An International Day

We had a little International Day in school today. I and two other Swedes got together and put up an entire table with goodies such as muffins, swizz roles, Swedish “saft” (juice) and we also had some of ABBA’s music in the background. We even had some games and fun facts about our nation. Before school we had been putting a collage together. I would like to call it “And that’s why they call us the Swedish Mafia” or “Sweden is the bomb!”


If you know a little history about Sweden and look deep enough into the bigger picture, you will see that the collage actually has a much greater meaning and purpose. Not that any of my colleagues was aware of it while we were putting the pictures together. It was all in my brainstorm from the night before… Haha!   

We played "Place the tail on the pig!"

Our snack table! We also played "Guess how many sweets there is in this jar and you might win it", hahaha! That's a too long name for a game.


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