Saturday Night Fever

Last night Julie & Marlene’s friends from Brussels were here in Oxford, so of course we had to show them a good time. I met up the lovely group in the City to joing them to our favourite pub, Café Terifa. After having some cocktails and listened to great music, we were all ready to rock’n’roll at our final destination, namely Propaganda. The place was filled of dancing indie lovers and with them we partied until the birds started singing their morning song.

I warn sensitive readers and viewers for one of the following pictures below. One thing I can’t seem to understand is why people go to a club if they are not going to use the space to dance. I mean, if you are there to hook up:

1. Congratulations, you are officially included in the most pathetic category in the world

2. You should probably not get your hopes up… just saying!

3. If you get lucky, that luck will probably just last for so long… Because the day after you will wake up with a new life mate, who I’d like to call S to the TD, STD!

4. Go away!

5. Go home!  


And why am I so mean? BECAUSE YOU ARE TAKING UP THE ROOM OF THE DANCE FLOOR!!! Just think about all the party animals you could have fed with joy if that little space of the dance floor wasn’t occupied by two snogging drunk monkeys!


 And that’s how Begonia C’s it!

No matter where you are, no matter who you are - you will be exposed! Next time you want to eat someone else's face, you better do it at home. For this is MY dance floor.

Oh, heaven is that a stealth bum? Well goodness precious me, I might just think it is! Well done Julie Van Der Linden!


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