"För det vidare"

I know at least 80 percent of you readers out there feel a bit lost by just looking at my headline. But it’s Swedish for “Pass it forward”, a campaign that celebrates teachers all over the country.


This campaign really moves me, because teachers are one of the most powerful elements for knowledge, development, welfare, peace. Really! We are trying to turn things around back in Sweden. We want more teachers. We don’t care if you’ve got a lifetime of experience or if you just graduated uni yesterday as long as you’re passionate, wise and loving about teaching. We want teachers who have got enough knowledge to be able to contribute to the development not only nationally, but globally. For what would the world be without our precious teachers? Nothing! I’m pretty sure mankind would have been distinct, haha! Sure, now we have an elite authority that “runs the important errands and deals with the world political issues”… but really it is the teachers we have to thank for that! If it wouldn’t have been for our teachers we wouldn’t have had these incredible intellectual people working within these different fields, we wouldn’t have been on a pursuit of our dreams/happiness - we wouldn’t have been anything without them.


So please take your time to thank your teachers for giving you homework, thank them for making the lesson pass one minute past the finishing time, thank them being there for you – thank them for choosing to become a teacher!

And teachers - With great power comes great responsibility! (And yes, I just used a quote from Spider Man)  

And that's how B C's it, peace! ♥

Education is the main key for world peace, just saying...


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