart… Just hold the god damn apple will you!” Haha, sorry about that Louis my love, but you’re future as a hand model looks dark.

It's my way or the highway, darling

I went out on the roads today. Wow, my dad really surprised me when he said “Okay, let’s take a left and leave this parking lot”. I turned my head and looked at him, no correction; I starred at him. I was horrified, but my father is one of the few people who know how to push me over my own limit and give me the greatest confidence in the world. So I took a left turn and faced the real life traffic. It was terrifying and I sweat like a pig, but boy do I feel proud of myself, haha!

Oh yeah!

Yesterday was the second time in my life I ever drove a car… Well, we except from that one time when I was 6 and I sat in my father’s lap steering as he was driving, until my sister shouted “Oh, look Begonia! A black cat on the right side of the road” and I turned my entire body to look back and screamed “What?! Where?!” as I almost drove off the road. Haha, but it was cool since my father took control. I’m still alive, tada!


Oh, and then there was that other time as well. I just remembered! My big brother and I were having such a boring time a couple of winters ago. So we decided to go out ice skating, with the car. The road was so slippery and there were no cars to be seen, so we looked at each other and said “why the hell not?” He just let me drive in small circles but wow, we were sliding all right.    


Drivin' my papa's car - LIKE A BAWS!

In a few minutes I will be blasting down the roads of my city (well, more like a parking lot) and be anything but gentle to Mother Nature. As much as I hate to admit that I’m violating planet earth with this intoxication, I’m practising my driving skills, haha... I started yesterday and my, oh my, did I get a bit over the top. I don’t know why, but there’s something with me and cars. As soon as I enter the driver’s seat I feel like I’m in power. I get the feeling that I have to live on the edge, speed, race. Maybe that’s what I’m destined to do, race, live on the edge, be a bad ass. After all, I’ve been hit by a motor cycle and been in a car accident before. That’s more than enough to trigger an inner beast, don’t you think? No, I’m just kidding. I’ll be the best driver imaginable once I get my drivers licence. But until then… haha, psyche, I’m just kidding.


Anyway, wish me luck!



I really like this vid. The violence isn’t necessarily two people being physical against each other, but exploding with anger through dancing. I don’t know, I just like it! I really liked the music video for Ill manors as well. You may remember it even though I posted it some while ago here.  

“I don’t know much about clothes but my hair looks fierce”

I’ve changed hairstyles more often than some of you change your knickers through out the years. I used to model for various hair brands such as Wella and Björn Axén, and I must tell you that I’ve had every colour imaginable in my hair. If you ask me about the styles I’ve had, I’m afraid to say that the list is very, and I mean very, long. Let’s just put it this way - I’ve had everything from long hair to almost nothing (yes, as in shaved! Not fully though. It was more like side cut, under cut and so on).


But even before I started modelling I wasn’t that keen on having the same hair due for too long. Haha, I’ve had real big hair, afro, The Beatle’s (aka potty hair), Amy Winehouse, you name it! I thought I could show you some of the hair styles I’ve had. Though, it’s not even half of what I’ve had through out my life. But those pictures are based in box somewhere unreachable, where they belong, haha! My hair hasn't always looked fierce (see Beatle's Begonia 5 years old).


If you’d ask me what I would like to do now, I’d say dip dye and let my hair grow long, long, long, like Tangled.


Saturday Night Stockholm City Tour

Last night I went out for dinner with Ronja and a couple of her friends. We ate at La Cucaracha and had quite a lovely time. Later on we decided to go out and dance, but we couldn’t really make up our minds which club to choose - so we did a Stockholm city tour! Goodness, remind me to never do that again. We started at The Garden, but since the queue was far too long we left straight away to say the least. You know me: I don’t do queues, haha!


Anyway, after witnessing humiliating dance acts by vice versa people at a one of Stockholm’s probably worst clubs, we decided to head to Ambassadeur (aka Amba), where we partied the rest of the night. Haha, I wasn’t nearly dressed up for a party night out, but what do to? I had so much fun rocking out at the dance floor, acting all foolish and laughing my life away.    


After our adventuress night, it was time for Ronja and me to take the night bus to her place and crash. My feet were squashed and my toes were bleeding when I took off my heals at 04.30 am. That does not call for a Carlsberg my friends…   


Before leaving for the city, I went to Ronja's place to just hang out and catch up.


Before La Cucaracha

Of course we had to order in the big guys; 6 different tapas for the win, baby!


Later on at Ambassadeur

La noche de latino

In a little bit i’ll be going to my dearest Ronja to catch up over a glass of wine and then we’ll head South for a latino night out at La Cocaracha. See you later alligators!  



Uppsala Uni - here I come!

Ha, goodness! I never mentioned this to you guys, but I was accepted to my first choice of university – UppsalaUniversity. I’ll be attending the Bachelor programme in Political Science/International Relations this fall. It’s going to be great fun! When I red the welcome letter and got to the part about the kick off week (aka pledge week) I thought to myself “This is really happening. I’m going to study at uni now”. I will get back to you about the kick off when we’re a bit closer in time though.   


Yey, this means you guys will get to see me without make up all the time!!! Haha, sorry guys, but I just can't bother when I'm in school. The reasons are many but very simple: I like to sleep and if I have to do my make up it means I'll have to wake up half an hour earlier... And frankly, I'd rather not. Yes, I know - doing your make up only takes 5 minutes... IF YOU'RE A FRIGGIN' PRO! I'm sorry, but I'm really tired in the morning. I just want to brush my teeth, not brush my hair, leave for the bus and sleep on my way to school, maybe even drool on my jacket a little (?). You know what? I don't need to explain myself to you. I don't do make-up, end of story! Plus, Drake said (I'm quoting) "Chillin' with no make-up on, that's when you're the prettiest - I hope that you don't take it wrong" to me once... True story, he did... through Youtube... in one of his songs... I don't know what he thinks about me not plocking my eye brows though... Any who!



Send your dreams where nobody else hides, give your tears to tide

There's no end, there's no goodbye. Disappear with the night.

Here’s a question for y’all

Which one should I buy? I’m thinking of the yellow ones’. I get the feeling I’ll be walking (or should I say running?) on sunshine with these. What do you think? Which colour should I pick?


1. Yellow aka sunshine

X. Blue aka deep s***

2. Mint aka fresh till death



Things got a bit intense today. I went for a run just before the thunderstorm blasted through the sky. Seriously, I thought Thor would hit me hard with that hammer of steal of his. Anyway, I got a little paranoid after a while so I ran back home for another cardio work out.


Runnin' runnin'

I’ll be going out for a quick run in a bit, even though it’s highly likely that the rain will be pouring down on me… and my knees will eventually fail on me and kill me! I really shouldn’t be running in these shoes. The salesman specifically told me these were shoes made for walking and not running shoes. Since I gave my other trainers to a homeless, I haven’t got anything but these. So I guess I’ll be going out running now!


OR NOT! Change of plans! There’s a freaking thunderstorm out there and I’m not in the mood of getting stroke by lightning today. I guess I’ll just dance some zumba with my sister in the living room instead.


Holy mother of god, nothing scares me more than lightning… Well, nothing more than war, humanitarian crisis, the grudge (actually all kind of dead kids rising from the death to hunt other living people), natural disasters, disease – you know, that kind of stuff!


2011 - What about it?

Hey guys! Since I never uploaded a resume of last year, I thought I could give you all a statement… and a few pictures of every month. The word is rock, because 2011 was a year which rocked, big time!


Januray: Well, what can I say? The senior year of High school was coming to its end and what more could we students do but to embrace it? The senior parties started as soon as we went from 2010 to 2011.


February: This month I helped out a friend with a fashion project a la 70’s by modelling, haha! There was of course the unforgettable sunglass party at Louise’s. We were all wearing these crazy (ugly) sunglasses while rocking the house.


March: As you may know I turned 18 last March. Here in Sweden that and 20 are the only ages worth celebrating. 18 is a pretty big deal. It’s like entering a whole new world, a world of responsibility where we officially become an important part of society and our opinion finally matters (we get to vote you know). Independence, oh, independence! But mostly eighteeners’ start of the morning by buying their first pack of cigarettes and light alcohol ON THEIR OWN… wow! Later on, after a hard night of partying, they trash the new car that they’d got as a birthday gift. Haha, noo I’m just kidding! That’s not true what so ever. Though, we all try our newly gained power and embrace the opportunity to buy all the adult stuff, because we can, not because we necessarily want to.

Well, as a newly 18-year-old young woman, the club gates opened like Zezar's gate for me. My senior (party) year had officially begun.


April: I must say that this month was pretty hectic with school, all of my jobs, projects and senior parties to attend. Graduation was so near in time, and time really flew because of everything there was to finish until then.  


May: This was probably the best month of my senior year. Sure, we had those last tests coming up which mattered the world for our grades, but today I can’t even remember the stress from that. All I can think of when somebody says “May 2011”, there’s only one thing coming to my mind. And that my friends, is how much fun I had. We had the Senior Olympics, Drunken Baseball game (a senior tradition at our school. That was after school time of course, haha), the Senior Graduation Ball, the Graduation Lunch, all the messed up senior games, the graduation hat ceremony, goodness everything!   


June & July: On the 1st of June I graduated High school, and boy, was it one of the best days of my life or what? Running out from that school with all my class mates and into a crowd of proud families, singing the student song, marching through the centre, driving around with all my mates on huge truck with music pumping through the speakers and everyone showering each other with champagne in the sun, the graduation reception, the graduation party… wow! But that was only one day of June. The rest of June & July was spent with friends and family as always, travelling and rocking out at festivals. Life felt fresh... even though the summer heat and all the dancing made me and the entire crowd soaking wet of sweat!


August: What happened in August? Well, I enjoyed all the time I had left in Sweden by hanging out with my mates, acting all Mandi Moore while driving around in cars and singing/screaming to old songs I used to listen to in kinder garden, haha. I also escaped the city for a little retreat on the countryside with my best mates. We had the summer house all to our selves and had an absolutely amazing time. Oh, and I think this was the time of the year when I fell for sushi. I think sushi is the kind of food that you either love or hate. “You’re either with us or against us”. Haha, sorry Mr. Bush, I just had to borrow one of your numerous funny quotes.


September: Time to get smart, leave the little nest of mine, spread my gorgeous wings, fly across the ocean to move to the little island in the west (aka the United Kingdom) to study in Oxford. But before leaving I had to check of my little “Before leaving” bucket list, which included things such as visiting Gröna Lund to see Håkan Hellström perform. Over to my life changing experience; as I moved to Oxford I got to see life through a whole new perspective, I got to know so many new wonderful people, friends which I’ll have for life.  


October: Haha, first of all, I just want to make a quick apologize for the spelling of October, since I spelt it the Swedish way. Yey, go Sweden! It’s a bit more difficult to keep track of the spelling since I speak Swedish almost all the time nowadays.


Anyway, Shoctober finally arrived and this my friends was a month filled with masquerades, parties, Halloween, Propaganda, photographing, numerous concerts such as Death cab for cutie and of course making a fool out myself in front of the whole Canadian military force, though they loved me. Haha, good times!



November: or should I say Movember? Since I was living in a foreign country, I was embracing every single moment possible to embrace its culture and traditions. As you may “Remember, remember the 5th of November” was quite some night filled with bonfires, heavenly treats at the town hall, concerts, fireworks, you name it.



December: My sweet daddy came to visit me in Oxford. He picked me up from my house and took me strait to a restaurant in the middle of the night. Haha, then we headed to Cambridge where we staid for a couple of days (it has almost become a tradition to go there just before Christmas, haha). But December became a legendary month out of one reason – we had the big Oxford pub crawl. We were about 70 friends rocking the city, haha! Boy, did those pubs get a lot of money that night.


Then the holiday came and I went to Bath with my friends where for some shopping at the Christmas Market. I also went back to Sweden to spend Christmas with my family, go for ice-skating with my brother, celebrate mini-xmas with my friends and of course welcome the new year.   


Begonia? A vegeterian? Na, you must have mistaken her for someone else

Guess what my brother and I had for dinner today. Meat! Just meat. No salad, no sides, nada. Just plain meat. Haha, that’s what happens when my brother and I decide to cook food for ourselves.


Sigtuna and deserts

Yesterday noon when I got back from My I was welcomed home with a sea of bakery, haha! My sister had been up all night baking things which might cause a flood due to all the drool coming from your mouths if I write it out here! It wasn’t just some normal cake. It was numerous sweet delicious treats, just for me… or at least that was what I had hoped for. Of course she had been baking for all our guests. Though, something (what I can’t really write here) happened and the party was cancelled. However, my family and I had a little privet party of our own. We had these huge plates of goodies, laughing and shivering to one of my favourite child hood movies, Anastasia.


You’re probably wondering what my friends and I did at My’s place. Well, we ordered Thai food from a very sketchy but yet idyllic place. The food was okay, but I’ve had better Thai food in my days - I may assure you of that my dears. Luckily we had a fresh desert to calm our senses with afterwards (one of us, I’m not telling who, actually numbed her senses… haha, wino alert!), while hanging out watching SATC and flicking through old school catalogues.


Lots of love to my dear beloved friends for always being the humanly possible best friends imaginable. Great times, haha!




Smells like slumper party

I haven’t updated much about my life recently, though I have had a lot on my mind and a lot of stuff going on around me. Haha, so let’s not catch up and let me fill you in about the slumber party I’m going to tonight. As you may remember, my dear friend My spread her wings and flew to Sigtuna to build her own nest with her boyfriend, and today she invited her best mates to come and join her for a little privet party.


I’ve just taken a shower after a two hour cleaning session at home. I don’t really know how to express my current status, but let’s just say I’m fresh till death!   


MT’s Birthday

I left the BBQ party at home for a little pre-party at Emelie’s, before leaving for MT’s big 20th B-day bash. But before we got to MT we just had to get lost in the woods. I don’t get it. I always get confused when I’m on the ridge (where he lives). Anyway, since we were lost we decided to make a little movie with our Iphones’… Seriously, it went from a Disney adventure to a high school cliché and then to a freakin’ horror flick. Two girls in their late teens heading to a party in a big house in the woods, gets lost and mysterious stuff start to happen? Really? Can it get any creepier than that? Okay, so nothing mysterious happened except that Professor McGonagall’s animagus started following us wherever we went and we found some really strange old tree house in the middle of nowhere. It looked like ruins from world war two!


Suddenly we started to hear noises. It was people who were shouting and laughing, a sign of civilisation. We ran towards the noise. We could hear music too. It had to be MT’s house, it just had to! I took a chance and screamed MT’s name as loud as I could. And he answered with a weird sound. It was in that moment that I knew that we weren’t going to die in the middle of a forest. All we had was a bottle of expensive rosé and a birthday cake. It would have been a classy funeral, but it wasn’t the way I’d had in mind to go. Anyway, we made it and I had a blast! It was so great to see the people that I hadn’t seen in such a long time.       


From the BBQ party at my house...

To the pre party at Emelie's...

To getting lost and feeling helpless in the woods...

To finally getting to MT's party, safe and sound...

To partying the night away!

Hahaha, MT's eating his birthday cake!




Happy B-day Andréz Ricardo Antonio Esteche!

I’m watching a documentary about Pearl Jam, but I really think it’s time for me to finish these last chapters of my book so I can go on with my life and celebrate one of my best mates, MT’s, super fly 20th birthday tonight, haha! This guy, this guy… There are no words to describe how great he is. In my most humble, yet legendary opinion, he’s just the best bloody boy imaginable. Therefore, I wouldn’t miss his birthday for the world. Happy birthday lovie! ♥


Haha, this was his 15th b-day. He'd got his first moped (hahaha, moped, time flies doesn't it?) and I almost crashed it the first day!!! Look at him, being all bored of me while ripping the engine! The other picture... Well, we don't need to talk about that one! Haha, looking forward to celebrating you again.


I went out running and did some zumba training for 55 minutes this morning. Goodness precious me, I’m soaked, haha! Plus my sister just had to run into the shower before me. Cheerio, Akasya, I can feel the sisterly love!

Don't get too excited

I’ve been studying all day (interesting, let me start over). I just finished preparing the BBQ with my dad (wow, even more interesting! Take 3? Action!) It’ll be dinner time soon and after that, my lovelies, I’ll be heading home to My, where Emelie and I will help her pack up her things for her move. The little bird is spreading her beautiful wings and will within a few days leave her nest for a life beyond the boarder of B-town. And CUT, perfect!   


Hasta luego amigos!

Keeping it up

Wow, talk about a full body work out! I just came out of the shower and I’m sitting here in my kitchen eating breakfast while thinking of how massacred my entire body is going to feel within the next coming 24 hours. The question I need to ask myself is: Will I regret it or not? Now when I think of it more carefully, I believe that the only workout that you’ll ever regret is the ones’ that you didn’t do. Am I right, am I right? Goodness, this just went from a wisdom/motivation session to a remake of "She's the man" - sorry about that mates, haha!


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