I got to go to the gym today! The last time I went to the gym was last year. It’s almost a month ago, but still! It’s not okay! But I have had my reasons… I’ve been ill so I’m not a real fatty! Maybe just a little. Even though I knew I wasn’t going to the gym it didn’t stop me from wolfing down junk food and goodies. But that is in the past now, right?


At first I was going with my dear sweet Marlene, but after queuing to be able to get to the gym for five minutes she lost all her motivation and decided to go back to the campus. But I was strong! I waited there for 10 more minutes and then I got on that sprinter and ran, ran and ran some more!

Happy delayed Chinese New Year’s!

Yesterday I hung out with my dear sweet friends in London. We went to Soho to embrace the Chinese spirit and of course to eat some good Chinese food. Since China Town was so crowded we had to queue for 40 minutes to get a place at a restaurant. We certainly didn’t feel like first class celebrities at that point. When we finally got a table we went Kamikaze on everything and everyone, by other meaning you should have been there to see us! But I must say that we didn’t queue all for nothing. Nope! We had the perfect spots for the parade and I almost got eaten up by the dragon. Now that is something that doesn’t happen every day!


Later on we went for some scrumptious desert at Paul. I really loved this place and I’m looking forward to going there again. The atmosphere was amazing and warm. Of course my French speaking lovelies thought it was a bit too expensive (to be fair, it’s a bit of a rip off if you compare to the price in Belgium and France) and overdone with the “French” music that was playing in the background. They may as well had there waiters walking around with striped shirts, red scarves, berets, moustache and a baguette pressed between their armpits and ribs as an accessory. But I thought Paul was absolutely lovely, so I would be more than delighted to recommend it for those who have not yet been there!  


Afterwards we went to Trafalgar Square to watch the fireworks. Two words: Big Disappointment. I thought it would be tremendous and spectacular, but frankly it was not that much big of a deal. Well, I hope you all enjoyed your Chinese New Year’s Eve. I sure as hell didn’t! Hahaha, psyche! Of course I enjoyed it!

Next time, I will absolutely buy one of these!

Try to make up your mind when you see the menu! I went all Rachel Berry a la Glee when I had to decide! It was not pretty, I'll tell you that!

This was not just hot chocolate, it was practically melted chocolate!! A bit heavy and dry after a while, but worth trying.

My first real Crème Brûlée! One word: Heaven! Maybe another word: AMAZING!

I couldn't feel more French right now, haha!

Is this an airport or a shopping mall?

I'm at Westfield shopping centre right now an oh my, this place is huge! It almost feels like I'm at an airport, haha!

I'm in London, biatch!

Okay, that just sounded very pathetic...

Anyway, I just grabbed a shower, ate some breakfast and soon I'll be cruising through the streets of London for some new daily adventures of mine, haha!

So what do I have to do before this night is over?

Oh, yes! I have to write a thousand words on my charity essay. Goodness precious me, I better get to it…


Tomorrow I’ll be going to London to stay with some family friends of mine. They are cooking special dinner just for me. Oh, I love them!  

Hahahaha, I love this picture! I look like a little monkey. The only things missing is a banana and me saying "Oh, oh, oh!"


Last night I went out with some friends. We went to The Lamb and Flag, where we hung out with some Oxford Uni guys (it almost felt like we were in the Bachelor or something. We were a thousand girls and three guys… “Oh, no!” was my thought exactly, haha!) and we continued the night in a very crowded Half Moon. I think an old Irish man wanted to murder me for blocking his way while he was on his way out for a fag. He wouldn’t stop giving me the evil eye during the whole night. Sorry, mate but if looks could kill, I would have been dead by now.


I don’t really regret that I had the worst place to sit (I was blocking the way out, the entrance, with my chair). And do you know why? I accidentally fell into the most beautiful guys arms just as I was about to move my chair to a safer place, and he let go of his guitar to catch me. It sounds a bit Hollywood I know, but it certainly didn’t feel like that. It could have been a very romantic scene though, but it wasn’t romantic at all. It was mostly just awkward for me… There I stood with the fear of looking him strait in the eyes and telling him how sorry I was, while he was trying to laugh it off and tell me how lovely it was that I was sitting (blocking the way) by the door and that he was impressed of how many people there was at the pub.  


So that was my night! I had so much fun (except from the part when I almost destroyed the poor guy’s guitar. Or actually, he almost destroyed it since he was the one who let go of it… But if it wouldn’t have been for me then… YOU KNOW WHAT? WHO CARES? I HAVE A LOT TO DO, GOOD BYE!)

Wait! Get too excited

I’m done feeling tired and unmotivated. It’s time for me to pull myself together and have some fun with my friends. By that said, I will be going out with some friends tonight.

And who am I? That's the secret I'll never...

Sorry to let you down guys... It's just me, Begonia, again!

I’ve just been watching Gossip Girl all day. It’s been so long since I saw an episode of this series, maybe to long perhaps.


Anyway, I have got some ideas for an upcoming photo shoot, but I think I will be in need of a few more models.   

Up next: I'll watch the last episode of Gossip Girl and then make some of my work done. Toodles! ♥

Midnight stop at G & D's

After my little get together with Pimwa, Tony and Andy at Angel and Grayhound, I and Pimwa decided to go to George and Delilah for a midnight treat. Oh, yes my lovelies, I’m talking about the big waffle sundae. While hanging out at this favourite ice-cream bar of ours we poured our souls and hearts out for our ears only. It was a big relief, haha (even though it doesn’t sound like it since we were eating two days food intake, but oh yes it was a big relief)!

At Angel and Greyhound

Hello mates! My roomie just called me over for a pint at Angel and Greyhound! I'm telling you, it took me five minutes and I was on the bus on my way.

You Look Like A Marcy May To Me

Last night I watched Martha Marcy May Marlene, a very touching movie. Words can’t describe it, it is something for your eyes to see and judge. The film was very different from other movies that I’ve seen. The storyline was powerful and my reaction towards the human beings psychology and manipulative ability inspires me as much as it sickens me.


Jimi <3

Hey! Before I go to sleep (or watch a movie? Who knows?) I just wanted to say that I love this man.

Jimi Hendrix


I bought these lovely shorts from Nike today! After the all you can eat Thai buffet we ate I'm not very sure that my junk will fit in these tomorrow, haha! I will probably have Pimwa pulling them up for me while screaming "SUCK IT IN!!!"

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. - Henry Ford

At the cape of good hope

Hey there! Right now I'm having a delicious coke at the Cape of Good Hope with my dearest roomie, Pimwa! Oh, I love this place. We're just enjoying life while almost lying in these massive sofas. Life is good, see you all soon!

The Laser Flame

I have always been a sucker for superheroes (except from Superman. I was never a fan of that comic). I don’t know what makes me admire them so much? As a little girl I never used to play “girly” things like Sleeping Beauty (Don’t get me wrong! I loved playing with Barbies, but there would always be something supernatural involved and once in a while one of the Barbies would eventually get hurt because of a fight of some kind. But as creative as I was at that age, I would reuse them as the villains in my next “episode”). I always used to play… Okay, I’m going to say it… Ninja Turtles… or Spiderman! I loved the fight against the evil, doing stunts and all of those crazy things. I was very energetic and almost a bit too wild as a kid! I loved the action as well! I guess I still have it in me. I’m not running around pretending to be Donatello or anything, haha! I just haven’t grown apart from the dream of that the good one day will outdo the evil.


There’s just something about superheroes. It’s not just that they are heroic and saves the day. No, it’s that they actually dedicate their whole life for sake of the people. They don’t care about the fact that what they are doing might actually be dangerous, because in the end of the day they have helped and saved peoples lives. They are fearless, strong, heroic and daring; all in the same time. I love it and I wished that it didn’t have to take a supernatural power or high-tech instruments to make one go out there and try one's best to make this a better and more peaceful world.  

Oh, and if you're wondering about the title it's just my superhero name! 

Superpower: Artificial Intelligence and Divine intervention
Weakness: Midgets (What? Don't ask. It was either that or alcohol and I'm not a drunk that needs to go to rehab)
Weapon: My Solar Pitchfork and Prototype Bazooka
Mode of Transportation: Horse

Don't ask, just do the test, haha!


I’m off grabbing a shower now! I don’t really know what I’ll do today, but I guess that I really have to check my mail and start working on some things before I hit the city with some friends.  

Your image is loading...

The Cellar - Ten Inch Night

I found this girl in the ladies' last night. Her hair reminded of someone very special, me! Haha, no I’m just kidding! Actually, I’m not… Her hair really reminded me of my hair when I used to model for Wella.


I thought she looked cool, so I asked her if I could take a picture of her and let her be the first one to really cover the first post of this brand new category of mine. I knew I should have brought my little notebook and pen to ask her about her clothes and style. But hey, a picture says more than thousand words, right?

Because I didn't have my super camera with me, I only got to take these pictures of her with my Iphone. It's really not fair, but what to do?

The Ten Inch Night

Last nigth I and my friends went to the hidden underground club The Cellar to dance our feet off to 50’s rockabilly-, soul- and blues music. The place was vibrating of energy and dance and it felt like I was entering a sauna when entering the club.


I had a really great time and I’m always looking forward to more dancing nights like this. Thank you everyone for making my night rock!

And of course, if you're going to dance to the 50's you should also look like you come from the 50's. That might explain the choice of clothes, makeup, hair and that little "birthmark" on my cheek, haha!

I know... Most of the pictures are of me, myself and I - but I didn't take that many party pictures last night. I will probably borrow some from Lisa later, haha!

Hanging out in Westminister and Chinatown

Yesterday I went to London with my class for a visit at the parliament, which was quite interesting. A hot topic was if they are supposed to represent the people, then how come the whole place is covered in gold? Because I don’t see any items covered in gold in my host family’s house… Except from the doorknob, but I do most certainly not think it’s worth more than £5. It’s not priceless like the queens majestic golden chair that Michael Jackson was said to have wanted to buy once upon a time. Haha, well of course the parliament once was the palace for England’s most gracious royalty, which kind of explains why it what it is.


Before going to the parliament we visited the National Galleria. Later on we all went for some lunch in Chinatown and later on some of us decided to and have some Ben & Jerry’s, which might have been one of the best ideas that was made yesterday, haha!  

We are two unlucky birds you and I

The Horrors are playing at the O2 Academy tonight, but I’ll stay home to look after my roomie who injured herself while playing badminton. I’m cooking food to her right now (okay, I’m boiling water to add to the noodles I bought at the local Thai shop, so what? I’m still making dinner for her, haha!)


Anyway, we’re going to stay in for a girl’s night and eat hot spicy Thai food. What could be better than that?

Back to School

This was not an ordinary school day! My class went to the Ashmolean Museum today. It was quite nice, but I think I will go back there again because we didn’t stay for long and… I was starving so I and Federica went to the café to grab a snack.

"That's a butt ugly woman right there" - Damian O'connell.

But still there is something about her that he can't put his finger(s) on.

Fede get's told off by her dad! We all know how that is... Don't worry honey, we feel for you!

Welcome to the Ashmolean Museum's restaurant! It's empty because you actually have to pay here!

When I say "Patty" you say "McFatty", Patty what? Patty! McFatty!

I thought I could cheer myself up by viewing the pictures from last Saturday when we went out for organic Waffle Sundae’s at George & Delilah.

FYI (only) - I did not eat all of that! I could have... But I would probably be poisoned by half of the first sundae!

”I’m Gonna Get What I Want!”

I got an emergency appointment at the doctor’s today. I went there and not much happened really. We discovered that I had a cyst in the back of my head and ignored the fact that I needed to run a blood test for my other “problems”. So much for the health care system in the UK! Haha, gee thank you mates!


Afterwards I headed to the City Center to have a huge boost juice and buy some lunch (Baby spinach and prawn cocktail).  


I’m determined to get better even if it takes me to buy a boost juice which costs me half a fortune every day until I feel healthy again. I’ll live on soup, water, and vitamin C as a drug addict would live in Heroine City… Except that I’ll wake up from the dead and actually start to live my life again when I OD.  

Do you see that? That's a real soldier right there!

I'm Ringing The Bitch Bell

I feel like I’m dying a slow and painful death. I went to the doctor today to see what’s wrong with me, but they wouldn’t help me. “Yes, you can come back on Monday if you’d like to”, a nurse said with a polite smile. My first thought was “What the f*** is this? A really bad joke?!” and my second thought was “What if I was dying… Would they still tell me to come back on Monday? MONDAY WOULD BE MY FRIGGIN’ FUNERAL!!!”


Oh, I’m so over this nonsense! Something needs to change in this country. If someone who really looks messed up, almost faints in the middle of the street, has no control over her body and says it’s an emergency… should she really have to wait to get an appointment? This would never happen in Sweden. Of course the patient would have to wait a half eternity to get some real help, but he/she would still get taken care of.


I live a five minute walk from the nearest hospital, but still I can’t go there of some lame a** reason! My nearest doctor is in some Health Center in Headington Hill. What’s up with that?

Spare me the fake smile, nurses! Here's one right back at you. You know that your policy SUCKS!

Lunch at George & Delilah's

Today I met up my sweet friends Anne, Julie and Marlene at G & D's for some lunch. As you may see I had a delicious Greek bagel and freshly squeezed orange juice!

My new trainers!

And who am I? That’s the secret I’ll never tell!



Sporty Spice  

Yes, it's the Reebok Slim Tone's! They are so comfy that I could sleep in them, haha!

Sunny Sunday You Say?

Even though I’ve been feeling like a zombie today, I still have made something of the day. I should maybe have stayed in my bed resting, but instead I went out and seized the day with my lovely roommate. I just couldn’t stay in when the sun was shining and calling for me to come out and live.


We went to Patisserie Valerie and had some brunch and then we went for a shopping spree (mostly grocery and other lame things). Afterwards we met some friends at Costa for a hot chocolate and later on we had a nice dinner at Jamie’s Italian.  

Hot Spicy Korean Noodles Makes You Go Woooo!

Pimwa and I just had an amazing Korean dinner at our room, haha! She bought some noodles before coming home, and we have just been sitting in our beds talking about life, laughing at each other while eating spicy noodles.


I’ll be going to the grocery shop with her in a bit to buy some fruit!

Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th. Do you all know what that mean? Not a shit! Haha, no but seriously. Everyone is always so scared about this day. I didn’t even know that it was Friday the 13th until now actually. I’ve been caught up in my own little world. But then I logged into Facebook and guess what? Boom, there it was – those bloody comments about Friday the 13th. Haha, I don’t know what I think about this day. Of some reason I like this day. Last time I won on the lottery. £1 million was transferred to my account just like that. Psyche, just kidding! Haha, but I won £8… That has got to be worth celebrating, right?  

Nothing has happened so far, but who knows. Maybe I just pushed on a little button that faith can't handle. There is still 29 minutes to go.

Look what I found!

Hi, my name is Begonia and I’m a party p*****

I don’t even dear to say the word out loud. I can't even write it down! I refuse to call myself that! But today I’m the worst party girl in town. I told my bestie Louise to not come over from London and party with me and my friends here in Oxford. I told my sweet friends that I wouldn’t come out with them tonight and I just turned down my roomie-sister and our other friends.


My room smells different types of perfume and there is glitter everywhere… I’m staying in tonight because… I’ve got more important stuff to do than to go out! There! I said it! How lame doesn’t that sound? Oh, goodbye cruel world. I’ll see you next week when I can start living my life again!   

OR stands for Original Rocker

I’m sitting here and thinking of my big brother. What would I have done without him? This guy taught me so much in life. He taught me how to defend myself, how to survive a crisis, how to live without fear; all of this at the age of four. At the age of five, he was the one to introduce me to rock’n’roll. My favourite grunge band instantly became Nirvana. And after that there was Pink Floyd and so on.


I guess it makes me an OR – Original Rocker! Haha! And thank you brother for teaching me all of those things. I knew it would all be useful at some point in life.

"Don't wanna talk about politics!"

Actually I do! I always do! Anyway, after school I went to the City Center with Marlene to get some books. These are the ones I came home with. I’m excited!

Ideas are bulletproof

A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on - John F. Kennedy

When plan A doesn’t work I jump to plan B, and when that doesn’t work I jump to plan C…

And so on until all the letters of the alphabet has been used. If that doesn't work I start counting numbers.

I’ve got a lot on my mind right now! I haven’t slept enough for days. All I can think of is my next move. Life.


Yesterday was my first day in school for my second term. It was nothing special really. I was just registered, that’s all.


Afterwards I went for some lunch/dinner with a couple of friends. I had a really nice time yesterday. I really needed it!  

A Weekend In London

Last Friday I took the flight back to England and stayed over at Louise’s place over the weekend. I had so much fun with her and Emma!


We spent the Friday in one of London’s poshest clubs. But since women are treated like expensive escorts and we have too much pride, we scooped without looking back over our shoulders once (even though we entered for free and getting soaked of all the champagne that was poured for us… Hahaha!) Instead we went to a pub who actually charged girls for entry. But we just looked at the guard and said “Have you seen us? Do you know who we are?” like we were some ambassadors daughters. Even though he didn’t know who we were, he just opened the door for us and said “Welcome!”.  Anyway we had a great night out with a lot of dancing and laughing.


On Saturday Emma, Louise and I went to adventure London. We went to the main shopping areas, East side to hang out with the cool kids of London and check out some vintage shops. In the end of the night we ended up at Macbeth where we danced to Rihanna and old school hip-hop all night long.


I had a really great time in London with my two cute friends and I look forward to hang out with them again soon.♥  

We had a little Mini Christmas as soon as I got to Louise's. Her gift was wrapped up super securely and I had made her a 1,5 page long Christmas rhyme to go with it. In the end it was a timeglass necklace in gold from Top Shop. If I write the story behind it, this post will get too long (it already is too long, haha). But the necklace symbolizes something very important in life, dot com.  

Louise gave me two amazing gifts, the bible of life and wisdom (for a Harry Potter geek like myself) and another thing whing which I can't describe too well here. I'll dedicate a whole post about it some other time!

We had an absolutely delicious vegetarian dinner! 

And of course I brought some Swedish Marabou chocolate with me to my two London girls! 

On our way out!


The next day on Saturday we had a wonderful breakfast in the sunlight! That's when you wake up smiling in the morning and streaching yourself while saying "Aaaah Stoy!"

Come to me, please? From Urban Outfitters

Louise bought herself these red lovies, while I and Emma bought shoes. I'll show you them later, okay?

We went to eat something and Emma took us to one of her favourite places, where we ate...

... Ciabatta!!!

It tasted excellent!

I just loved the balsamic vinegar, Mmm-m!


We went to Rough Trade and listened to some music and took some pictures in the photo booth.

I found the love of my life!

Don't we look good together?

"Are we in da hood now?"

Macbeth was empty when we first arrived, but later during the night you could barely move. There was people filling every single ínch of the room!

My thug friend, Louise, hahaha!

No, I'm just haning by a candle... I couldn't look more relaxed... Haha!

It seems like I've got a big explanation to do here...

Oh right! I forgot to tell you. For those of you who think I’m dying… I’m not! Okay? I’m not dying! I'm just being clear with you so I don't have to see depressing posters like "Be strong!" or "You can fight your disease or what ever it is that you're dealing with because we never got what you were dying of (you never wrote it in your blog...)".  At least I don’t think I’m dying, because I feel really healthy, I hope I’m not dying! I’m sorry if this post was a bit depressing, but you really misunderstood it.


Some of you MIGHT, just might, have got a little confused when I wrote that “I haven’t got many days left now, so I’m trying to make the best of everything by doing all the things I would have wanted to do before it’s time.” When I wrote that I didn’t have many days left I meant in Sweden! And when I wrote “before it’s time” I meant time to fly back to England. If these were the last days of my life I would probably be travelling the whole world and given away all of my belongings and savings (like I've got a trustfons...? Ha! Hell to the no! What a joke! I got my first job as a five-year-old) to people in need.


Last night I went to the cinema with my dad, Ernesto, Akasya and Robin. We saw Drive, but of course we had some dinner first and then we also did some shopping.


I truly had a great time. The movie was really good, but it was a quite different from other action movies. It wasn’t filled with action like all other movies with the same ganger. It was like opening something you thought was a bottle of still water, but when you opened it you realised that it in fact was a bottle of sparkling water. Do you see what I’m trying to say here or am I taking it too far? Haha, anyway I liked the movie, BUT sometimes it was a bit too quiet. I wonder how long the film script was. Three pages perhaps? Haha, no I’m just kidding! Four maybe… Hahaha, okay now I’m just being to funny! Or not… Bye everyone!   

I loved these Summer Quesadilla's!

Hey Ryan! How ya doin'?

Mmm-m yummie! Not you Ryan Gosling... The food! But you can be yummie too if you like(?)


I just got back from Djurgården, where I had some lunch with my little friend Monica. I was breathes away from translating Djurgården to English… I’m not going to do that! Well, Okay I will! Animal Farm… Haha! And no, I don’t believe that George Orwell did seek inspiration in Stockholm.

Monica hooked me up with free entrance (and I got to feel like a real VIP superstar because I got to walk by everyone in the line... No, actually I felt like a pathetic bully because there was only a hundred KIDS in the line) to Junibacken, where she works and I must say that I was pretty amazed by this place. I can’t understand why I never went there as a child. When I was a little girl I was crazy about Astrid Lindgren’s sagas… I still am actually! That lady rocked.      

Holy Jesus Christ’s mother of Lord - that was sick

There’s a snow storm out there! When I opened my front door to step outside the house with My, I lost the grip and the door almost flew away with the wind. I closed the door immediately and looked back at My. My eyes screamed “Hell to the no!” and my brain told me that I would regret walking my friend to the bus, but I had made a promise. So I followed my heart and fought against the wind that was pushing us backwards. It felt like I fought through the crowd of a mean dark concert. Actually, I kind of felt like Gandalf when he plodded through the snow storm and he and his entourage was buried by an avalanche.    

Sushi with my neighbour bestie

Today I went to have some lunch with my neighbour bestie, Ronja! We hadn’t seen each other for a very long time, so we thought it was time for us to hang out, catch up and… of course gossip about what ever has been going on in our lives since we saw each other last! We’re such girls whenever we’re around each other.  And we usually also tend to drag each other down in our cave of sins (binging on sweets) without blinking, but today we only had some sushi and tea. I like our new lifestyle!  

Rain City

Heya! I haven’t got many days left now, so I’m trying to make the best of everything by doing all the things I would have wanted to do before it’s time.


I went to visit the doctor in Uppsala for a little check-up today. It was raining and I realised how miserable people get when it rains (except from the doctors. They were lovely as usual). I don’t! I like the rain. It’s the process that makes life go on. Tumbling down the rain comes down like a victory in sheets of shining memory. Over and over, circling around. What’s there to hate about the rain?


New Year's Eve

I haven’t officially said it here on my blog so… Welcome 2012! We made it! We survived 2011, let’s make the very best out of 2012!


I had such a great time last night with lots of food, deserts, champagne, nostalgia and laughter.

This was not everything... You'll see!

Robin's in for the kill when it comes to the Cheese Duuudle's!

Home made Oreo Ice-cream cake!


Hahaha, vodoo?!

Yes... Haha, I can't defend this picture! It is what it is, hahahaha!

I wish you all nothing but peace and love!

New Year's Eve (the movie)

The day before New Years Eve, I and Amanda went to the City to cosy us up at Café 60 and then go to the cinema to watch New Years Eve. When the film finally was about to begin one of the staff members came in to wish us a happy new year since the film would end 01.30. But since both I and Amanda were in a bit of a hurry to not miss the last train back home at 01.43 we just wanted her to get lost and let us watch the friggin’ movie.


New Years Eve was a pretty good movie with a whole lot of celebrity faces (we almost through up a bit because it was so many recognizable people in the movie. We were wondering when an unknown person would show up… but it never happened!). Anyway, the movie reminded me a bit of Love Actually and Valentines Day (although Love Actually was grate and Valentines Day kind of sucked… Haha, no but it was a bit of a disappointment to be fair).   

Vows Are Spoken To Be Broken

But not this one! Oh, yes it’s happening! Since all the food I ate yesterday could have fed at least ten people, I’m taking a big break from what I like to call overeating. I’ve given my word (and made a bet with the devil himself... and my dentist) that I will eat healthy for a whole month starting from the 1st of January.


Wish me good luck!

Not even an event like the one on the 5th of November with tables filled with a huge buffet of free goodies will make me lose this bet.   

Happy New Year

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