The Brit Awards

Right now I’m sitting in my room with Pimwa and singing while watching The Brit Awards. Oh, and she l o v e s One Direction, she is obsessed with them! I can’t believe it… They are twelve years old! Actually I’ve never heard of them before (so what do I know, right?), I just saw them on the tellie and they look… twelve! But then again, I thought Justin Bieber was twelve until last year when I finally found out that he was… How old is he? Haha, I’m not good at this at all. I thought he was twelve for three years, and when I finally admitted it it sounded quite weird to not turn thirteen after three years (unless you’re some kind of a vampire. Then it’s just natural)


Anyway, I guess it’s brilliant to look young in the showbiz, so don’t take it the wrong way guys! Now when we have sorted that out, I’d like to apologize to my roommate for calling her a paedophile. It’s okay to fancy the not-twelve-year-olds from One Direction (since they are not twelve).   


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