The Woman In Black and Cocktails = Perfection

Tonight I have been celebrating Julie’s birthday with my sweethearts Anne and Marlene. Before going out, we gave Julie her birthday presents and a big Ben’s Cookie birthday cake. (I know, that’s pretty awesome) Later on we went to the cinema to watch The Woman in Black and to eat like a bunch of Patty McFatties, haha! The film was great. It was so good I (and so many other people) couldn’t help myself from screaming at some points, and apparently I have a good horror movie scream since my voice cuts itself in a million pieces after reaching the highest note possible, haha!


Anyway, after the movies we went to All Bar One to have a birthday cocktail before heading back home again.

A new favourite perhaps? Well, both I and Marlene say "Me likie" to this cucumber lovie!


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