Wednesday's Pub Crawl

Last Wednesday I went on a pub crawl with everyone’s favourite guy Damian, my classmates and 63 other guys from school. I had an amazing night with a lot of laughing and funny memories.


Before meeting everyone at Café Terifa, Marlene, Anne and I had some dinner at Atomic Burger. I had the Dead Elvis burger with sci-fi fries and Godzilla souse, and oh my that souse killed me. At first it was just good and really hot, just the way I like it. But after having some fuzzy drinks the hotness spread all over my mouth and all the way down to my stomach. No joking, my insides were on fire!  

With Anne and Marlene at Atomic Burger!

Can you find Dead Elvis?

Anne was such a bad ass. She chose Johnny Cash. Can you guess why they call it the ring of fire? Because you’re ass will literally be on fire after you’ve eaten this, haha! It’s so spicy!

Dead Elvis!!!

My sweet Dutch pervert at Café Terifa!

My Cosmo loving lovelies, Julie and Anne!

And Paola was the Party Girl of the night, since she was turning 20!!

Stealth Bumming at Kas Bar!

The Wheatsheaf? I can't seem to ever remember the difference between Wheatsheaf and The Chequers... Anyway, there's no point of even mentioning their names if I can't put the name on the right place, haha!

The restricted area at Purple Turtle!

And no, I'm not stealth bumming a pregnant irresponsible woman who's drinking and smoking in the same time. That's just my non-pregnant friend Anne, haha! The scarf sure makes you a big confused.


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