Roof top party

Last Saturday we had a lot going on during the day, including racing with wheelbarrows and playing m@ster chef; everything in our Japanese inspired outfits. As usually my team rocked at all our events, haha!


In the evening we went for a little pre-party and later on we headed to Flogsta for a roof top party á la Soviet style. The funniest part was when we suddenly realized we weren’t just political science students on the roof top anymore. All the international students had crashed the party and things turned out to be even more fun and exciting, haha!


We made some vegetarian sushi, noodles, some fried vegetables and… drum rolls please… I brought some home made toffee & chocolate pie for the master chef challenge. We had the samurais do a sword show, the geishas fan and massage the judge, and some other geishas giving the flowers and complements all the time. Are you surprised we won that challenge? We’re in this for the win!   


Mina, Lisa and Emil at the pre-party!


At the roof party in Flogsta


William Wallace - one of the four generals!


I absolutely adore the guy in the feathers, haha! He's in the pre-homo team and boy was he made to entertain.


Here's Gulla at the grill. Falaffel was on the menu, mm-m!




Kick-off updates

I’ve been so busy these last couple of days with everything from the uni enrolment and kick-off parties to the good old pledge week, haha! It’s been crazy fun so far, you’ve got no idea!


The first day, the welcoming of us freshers (or recce as we call it in Uppsala) was mental! The juniors and seniors punk’d us big time by acting like they were one of us freshers, doing crazy stuff, causing scenes during the welcome speech – yet, they remained camouflaged until the generals entered the hall and we finally understood that the pledge week had officially begun. We were all devided into various teams with different themes. My group really rock! We’re the ninja/samurai/geishadelic team. I think we’re doing a pretty damn good job kicking ass in the “freshers’ Olympic games” (or what ever I should call it).


Here are some pictures from Friday’s kick-off party at Ekonomikum.  

The University building

Ninja hoaaaaaaa!! Kempai!


I must admit that I love the fact that a lot goes all in for this week.


Yes, it's Soviet's flag! The Soviet group just marched, marched and marched some more. Their leaders must have soar throats by now. The scream almost all the time, haha! But not as much as the Pirates. I don't think anyone screams as much as they do!


Here are two of the four generals; Minerva - the warrior and... some Stalin wannabe (judging by the mo)! I don't really know who he's supposed to be really. All I know is that this guy seems to l o v e Russia! That's why I try to speak a Russina when ever he's around! By know you should have realized that sucking up is the best way to get points during the pledge week. And mates, my team is going to win this thing! 


Haha, perfection!


We got to learn a very special dance, since we are a bunch of very special students. That doesn't sound right at all, but you know what I mean!


We power danced all night! We even had a little battle going on at some point. Haha, I was surprised by how many people knows how to move.

Heads up Warsaw

The enrollment went excellent today, but I don’t have time to talk about that now because my dear cousin just arrived from Warsaw. See you guys later – I’ve got to spend as much time as possible with her since I’ll be busy the whole weekend.

University enrollment

I’m exhausted! I can’t believe I’m up this early. Okay, I’ve been up for a while now. I’m actually about to leave for the university enrollment in Uppsala.


PS. Don’t mind the checklist below.


  • ID-card – CHECK!
  • Admission notice – CHECK!
  • A happy smile - … I’ll work on that. It’s still too early for that kind of gymnastics.  

What to expect when your cousin's expecting

I just got back from an intense session of grocery shopping. My cousin and her husband + 1 are coming all the way from Warsaw, Poland over the weekend, so we had to buy food for a whole year. I don’t know what my mother was thinking when she made that list; My cousin is pregnant, she's not a dinosaur. She won’t be able to eat half of all the things we bought today, haha!


Anyway… I’m exhausted and I’ve still got lots to do before I’m aloud to take a break. But you know me, I’m living dangerously, so I’ll just lie down on my bed and listen to Alexisonfire - Rough hands for a bit before I start cleaning. Oh, oh – I better not get caught or else my mother (aka the cleaning terrorist) will butcher me.  


Emergency shopping

The other day I realised that I couldn’t use my favourite bra anymore. Damn it! Don’t you just hate when that happens? My first outburst was “WHY, GOD? WHY?!”, but as I stood in my walk-in-closet it came to me. Apparently stuff had happened this summer (HALLELUJAH! I thought I was doomed)… haha, just kidding! No, but seriously…


Yeah… just FYI… Talk about sharing a bit too much. I’m going to post this and immortalize my thoughts along everything else in this cyber universe.


Okay, so this one looks a lot bigger than it really is. I've still got the Mosquito bites. But no worries, less is more... right? Haha, okay, I better stop this nonsense now before anyone of you think I'm serious.

Snabba Cash II

Yesterday I went to see Monica. We went to the cinema, took some time to catch up over lunch and went for an emergency shopping spree. It had been so long since the last time we hung out (half a year maybe), haha!


We saw Easy Money II (Snabba Cash II) and I must say that I had very high expectations on this movie. It wasn’t as good as the first movie, but it was still really good! I’m not a too big of a fan of Swedish film, but I think we’ve started to deliver some really good films lately. What makes Easy Money so good is that everything feels real and believable. It’s not too much Hollywood (even though we all love Hollywood, haha). Anyway, I expect the third one to kick ass – if the new main character is a good actress, haha!


 A dead tired Begonia, straight from a whole day in the city!

Monica & I at the movies

Lunch time!

Uhm... A Lion..?


I’m so over this! I want to cut off all my hair. Pronto! I can’t tell you how comfortable I am in short hair. It’s just that I’ve never had this long hair before. I’m so close to grow long luscious hair and everyone’s finally noticing how long my hair has grown. Haha, they are all so used to seeing me in short edgier haircuts than this.


Whenever I reach this length I always decide to chop it all off again. I just get so sick of it! No! I must not do it! I can’t do it.! I’m so close! No, I forbid myself to cut my hair! Do you hear me? My hair will not be touched by a scissor! Na-a! Haha! That’s a lot of exclamation marks! It's almost too many for a post! Oops! There it goo's again!



Sunday - game on!

I went to see Ilsa with Lollo and My. She had finally returned from the north, so we decided to celebrate it with some homemade blueberry pie, haha!


Afterwards we went to have some Langos and watch a game in “the old town”, but we never got there. We met our childhood friend who recently became a father (aka Young Dad) and we ended up talking and playing with his little puppy for a long time. We basically missed the whole game because of it. Then we found my lovely Andrez and decided to hang out with him and forget about the game. Who cares about a stupid football match anyways?


Enough said!


My body’s week, I’m tired and I feel like doing nothing. If I didn’t know better I’d say my body was developing a cold. Do you know what? I’m going to say “To hell with this! I’m going for a promenade with my sweet mom!” (Sorry for using the word “hell” next to you, mom… DAMN! I did it again!)


Here's a picture from Amanda's Sushi party -VIPs' only!

Work & E

I don’t know what was up with me today. Things didn’t go my way at work, what so ever. The team was brilliant though, and I was lucky enough to have such patient professionals around me. #B-less (Okay, we should really get something strait here. I’m not serious at all when I put in these hash tag, and if you believe I am… Well… Please just leave my blog! Again, that was a joke… I’m such a joker, I can’t even stand myself!) Moving on: I was definitely not in my game, haha! Not that any of these guys will ever see this post… but it feels better to put it in script here - sorry about this morning, mates!


After I was done I went to Emelie’s to help her pack. To be honest I didn’t do too much. I mostly talked, flicked through some of her magazines and took a power nap while she was cleaning and packing for her move. I didn’t wake up until Louise came over and tickled me, haha!


I’m pretty tired now. I woke up at 6 am and to be honest I’ve been sleeping in to about 11 am this past week, so I think you can imagine how I feel right now. G'night, my lovelies! #Aussiestyle


Duty calls

What’s up? I’m in the city doing business at the moment! Goodness, I'm dead tired but you've got to do what you've got to do. Right? I don’t know how long this will take, but I’ll be heading to Emelie’s place as soon as I’ve played my part here.    


Sushi Night - Wasabtastic!

I just got back from an amazing Sushi Night at Amanda’s place. We were a great gang hanging out; making sushi, eating wasabi until our heads almost fell off while laughing at one and others crazy stories - not to mention photos - haha!  


Of course Amanda had been preparing delicious deserts for us. We had everything from macarons to chocolate mouse with chocolate crisps. #bringingcraytothenextlev haha!


Next get together is on me, guys! Thanks for a lovely time, my lovelies!


Thumbs up!

I miss you UK

I’m going to be really honest with you guys. I miss England like never before. I miss Oxford and I miss London. I miss everything I had over there. When my sister got back from studying in Istanbul for a year, she didn’t recover for over five months. Yes, I’m dead serious! She says it was like a bad breakup. I’m not really in that state just yet, haha. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been focusing on so much other stuff lately. I’m occupying my time for thoughts by doing fun stuff with my friends and of course looking forward to study at Uppsala Uni this fall, especially the kick-off week (aka the good old pledge week, but less mentally insane as in the borderline kind of way, and much more fun and awesome).


Begonia – the next Scarface?

My mother just stormed into my room and yelled ”Begonia? The guestroom’s a mess! The mirror is on the floor and there’s white powder all over the place”.


Suddenly it felt like I was in an episode of “Who wants to be a millionaire” and four different answers came to mind:


A)    Scream “IT’S NOT MINE!!!” and run for it. #Melodrama

B)    Act like you’re Sweden’s female version of Tony Montana, cut your face with a razor and pile up a Mount Everest of cocaine on your desk.

C)    Do a Kristen Stewart and stutter through a whole story about how misunderstood you are and that it’s “not what it looks like”.

D)    Be honest and ask that you’ve got no idea what the f she’s talking about.


Obviously option D) seems to be the wisest one to choose since it was true. I was kind of secretly hoping that it would be something outrageously wild like cocaine, but no… it was just my box of old vanilla flavoured protein shake from last year that had fallen down from the drawer. Damn it, haha!



Life's good

I'm sitting here in my garden with the sun shining on me, drying my wet newly showered hair, while eating my own ecologically grown berries. I certainly can't complain about anything, because life's just life right now; peaceful and great!

Taco taco tacoooo

Last night I hung out with my dearest mates at My's place in Sigtuna (aka S-tuna, Sigge T, you name it)! We had a proper taco night and you know how fun those are, haha! Apparently photos were off limits since it was such an exclusive event. However, I lived the thug life and snapped a photo or two anyways! Don't tell anyone though...

Off to Sigtuna

Emelie's picking me up in a bit. We're going for some dinner in Sigtuna at My's. See you later stargator!
PS. No I do not intend to trim my brows DS.

My detox week starts…

Right about now!






Feel better pie

I’m baking a blueberry pie for my mother right now. She’s at the emergency, so I thought I could make her something to feel at least a bit better.


Sittin' on the toilet!

Have you seen that video? I don’t know what problem that girl’s got, but I think she might have been just too bored at that moment.  


Cause Imma punk rocker yes I am

In case you’re wondering what I chose to wear yesterday I got a bit carried away and chose to do a little mash-up. Classic Chanel vs Punk Rock works pretty good if you ask me!  



A real happy 20th birthday party

Emelie’s birthday celebration was a b-last, haha! We had such a great time hanging out at her place just us girls, drinking champagne, dining outside in the sunshine, having everything from underground hip hop to indie music playing in the background, sipping cocktails and in the end dancing in the moonlight.


At first I’d forgot the crown at my house! Can you believe it? It’s the most important item of the day. Forget the present, but without the crown/tiara it would have been impossible to crown our beautiful next queen. #Disaster! I had to arrange a safe way to transport it all the way to Emelie’s, so I called the person I trust the most in this world – Wonder Woman (aka my mother), my right hand woman.


Cheers to the lady in pink!

Time to open the presents!

Cheers to you honey!

Our birthday girl didn't just shower us with champagne - she showered us with all kinds of drinks!

"LET'S GET F*****!!!!"

We might have forgotten about the birthday cake... but who cares when you've got the magic number lit up in a margarita? Happy Birthday sweety, haha!

Oh! I never mentioned that we went out later on. Yeah, we went to the local club, haha! #Thugsattheclubwhatup

Even I get confused when I see this picture. I mean, we're planking on our best friend who looks pretty past out, haha! (She wasn't, though). If I was her I'd be past out a long long time ago. The drinks just kept coming in and we kept ordering new ones to her. "You only turn 20 once... YOLO!" hahaha, oh really? Is that so?


I am number 4

No, I'm not - I'm number 1 and I don't even like that movie! Though I'll always be number four when it comes to big b-days since I'm the youngest of my queens'. (As you may already know, my dearest three friends and I crown eachother to queens on our big birthdays such as 18, 20, and so on)


This evening I’ll spend with my dearest mates. We will once again be united for a rather special event, namely Emelie’s 20th birthday celebration. I have no idea what that girl has planned for the night, she won’t tell. For all I know, she might as well be planning a Stockholm bloodbath pt 2 on our asses, haha! However, that’s not my biggest concern at the moment. I can’t really think of what to wear for the evening. I’m thinking “inspiration: classic channel lady”, because that’s Emelie’s favourite. Though, I might just end up saying “F that, I’m going punk rock tonight”.

That's some cray fish party right there

Last night I went to a traditional Swedish ”Kräftskiva” at Linnéa’s house. It’s basically a big crayfish party (or as I like to call it: “cray fish party”, because it usually tend to get a bit crazy at these parties). Anyway, I had an amazing time hanging out with my awesome old High School girl friends.


Thanks for an incredibly fun night!  


Girls, girls, grils!




Trading work for work

My sister is indulging all the episodes of Gossip Girl, while I’m reading this morning’s e-mails. It looks like I’ll work next Friday after all. I was actually booked for the Weekend Festival in Helsinki as a photographer. And since I know my sister hand her fiancé (well, daha) who were both invited by one of the artists, I would have got a backstage pass, haha! It would have been so cool to rock out to David Guetta, Skrillex, Ingrosso and all of those son’s of DJ’s, haha! However, something came up and I’m a woman of many plans.    

Haha, I hope you like my Nicki-Minaj-gets-her-freak-on-face. #Doingthenickiminajface

DD's 4 Dip Dead

That’s it! I’m dying my hair today. Dip dye my a** - It looks like something dipped and died in my hair, haha! I liked it at first, but the colour’s fading and it’s starting to look like I’ve come strait out of hell with these flaming dips of mine.

Casanova's back

Tonight my best mate will finally come back from London. I haven’t seen her since I lived in England, which isn’t that long ago… but still! I’ve missed having her around - my party animal in crime, haha!


"Bye, see you later!"

Haha, never go out when you have a cold...

"I'm killing it!!!"

I recently dropped Ronja off by her flat. We hung out at her mom’s with her little brother, playing Nintendo wii, killed her brother in almost every game (haha, we’re such good sports, outperforming the living hell out of a nine-year-old. We should be ashamed of ourselves… but the horrible part’s that we’re not!)


Coffee vs Tea

I’m sitting in my living room, legs on the table, still wearing my pyjamas while watching Plain Jane. Sooner or later I will have to get ready to meet Ronja for coffee in the centre. Haha, it’s funny that I’m going for a coffee when I don’t even like coffee. I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea - but how British don’t that sound?  


Lazy Shopping Wednesday

I feel so lazy today. I don’t want to do anything! But I do have plans with mom later. Mom’s taking me for some shopping. She says it’s about time I buy something, since I strongly refuse to by anything for myself. “Honey, donate all the money you want, but it’s seriously time you buy a new set of clothes for the fall. Otherwise you’ll have to walk around in your bare skin to uni this year” she said. Fine, mom! I’ll buy some clothes… gosh, haha!



It's my way or the highway

… And highway it was. I thought I was just going out for a ride with my dad. A proper safe and calm ride, no drama, but no. “Take the highway” he said, “it’ll be fun” he said. And it was! Boy, it was fun! I felt like I was the king of the world as I was speeding and screaming “YOLO!” in my head, haha! YOLO indeed, just don’t let it be temporary.




Traces are left to be found

They say I should write it all down, but it’s better this way. I store everything in my mind, in one of my many safety-deposit boxes. They are barred inside with barbwire and explosives, so if you try to break inside you will blow up along with everything else. Watch out for the booby-traps, haha!


Anyone can find your hiding point, safe or panic room sooner or later; just as anyone can break into a bank. But ones mind is as impossible to penetrate as ones ideas are bulletproof.


Börek – you brought a snack!

I drove all the way to Willy’s with my dad today. I feel so proud of myself. I just started driving so I’m taking baby steps. As addicts tend to say “One day at a time”!


Speaking of addicts (börek addicts), when I got home I could smell freshly baked böreks’ (It’s almost like pirogues). I had a little Twilight James moment to be honest. I just dropped the grocery bags, ran into the kitchen where my mother and sister were still baking, tint my head as I inhaled the beautiful smell and screamed “YOU BROUGHT A SNACK!!”  



Dip Dyed

I went to hang out with Emelie and My today. We dip dyed my hair, ate pizza and talked about girl problems. Haha, we had an all round girls’ day!


My hair was supposed to be violet, but instead this happened! Anyway, I’ll dye the dips red in a week or two I think.





I’ll be heading to Emelie in a bit. She just got back from the countryside, so I’ll be spending some quality best friend time with her tonight.



I was lying in the grass, eating the first apple from my garden (I picked it myself and I'm enjoying every second of it)while listening to Plan B, letting my mind take me to places less comfortable than my paradise garden. His new album is sick, but brilliant. Instead of watching the clouds in the sky as I always do, I closed my eyes and focused on the lyrics of every single one of them. What I saw was horrific, raw, moving and true. Now I wonder if his film can live up to my expectations.


Anyway, I’m helping my dad preparing for our BBQ now. Then we’re going out for a ride and later on… well, I’ll just get back to you when later comes. See you!




I'm gonna go kiss the sun

The sun is shining and I better go out before my mom kills me for missing it, haha!


Stockholm Pride 2012

Yesterday I went to the city to cheer for the annual Pride Parade with Malin, who came all the way from Lund to hang out with me and see her first Pride Parade, ever. It had been too long since we hung out so it was obviously amazing to see her again!


I love the festivities during Pride week; the songs, the dancing, the cheering and all the love in the air. This is a day when people can come together and have fun no matter who they are, what religion they belong to, what colour of skin they’ve got or what sexuality they have. It’s a time of the year when people get to dress out or as they call it, come out of the closet (some with clothes on and others… au natural?)


The part of the parade which moved me the most was right in the beginning when people carried banderols stating facts about our own country’s abusive history of people in the gay-, bi, queer- and transsexual community, and facts about what kind of punishment other countries have for these people. I loved the fact that the meaningful parties participated in the parade and showed their support (even if it is partly to get more votes. Haha, don’t deny it, we’re not stupid!). Also Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities participated to show their support.


Something I didn’t like was the small group of idiots demonstrating against Pride. They carried banderols saying something like “Man was created by God in the shape of himself – and the man and the woman were created to complete each other”. Everyone deserves to have their own opinion and have their own voice heard. However, there’s a time for everything. This was certainly not the time to demonstrate such a thing. I may go as far as saying that I’m prepared to die for everyone’s right to express their ideas, though I might not share the same view.


Before the parade we had some Chai Tea Lathe and cake.

#true #hiphopper

My eyes are swollen so I cover them up with my sunglasses... or my hand, haha!


Mission accomplished

I’m exhausted! The city was too hot and everyone was sticky and sweaty! But I got what I looked for and a little bit more. I bought this really cool note book from Urban Outfitters for uni.


The leather looks rotten and old, almost as if it was my grandpa’s old school book, but that’s the way that I wanted it, haha!



Inception of the day

I woke up to the sound of thunder this morning. That must be one of the worst ways to wake up if you ask me. I had to use all my strength not to shed a tear of fear as the sound penetrated my mind and my dream turned into a nightmare. Luckily, I had my big sister lying right next to me so I could just snuggle up to her, haha!


Anyway, I will be going to the city with My and my Vans for some birthday gift shopping in a bit. It’ll only be a quickie so please, do hold your breaths!   



From Japan to Stockholm

I went to meet my dearest Kie in the city today. She has come all the way from Japan and there was no way in heavens name I would let her go back without having Sweden’s absolute finest Chai Latte, haha! She brought her boyfriend, David, which was really nice since I finally got to meet him. Anyway, I had such a great time catching up with her. I had really missed her!


We had some lunch at “Gården”, then we just walked around and ended up at the King’s Garden, where we saw a Chinese Polish mashup show. Though, we witnessed something very strange and a bit scary to be honest. After the first Chinese act, hundreds of Polish (majority men), tattooed, skinheads à lá Mr muscles marched through the garden, screaming and shouting with their fists so high up they were almost touching the sky. My guts said “run, forest, run”, Kanye West sang “run away as fast as you can” inside my head, but I was glued stuck to the ground. I just watched them, curiously. I was ready for whatever was coming. There was something exciting about facing 300 hooligans coming towards me. And then… nothing! They just marched away with an entire police force circling around them and the show went on. The End, haha!  


Bizness woman

I think I overdid my workout this morning and now I have to hurry up to fix myself, eat breakfast, you know the drill, so I don’t get late. I’ve got to run some errands in the city so I’ll see you guys later.

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