This calls for a FML moment

I had my roommate fix my hair and make up and was just about to leave my house to meet my dear friends at The Turf Tavern. Well guess what? I had to push my door open, because apparently we had been snowed in! My first thought was “What the F***?! When the hell did this happen? The sun was shining and the birds were singing in the trees just two hours ago… And now it’s Ice age?” When I finally got out of the house I still had five minutes to catch the bus. While waiting on the bus I realised it was taking a lot longer than usual. But I was determined to go out with my friends and sing some Irish pub songs that I don’t know the lyrics to (basically I would just say Arrh, do noises and pretend to know every single word of the songs) Finally, after 10 minutes I saw the bus coming, but I’m telling you… A snail would have got me to the City Centre faster than that bus. No, really! Do you want to know why? Not just because it was slower than my grandpa (who by the way is in a much better place now aka dead, may he rest in peace), but because the bus couldn’t drive up the hill. Yes, dear readers, we were stuck!


After that I had been waiting for maybe 10 minutes in that bus, I realised it was time for me to take action, do something about the situation. As the hero that I am… I got the hell out of the bus and started walking home, leaving the rest of the people stuck in that bus (moahaha… Okay, so I offered to call a cab for them)! Suddenly I thought to myself that we might actually get snowed in for days if it continues to snow like this. Therefore I fought my way through the snow to the nearest grocery shop to buy “in case of emergency” food (snacks, which for that matter had a special offer today: “By one, get one for free”, hallelujah!)  


For those of you who wonders about what happened to that bus, it’s still outside my house, fighting it’s engines as much as “enginely” possible to move up the hill. They should have gone with my plan and take the cab, but no!

Here are some pictures of the great day I had. I'm not being sarcasting now, my DAY was greatfun but my night... Do I even have to write it? I didn't thinks so either! The pictures will go from great times to not so great times, enjoy!

I went to George & Davi's on Little Clarendon street with my roommate.

We had a Brownie Sunae with home made organic pistachio ice-cream!

We had a little 50's moment at Krispy Kream with Andy and Tony!

I was livid! The bus never showed up and it was cold as hell! Well... actually it was nothing comparing to Sweden, and absolutely NOTHING comparing to Siberia so... I guess it was pretty hot outside! Or not...

I got a bit scared while walking back home from the grocery shop! It felt like 28 days later.
But then I heard music coming from a big house party!


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