Indestructible my a...

I haven’t watched The Avengers yet, but I’m looking forward to do that very soon. However, I was thinking to myself how much destruction each character could take before they actually go down. Captain America has got his indestructible shield, Iron Man has got his indestructible suit, Thor has got his good old indestructible hammer, Scarlet Johansson has got her… Actually, I don’t really know what the hell she has got (it looked like a mini gun to me in the trailer).


Anyway, let’s continue… And The Incredible Hulk has got his indestructible… wait for it, wait for it, PANTS! I mean, how come all of his clothes rip off as he turns into this huge green creature, but his pants… Oh, no! His pants don’t just still remain on; they grow in size as well. Actually, as he transforms, his pants transforms into these gigantic trousers with a fairly well pass form as well. Wow, I wish I had a pair of jeans like that. Then I wouldn’t have to by a new pair whenever I gained a pound or two… Wouldn’t that be economic? But no, instead I have to have my roommate help me to pull them up as she screams “SUCK IT IN!!!” and not breathe for a whole day to fit in my jeans (because if I do, I might just kill someone when the button shoots off and my junk reveals itself for the world.) F*** you Hulk!   

Saturday strawberry

I'm sitting in my bed while watching a documentary about one of my favourite guys, Jimi Hendrix, while singing along to his songs with my mouth full of strawberries covered in white chocolate, haha!

Do the thing you fear the most and death of fear is certain

For me fear indicates on weakness - a beginning of failure. We all have our fear(s). Some of us choose to never speak of it. Ignore it. Block it out, completely. Some of us choose to never face our fears. Continue to live life as we know it. Plain calm surface. Third world war inside.


I’ve chosen to face my fear. Soon. I won’t say when. I won’t say where. I won’t say what. I will just write “Done” when it’s over.


I have to do this. I need to do this. Alone.

Life of Begonia

Welcome to the life of Begonia. Today I went to have some lunch at one of Oxford’s absolute finest Thai restaurants – At Thai – with my dear friend, Anne. We had a 2 set course lunch, which was ever so delicious.


Later on in the evening I went to meet Joãn in Cowley Road to hang out at one of the night cafés there. We were supposed to meet up with some other people as well, but they were too boring show up. It looks like Joãn and I are getting a free lunch tomorrow. Thanks Jessica for standing us up! (Now we know for sure that we don’t have to bring any money to school tomorrow. Haha!)


Anyway, I had a great time tonight. I can’t understand how we got from talking about TV series to one of the guys in the Hunger Games movies (I don’t know his name, but apparently he is the sh***) to Indie rock music to politics. That me for you! I always end up leading the subject to dead serious politics.

High School Graduation 2011

The year was 2011. (Okay, so it was one year ago… But it sounds better this way) 1st of June. And it was my High School Graduation. Looking back at the pictures I can feel all of those emotions rushing through me again. It was truly one of the best moments of my entire life. But also one of the saddest.


I remember that last final moment in my class room, when the teachers were shearing their best memories of us, comparing us to wine (Elin, haha! “I would like to compare you to something I love. Wine. Like wine, you’ve gotten better with time”), handing out roses and our diplomas, toasting to our future. There was so much happiness, so much joy, so much love. The end was near. We were close to the finish line of our High School years.


We laughed, we cried, we screamed, we sang the student song. There was just us seniors and our proud teachers in the school. Our voices echoed through the empty space. The rest of the world was outside, waiting for us to break free and run out to seize the day, save the world. And then we (the seniors) ran. We ran out through the school entrance (which now had become our exit), knowing that it was all over, knowing that there was no turning back, just moving forward. So we ran out in the sunlight like victors of the three year battle, embraced by our hometown, supported by our strong legs and independent minds.


“This is it!” I thought to myself before running out.

My sine! "Where did the bite go?" I was quite a little party girl as a kid, haha!

I was lucky to have my sister's fiance to hold the sine. Otherwise I would have been lost. Some of us don't find our relatives until way after. It's like a jungle when students run out, haha!

Ready, set, GO!


Haha, I can't believe that I'm actually showing you guys these pictures. Haha, look at me! Tears of joy and chock!

"I can't believe it's over! I can't... stop... laughing... crying... WHAT's HAPPENING TO ME?!"

"Are you okay, Begonia? C'mon! HOW ARE YOU FEELING?" - My big brother

Hahahaha, I couldn't speak or stop laughing and crying so I just did the thumbs up!

It was time to pop a bottle of Champagne!

Hahahaha, and sister poured it all over my face! Thanks honey!


Walk of victory - Samba walk!

Time for the flatbed party!

Tuesday Plans

In a little while, I'll be on my way to the Centre to meet up with Pimwa. We will swing by Blackwells Bookshop and then go to Starbucks to study and just hang out.  

Angry as FCUK (but with the letters in a different order)

Sometimes life isn’t filled with unicorns with rainbows tattooed on their asses, flying around among clouds made of pink cotton candy. Sometimes life is just annoying and filled with a bunch of son’s of b****** who screws with your time. This time, time is money, literally! Don’t screw with my time, or I’ll screw with yours! That is not a warning. That, my friends, is a threat!


I am a very patient person. But also patient people have their limits. Be wise. Don’t cross the line. For there is no turning back after that line has been crossed. Do yourselves a favour and don’t even get close that line, because the grey zone is the limbo between life as you know it and hell. If you get to close to the edge you might just slip and fall down. And it burn, burn burns.  

It’s surprising how messed up things can get… Haha, you know me! I can’t post things without letting you have something to laugh about (other than me going a bit overboard sometimes)

Do I even have to mention that these pictures aren't for real? And yes, I used to have very, very short hair. These pictuers were taking years and years earlier, haha! Good times.

Word of the day: guilt

Next time I'll trust my instincts and just stay inside.

Moving on to weird things: there was a rain storm today, and then a thunder storm... And theeeen a hail storm! Say what? This 2012 drama has really kicked off!

My name is Begonia, but some call me Beijo

I’m as confused as Confucius sounds confusing

I just watched Shutter Island on my laptop. One thing is for sure, I was lucky to watch it during day light and with the house filled with noise. Otherwise I would have freaked out and hidden under my bed or something. As I watched the movie I could see my reflection on the screen hiding under a blanket, with my hands in my face, breathing heavily. I had never seen my real scared face before.


Anyway, that film was a total mind f***, but I liked it! Leo, that man… He is one hell of an actor don’t you think?  

Museums and restaurants

Yesterday I went to The Oxford University Museum of Natural History & Pitt Rivers Museum with Anne and Paola today. We barely had enough time to go through the whole museum. The place is huge and so interesting. I think I might go back there again to go through the third floor as well.


After our little museum tour, we went to Café Nero to have some tea and than to The Angel and Greyhound for a pint of cider before our final destination for the night, namely Fishers. Oh, I had been craving for seafood for far too long… and now I finally got to eat real fish and not just some tuna from a can, haha! I went all in and ordered the char-grilled Swordfish stake, haha!


Well, one thing is for sure. I’m never eating food again… I’m so full right now, I think my belly might explode in any second. But before I explode, I really want to recommend Fishers for those of you who love seafood as I do. This restaurant is very cosy and the food is delicious. BANG!!!

Oxford University Museum of Natural History & Pitt Rivers Museum

Scary monsters

At Fishers

Char-grilled Swordfish stake with sauce vierge

Dark Belgian chocolate fondue with fresh fruit & marshmallows

Up next

It’s time for me to start getting ready because in a little while I’ll be on my way to the City Centre to meat up with Anne and Paola.

21 Jump Street

I don’t think I have laughed this much during a cinema movie for a very, very long time! People were not just laughing. Everyone was screaming while laughing because it was so funny! Goodness, 21 Jump Street was more than just my cup of tea – it was my choice of breakfast, lunch, dinner and night snack! I absolutely loved every second of it, haha!


I’m seriously looking forward to watch it again with my big brother when I get to see him again. It’s definitely our type of humour! Ingenious scripts Michael Bacall, Jonah Hill, Patrick Hasburgh and Stephen J Cannell!


Cinema with friends

Can you believe this? I'm blogging as I'm walking to the bus stop! Haha, that's just sad!

Anyway, I'm going to the centre where I'll meat up with some friends and do some grocery shopping before going to the cinema. Oh, yes! It's finally time for us to watch 21 Jump Street!

Nature's cruel, she laughs at me

Almost too much for my heart
When it rains
Oh, tears my soul apart
When it rains
And it rains so slowly

Thursday gaps

I had a huge gap today, so I went to the City with Anne. We had some hot soup to recover from the unbearable cold rain.  Then we went to Starbucks and had some hot soya milk with caramel while studying and planning the weekend.


For those of you who don't understand the meaning of HCCV, it means Hard Core CV, which basically is the final outcome of my work! Goodness, I've been working a lot through my years (if we overlook my years as a child labourer... My pay check wasn't to brag about, but boy did I love getting paid with candy and £5 a week to buy some more candy with!)

If you think that's hard core, you should definitely check out the picture below.

Retarded Hipster perhaps? Could be both

I’m sitting on my bed, writing my CV while listening to a personal mixtape which contains new comers such as Chopin, Debussy, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. I don’t know if you have heard of these guys before, but they are pretty good. You should give them a chance! They might actually be the stars of tomorrow.

"I was mentally disabled before it was mainstream". Well, I'm sure you were! By the way, for those of you who actually were mentally disabled before it was mainstream and didn't get the joke about the mixtape - it was a j o k e.

After rain comes sunshine

Really? Well it did, but only for a short while. I don't get it... It never rains here and all of a sudden the whole pacific ocean is emptied like a bucket all over us! I can almost feel the smell of fish! Okay, not really...

Up next: HARD CORE THUNDER STORM!!! (guitar solo)

To go or not to go - that is the question!

Everyone is going out tonight, but of some reason I don't really feel like it. I mean, I would like to go out dancing with my amazing roommate and my friends, but there is just one thing. I'm so tired (I almost feel lika a zombie) that I'm afraid I will fall asleep in the middle of the dance floor. That my friends is not an attractive view at all. Can you imagine me doing the Zombie dance? There is just one girl who can pull up a trick like that - and that my friends is Meg! She sure knows how to bust a zombie move, haha! ♥ 

We are what we are - and I? I'm frigging Begonia!

I wouldn’t say that I’m in lack of inspiration. For goodness sake – I’m Begonia, haha! I would just say that I’m too good to sit around and do nothing. Excuse me while I kiss the sky, but I’m going to the city and I’m walking there!

Hey, I'm a movie! Dum dum dum-dum du-dum-dum!

Today I went on a power-walk as soon as I woke up. The sun was shining, kissing me happy, and the spring flowers were raining all over me as they fell from the trees to the beat of Foster the People. Haha, I know it sounds like a movie. But today I actually felt like I was in one! I can’t tell you how happy I’m feeling right now. Now when I think of it, it might also be because I just watched Glee. God, I love that series, haha!


I just saw 50/50 and oh, did I cry or did I cry? It  was supposed to be a comedy, not a frigging crying fest! But that’s the thing with me and cancer movies. I can’t really deal with it! Even when Adam was coming out laughing from his first chemo session, high on weed macrons, I couldn’t help myself. My tears just started falling down my cheeks and suddenly my face was all wet and my lips were as swollen and red as some LA chic’s newly injected lips.


So, if you want to make me cry – put on a movie which is about someone who is dying of cancer.   

The Ashmolean

I just came home from the City. I had been to the Ashmolean Museum with Anne and we finally got to explore their wonderful top floor dining room (and of course their afternoon tea menu), where we had some afternoon tea. One thing is for sure, I will definitely take my parents to The Ashmolean one day!


Later on we had some lunch at Pret a Manger and so on.


Anne's holding the tea bible

Ginger and Lemon tea

Peace out mates!

I think I’m going to watch a movie and then call it for the night. I’m dead tired and tomorrow is a big day!


I haven’t done too much today. I’ve just walked around in the city with Anne and Paola, had some lunch at Pret a Manger (their delicious soup) and walked around some more. I believe that sometimes it can just be good to not do anything but walking, walking and walking some more.  

I can't believe it!

Just because I started my new healthy life style and started running/power walking I had to catch a cold. Why? WHY?!


Enough with my drama! If you want to see some real drama you should definitely watch this video.  

Yesterday, all my problems seemed so far away

Nope! This is not some lame post about how depressed I am over some mean boyfriend. Haha, luckily I’m not depressed and don’t have a mean boyfriend… or a boyfriend for that matter! Life is pretty good actually!


What I wanted to show you was some pictures of yesterday when I was in the city Anne.

I had some Japanese soup for Lunch!

I spied with my little eye that some students were struggeling with an upcoming exam?

I went by this cool house!

I saw Anne!

I wished I was on that island next to Magdalen College.

And last but not least, I had some hot soya milk with caramel at Costa.


They say there is no taste like revenge. I wouldn’t know; I have never had my revenge. It’s not that I wouldn’t dear. Trust me: I would if I wanted to. The only thing that would keep me from pleasing my ego, is that I don’t feed the ego with more ego. I recent egoism!


The innocent is a constant reminder. What have they done to deserve my revenge? Indirectly, it would be those whom I would hurt. Not the main target. Instead I choose to believe in Karma, for I believe that sooner or later Karma will find its way into one’s life – either if it’s to reward or punish.


I don’t say that one shouldn’t forgive, but one shall never forget nor ignore events of the past. Be positive, be strong, be better!


Remember: An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.  

Wow, wait! WHAT?

Hey everyone! I just wanted to inform you all that I will stop bloging for a while because of personal reasons… PSYCHE!!! What I really wanted to say was that I’ve picked up my healthy life style again. It’s about time? All I’ve done since I came to the UK is to eat, eat and eat some more. Hahaha, not really… but seriously though! Okay, I’m being to funny right now. I better stop before I go overboard! (With the joking that is)


It’s not like I’m going to starve myself and work out 24/7 to reach my goal of becoming anorexic. Or am I? Haha, no! I’m just cutting down the unhealthy food and running/power walking whenever I’ve got time. It looks so good when I write it here, but the real question is how long I’m going to have the strength to keep up with this. I guess time can only tell.

Good old racism, again!

I think I’ve just been made fun of by two very, very old racist men. Watch out grandpas’ – your ass will be in a nursing home very soon, and it won’t be white English people taking care of you there always. Karma is a bitch, right? You better get used to the idea of that the world is bigger than your living room.


I have a lot of respect and patient when it comes to the older – But I as everyone else have got limits. To be racist is nothing to be proud of. It shouldn’t be tolerated. I should have asked them to F off, but I pitied them for being so uneducated. Instead I smiled and wished them both to have a good day. They can’t help that they are disgusting underdeveloped creatures with a mind anchored in the 1940’s.  

I may have mercy on your poor souls – others may not!  


Little frog, you're taking over - you're taking over everything

You the f***** best

My weekend in London

I went to London for the weekend to see my bestie, Louie!


On the Friday we had some sushi at my absolute favourite sushi restaurant (so far) and then we went to meet some of her friends over some cocktails. I chose the place, and since my friends and I had such a great time here last time I had to go to The Adventure Bar in Covent Garden.


The next day Louise and I went to Putney Bridge to see the Oxford – Cambridge boat race, one of the most prestigious sporting events in history (as you may know, haha!). The atmosphere was great: there was music, food, drinks, people were happy, singing songs, cheering – a great fun party!


Afterwards we went to Hyde Park to play some baseball with some other London Swedes, and then Louise, Emma and I went back to Louise’s flat to lie in her bed while listening to music, flicking through magazines and discussing everything from Nicki Minaj’s fake bum to hometown girl’s fake boobs to wannabe it-girl’s fake lips. I don’t think any of us got any wiser of discussing any of that, except from that it is absolutely ludicrous to any of those things to oneself. Anyway, after a while “Victor come to the store” (read with a French accent) came to the flat and we decided to have a little house party with karaoke, haha!   

The best Chai Lathe I've had in the UK so far!

At Hi Sushi!

Louise before and after our date. Skinny vs. Chubby cheek resting in her palm, haha!

Mmmm Wasaaabiii!!!

At Putney Bridge

This guy was over 4 meters tall and he stole my hat in the middle of his solo, haha!

Lousie was so chocked haha!

You could see the boat race on a big TV screen as well

Well, the picture screams for itself!

Oxford - Cambridge

Base ball time at Hyde Park!

Bye Marisel

Here are some pictures from last Thursday at The Chequers.

Backpacks and pubs

I went to the city with Maricel during my break to buy myself a rucksack today. Well, it was well needed!


Speaking of Maricel, I will be going out with her and some friends tonight for a little good bye pub round.

For those who wonder, the bag was bought from River Island, men’s department.

Just saying...

Watch out, watch out!! Aaand you're blind...

I just got home from the city where I’ve been hanging out with Anne and her mother at Patisserie Valerie. I had lots of fun while being inside. But after I went to buy some dinner at Tesco things weren’t so amazing anymore. First the rain started pouring down and then… wait for it, wait for it… it started to HAIL! What the? I almost got blind because of the frigging hail.


Anyway, I’m home now, nice and safe. My life is back to rainbows and clouds made of cotton candy again.

Brussels day 3 – Last day for JAMB

Yesterday it was just us girls. We went to a park nearby Marlene’s flat and took the boat to an island to have some brunch. Later Julie & Marlene guided us through their old university, the faculty of law, the student circles, the famous cemetery and so on.


Afterwards we went back to Marlene’s flat and just hung out the last hours. Gosh, I already miss my Belgian Waffles, M & J.


It was a bit funny that we were all going our separate ways in the end. Marlene took the train to The Hague, Julie to her parents and I and Anne went to the cemetery to have some Belgian fruit beer at their favourite place before eating dinner and then finally heading to the coach that would bring us back to the UK.

Thank you ever so much for an absolutely fantastic and unforgettable weekend! ♥


That's the island across the lake!

The boat trip took about 1 minute, haha!

Brussels Waffle with home made organic vanilla ice-cream and melted Belgian chocolate!

The old Faculty of Law


Brussels day 2 – the city & a house party

On the Saturday we had been invited to Marlene’s parents flat for some breakfast. It wasn’t that far away really. We just took the elevator to the top floor of the house and then we were there, haha!


After the breakfast we went out to explore the city and to do some vintage shopping. Unluckily my Iphone died and I only got to take pictures when the sun was hiding behind the clouds.


Later on in the evening, we decided to order some take away and have a little house party before going on a pub crawl in the city. Well, we never got to do the pub crawl since we were having too much fun dancin, singing and playing rock stars with imaginary guitars in the flat already, haha!

Waiting for the tram!

Peter Pan is just chillin' in the park!

Palais de Justice

And no, those are not Natzi crosses, haha!

It is said that it was built so big to make the ones who are going to trial feel small and helpless in the great palace of justice.

The real Hollywood

The best place to eat pita bread

Now we are talking "pimped ride"!

Best place to by Belgian chocolate!

The smallest house in Brussels

The statue of gold (well, they have taken the real one away. This is the fake one) Anyway, I still made three wishes!

Brussles day 1 - The Architecture Ball

Last Friday I took the bus to Brussels with Anne. Since we were going for a weekend we thought we could pause our healthy lifestyle and live a little. It all started as soon as we were on the French border, starving! Haha!


When we finally got to Brussels Julie came to pick us up. We went straight to her and Marlene’s old university to meet some of their friends, order in Chinese food, make cocktails, play games; everything while waiting for Marlene to arrive from The Hague and getting ready for the great Architecture Ball.


When it was time to go to the ball the Party Shuffle came to pick us all up from the campus. It was such a good atmosphere on the bus; everybody was singing, partying and having fun! When we arrived at the ball we realised that it was held in a great old cinema. The place looked absolutely amazing. There was an arena, several dance floors which played dubstep all night long, and a huge dance floor which were located where the big screen once was. You could still see the remaining of the ripped screen in the sealing. They had created a big “bricky” underground club of an old cinema that has been abandoned, untouched for maybe a hundred years. That’s pretty impressing!


I think this party was the best party that I’ve ever been to. Everything was absolutely perfect and I had such an amazing night with my friends. A real experience if you ask me!

On the Oxford tube!

Eurolines... wow, what a trip! Hahaha, I wish I could say that I would never take the bus again, but since it's way cheaper to travel by bus than train it would be a big fat lie to say that I wouldn't. Haha!
Anne and I went a bit overboard by the snack machines. It was 14 pm, we hadn't been able to eat any breakfast AND we were on the French boarder.

On our way through the Euro tunnel. Do you see the horse on the hill by the way?

Julie, our master of Cosmo's made the drinks for the pre party!

At the ULB campus!

At the Party Shuffle! I'm sorry, but there's not going to be any good pictures of my ball outfit or anything! You will just have to trust that everyone looked incredible. Haha, the party was insane! There were people in ball gowns and suits, dancing wildly to dubstep in an old cinema turned into an underground club. Can you believe the contrast?

After the ball we took the Party Shuffle back to the campus, grabbed our bags and went to Marlene's gorgeous flat. And of course I came with gifts from Sweden and Anne with a tin of Ben's cookies! Haha!


I haven’t been able to update my blog this weekend since I’ve been hanging out in Brussels with my lovelies, Anne, Marlene and Julie. In a few hours this blog is going to be filled with pictures and fun stories from the past couple of days. 

Goodness, I'm so tired right now I could fall asleep, again! Last Friday I slept for four houres, was awake for 28 hours, slept four hours again and was awake 15 hours... then I slept for five hours and was awake until 10 am this morning. Sooo, I've only slept for 13 hours this weekend. But it was worth it!! 


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