Tonight I'm going Patty McFatty

That’s right! I’m going to G&D´s with my girls tonight and we are all having sundaes’. Oh sins, oh sins – we will all burn in hell for this! But I’m sure Jesus would understand. I bet he would have liked to have a sundae as well during his lifetime (as his last supper perhaps. I know I would have liked that, but as a desert after eating my fathers food), but sadly freezers didn’t exist 2000 years ago. If is does any difference I raised money for charity today? "plus, minus, zero" as we say it back in Sweden! No? Yes? No? Fair enough! If we are not forgiven for the sins we are committing tonight, I’m sure it’s because of jealousy. BUT WHO’S SINFUL THEN? Aha, gotcha J! Just kidding with you guys - I love Jesus!


Okay, I’m going to stop before any of you think I’m serious! (Although, I really do love Jesus, great man, and... I am going to G&D's with my friends) Ciao!

I don't know why, but I think of Nangijala when I see this picture!


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