This song makes me so happy!

Guess what I'm doing tonight? I'm seeing Patrick Wolf with my girls at the O2 acadamy. It's going to be so awsome! I can't wait, haha! I can only imagine what a great show he will do tonight. It's Halloween, and Patrick Wolf is... Well, he is Patrick Wolf, haha! We will be glittering and dancing all night. I have my camera with me, so you'll get to see everything tomorrow.

This is Halloween

Okay, so I'm sitting in the student launge dressed up as Edward Cullen. I'm covered with glitter and I leave glitter all over the place. My lips are red (blood) and I've got this vampire fangs stuck in my mouth. For what? No one is even dressed up! Hahaha, it's only me and three more girls who are dressed up for school. Yes, I know what you're thinking "Oh, that's... awkward..?". Oh, really, is that so? 


Rob, my teacher almost went mental when he saw me. "Are you a joke, Begonia? What is wrong with you?" he said in fury. Well, thank you, Rob! I'm just trying to embrace your little tradition.

But do you know what? I couldn't care less about the fact that I'm alsost the only one in school who's dressed out. It's Halloween, I'm having a good time preparing myself for tonight's concert with Lis and Malin, and if you're a hater I'll make sure to buy you a gun to shoot yourself with!


Haha, just kidding with you... No, but really. I'm dressed out as Edward Cullen and no one else is dressed out. 

Halloween - the day that makes the other 364 worth living?

Halloween! Oh, were to begin? Halloween is the time of the year when little kids dress up to go out for trick or treats. (It’s funny how this one day allows us to go out and beg for food without getting told to “fuck off”). Now, it’s not only kids who go out to hunt for candy. Halloween is a celebration which allows both teens and adults to dress out and go out for trick or treats. Only, their trick or treat does not involve real sweets. Teens dress up, get drunk and hope to get some candy, while adults dress up, gets drunk and hands out the candy (either to a lot younger teen dressed as a middle age man or actual candy to some chubby kid from the other block). Haha, imagine being the Halloween apple – epic fail!


Anyway, Oxford was full of freddy cougars, skeezy girls’ who’s suffering of Halloweenorixa, Halloween dates and of course rugby jocks disguised as geeks last night. (I wonder how many of those had the Halloween hangover or worse, the Halloween walk of shame) But among all of these Halloween disasters there were people who actually looked really scary and people who looked hilarious. I like Halloween! What I like even better is the fact that I always get to laugh at these pathetic Halloweeners that only dress out to hear someone scream “slut alert” in the middle of the street.

Oh, Halloween is such an obvious celebration. Am I right or am I right? I think I’m pretty right!

That's the word!

I feel a bit queasy! (Hallelujah, I finally got to use this word! Don’t you think it sounds cute? “Hi, my name is Begonia and I’m a really queasy girl!” or, “Oh, we had such a queasy time me and my guy/girl last night” or “I love that you’re always so queasy!” And then you realise that it’s a synonym for nauseous… Well, that was a killer!)


Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that I’m taking a p-nap with my roomie (because of the fact that I feel a bit queasy. Just so you know that I really had a puropse to write the word), although she has already fallen asleep. What a cheater!


You can take a look at my little brother while I’m sleeping. He was dressed out as a zombie super hero! Of course, me and my roomie helped him with his makeup, haha!

Black Swan - Oooh!

Last night was really awesome (except the fact that me and the girls drove the porcelain bus in the end of the night, literally).


We met up at Cowley Road, headed to a couple of bars, danced with a flock of geeks, partied like convicts in the middle of the street, and finally we went to Propaganda to rock’n’roll, indiestyle. When I got into the club I was greeted by Jesus. “Bless you my child. Now, let’s get fucked up!”, Jesus said. I couldn’t be disrespectful and not follow his lead, so I spread the word and we all went mental on the dance floor.    

I wish I had some pictures from last night, so I could show you the good parts of the night, haha! You'll have to settle with these instead! Oh, and I don't even have a picture of my outfit... Damn! By the way, do you see who I am? That's right, I'm the scary black swan!

I was covered in whole lotta baby powder last night! I think you could smell a baby miles away, a clean one!

That's some scary shit right there, haha!


Marlene bought these incredible shoes from Topshop today. Oh, my! They're going to look so good on here!

I bought a little purse for tonight, since I really needed a small one to just put my cellphone and money in. 

This is a hint for tonight's costume. If you can guess what I'm going to be, you'll get... to know that you were the fantastic person who figured it out (?)

Diarreah of the Mouse you said?

When we woke up at Anne’s place, all of us felt like crap! We had been sleeping on the couches if you’re wondering why. Me and Marlene shared a couch! That’s even worse, haha!


Anyway, we decided to go to the Center to do some last minute Halloween shopping for tonight. I found the magic missing peace for my outfit, so now I’m ready to rock’n’roll!


I really do feel fit for fight today, haha! (Don’t mock me just because I used that phrase. I feel embarrassed by only thinking about saying that… and now I wrote it… on my blog… so EVERYONE can see it for all eternity!) Okay… Moving on! I believe the reason why I feel so… you know… might be because of the fact that me and Marlene were good girls today. Yes, you read it right! We were such good girls today. We went to the gym for a cardio session! So now I’m sitting in my bed, sweaty… I could have just skipped the fact that I was sweaty. You guys are probably thinking “Ew… Girl’s don’t sweat! And they only go to the bathroom to do their makeup and shower, naked!” Sorry to ruin you’re perfect world dudes, but girls’ can be pretty disgusting too.


See you!    

Horror at Anne's place

Last night I slept over at Anne’s place with Marlene and Julie. We bought some cheep alcohol, cooked some really delicious food, baked, watched Paranormal Activity 2 and finally - we shitted our pants when it was time for us to go to sleep. Seriously, the movie blowed… but do you remember the horse I showed you before? The one they have in their living room? Yes, me and the Belgians slept in the same room as that scary horse. Do you know what that was like? Julie was all paranoid, and was shaking between the sheets that I was sharing with Marlene.

However, we had a really good time and I'm so happy we decided to do this!

Let me introduce you to the best beer I've ever tasted. Belgian fruity peach beer, or as Belgian's call it - Girls' Beer! I loved it!

Bottoms up!


This will be the first time I ever celebrate Halloween! It's going to be so much fun! I can't wait until I get to dress up for the party tonight! Watch out, Oxford - You're going down with me!

O... Okay...

Okay, so you already know that my day has been quite… crappy? But on my way home it kind of got a bit better. Haha, even though it was raining, I felt sad and the bus was crowded (yes, I took the freaking bus back home, because I felt so scarred walking alone through a dark alley), something made me smile.


A girl, or should I say a woman (?), was checking me out. On the bus! If it would have been a guy I would have just done a bitchy face or asked him to look another way before I shoved my foot up hisyes! Language, please! But it wasn’t a guy, it was a woman. She was not just checking me out; she was actually checking my ass out. I was so surprised! I tried my hardest not to laugh. She was not discreet, at all!


Men are like animals (no offence guys!). They drool over everything that knows how to walk. But girls: they are picky. They aren’t just picky! They are selective as hell! So, I guess my red swollen lips and teary eyes were kind of hot! Hahaha, no I’m just kidding about everything (except that the woman was really checking me out).


Cast some light and you'll be alright

Hi there! I’ve been having this strange feeling inside of me all day… Like something is really wrong! And of course, I was right… Like always. I’m not going to unveil my thoughts and feelings on the Internet like a needy drama queen, so I’ll talk about other stuff instead.

Yes! I passed my test today, haha! Yey…


I have no idea what’s been going on with me today. I’ve been tired, grumpy and a bit sad. But I can’t really understand why. Nothing has been fun today… I know, it doesn’t sound familiar at all. There has never existed anything such as boring in my life.  


But Kim managed to get me in a better mood. She was so kind and such a lovely friend. Haha, she bought me a Ben’s cookie to make me shut up about my misery and make me become the happy flower that I am. Thank you, Kim!


I just wanted to say welcome to all of my new readers! Really, it's great fun that you're reading my blog. I hope you'll enjoy it, haha!

By the way, I've just finished watching all of the seasons of The Inbetweeners. I can't wait to see the movie as well!

Open Mike Night – here I come!

Tonight, I’ll be going to Port Mahon to sing a little song that I wrote the other day… PSYCHE! Haha, I would never… EVER get up on that stage and sing, unless someone challenges me of coursw. Then I have to quote Barney and say “Challenge accepted!”. But do not use this against me! There will be consequences, trust me!

Update: Okay, so maybe I wont be going afterall, haha!

Performing tonight

Tonight Maverick Sabre will preform on O2 acadamy, who I bumped into earlier today by the way. Whenever I hear their music I hear a mixture between Salem Al Fakir, Amy Winehouse and some one else I can't really put my finger on...

Hey there soldiers!

I saw some Canadian soldiers today, so I had to take a photo of them. While I was talking to them I did something with my hands, and my watch just flew of my hand and down on the pavement. “SHIT!” I shouted without thinking. But I regretted right afterwards and tried to excuse myself by holding my hands for my mouth. Luckily, the soldiers just laughed and said “We hear much worse words than that on regular basis”.  

I Never Learnt To Share

I was going to work out with Marlene today, but it's my little hostsisters birthday today so I'll be having dinner with the family today! Happy birthday again!

I love the fact that someone actually has pimped their own bike, haha!

One of my many secrets

I’m finally home after an intensive day of Halloween shopping with Julie and Marlene. I will not show you what I bought yet. You’ll just have to wait and se until the week end. It’s much more fun that way, haha!


Of course we haven’t only been doing shopping. We have also been walking around the city, enjoyed life and been to a really cosy restaurant called “Cous Cous Café”.

Outside of Cous Cous Café.

Mr. Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe! I love this place, it's so cute and you can almost taste the sweet candy by just walking into the shop.

Halloween Shopping

Hey! I'm going to city for some Halloween shopping with my friend Marelene now, but I'll show you the pictures later when I get home! ♥

Wretch 32

Guess who's playing at the O2 acadamy tonight? Wretch 32, baby! Haha, oh I wish I would go, but I can't tonight. Guess why... If you read the other post you'll understad. I'm broke as F, haha!

Haha, listen to the first song and you'll understand how broke I am! But do you know what? I don't care... I just won a freaking Iphone! Ha!

Madie & Anne's

Last night was so much fun! Me and the girls had such a lovely girls’ night together. We bought some goodies from Sainsbury’s and went back to Madie & Anne’s place (in the middle of nowhere). Their house was huge though, haha, and very English as well!


When we got to their palace we ordered some pizza and Chinese food, watched movies (Babel and Wild Child to cheer us up a bit after Babel), laughed like maniacs and just had a great fun time.

On my way to the cottage to meet up with the girls.

Doing some shopping... So what? Just eating some (un)healthy food. No biggie!

On our way to M & A's place!

"Where the hell are we...?"

I have don't know how many students that are living at this house, but it's huge! We were quite a lot of girls, haha!

Okay, seriously! What's up with the horse? It's scary as hell. When we entered the living room we almost peed our pants... "HOLY F****!! THAT'S SOME SCARY SH***!!!"

"Oh, there's no way in hell that I'm sleeping anywhere near that thing..." Some of the girls had to sleep in the living room, haha! I felt a bit sorry for them... Haha, but I think God that I didn't sleep in that living room. I would have just stared at it all night and been to afraid to go to sleep just in case it would magicaly just start living at eat me in my sleep. Hell to the no!

Imagine theese chewing your flesh and bones. Thanks, but no thank you! I'll pass...

Hahaha, but I faced my fear. I looked it right in the eyes and said "I'll kill you first, biatch!". Okay, so I never said that, but I was thinking it!

Madie tried to order some food, but the ladie on the other line was... how should I put this without hurt anyones' feelings? Hm... She was a total R-tard? Hahaha, no I'm just kidding. I made a joke, he he...

It was a bit hard to chose what we wanted... so we ordered everything instead, haha!

We wathed Babel to start with. I can't find any words... Just watch it!


"Bring me those Pizzas... like now please!"

M-mmm! This was my favorite i think!

Okay, that's enough of pictures! Haha!

Imma iphoner now!

I’ve been shuffeling like a little freak all day, haha! Do you want to know why? Because I won a freakin’ Iphone! Yeah, I said it! An Iphone! I’m so happy, haha!


I was in a blogging competition with a lot of students from all over the world, and today the winners were announced. One of my friends came up to me to tell me how much she liked my blog. Suddenly she said “Yes, they have featured you on their webside and you’ve just won an Iphone”. My first thought was “Thank you, but what are you talking about? An Iphon? What?” Then she finally showed me the site, and I saw my name, my nationality, my blog, everything… and I jumped up and down like a crazy person and shuffles down to the reception to tell them about the great news!



I'm rockn' my rock glasses like in this picture right now. Do you know when that happens? When something really really ROCKS! This is one of those rock'n'roll times!

I'm out of here!

Next stop: Slumberparty! See you there in your dreams baby.


Now the waves they drag you down, carry you to broken ground

I went to check what my friends back in Sweden was up to and I heard Spanish Sahara, and then I flew up to heaven for a while I think. "Goodness precious me", is the expression I'm looking for!

Sunday girls’ night

Hey! Today I’ll be meeting the girls by the cottage for some grocery shopping and then we’ll be going back to Madie & Anne’s place for a girls’ night with movies and slumber party. It’s going to be legen… wait for it… dary!


So, what I need to do now is to take a bath, pack my clothes and most importantly, find my proper pyjamas or else they’ll have to see me in my “I love nerds pyjamas” with the monkey in glasses as the print. Haha, don't mock me! I love those pyjamas, I think they're cute. 


Let's find some place new, somewere we can be ourselves

Oh, so worth it!

I needed one of these really bad today, so I bought a pair!

Oh my god, I can't explain the feeling I'm having right now. I'm listening to Rain City by Turin Brakes right now, and it feels like god himself is breathing in the purest air in my lungs. I almost feel blessed. 


Pretty Nice Saturday

I went to the city with my roomie, where we bumped into Inci. We went to a Thai restaurant and had a really good time. Later on, I went to meet up with Lisa. We bumped into a couple of friends and then some more friends. Haha, I love this city! Anyway, we went to a Patisserie Valerie for some goodies and nice talks.  

The Thai restaurant, which I can't remember the name of right now!

Shopping fun stuff with Lisa!

Lina's first Ben's Cookie, EVER!

Madie at Patisserie Valerie

11th of Nov, see you there

I, I blame you
For all those things I've been through
Don't feel bad, don't upend
It's my neck around which you hang

Like a chain or a tag
I flitch and you fall through the cracks
To the sea and all it bears
The secrets that I should have shared
Drown in me
Yeah, They drown in me

I've got news for you!

I’m broke as in b to the roke! BROKE! Yep! I have absolutely no money left what so ever. These holes in the walls are charging nearly £4 whenever I need cash. How sick is that? I think they have charged me over £100 since I got here, because I’ve been hanging out with the ATM’s as they have been my BFF’s. Damn you Cash machines!

Okay, let's talk about something that really is interesting! Take a look at the picture below and you'll know what I'm up to next saturday! Yeah, baby!


So last night was… kind of a big wtf? Really! Me and Lisa were supposed to see The Horrors perform and the show was cancelled. Wtf? Suddenly we meet our teacher and this cute girl who also were supposed to see this band and they were like “wtf? We need a new plan”. So we went to The Jericho, the pilgrim stop for all indies, which was pretty “wtf?” Anyway, at The Jericho we were watching this girl perform alone, and I was so amazed by her voice because she reminded me so much about Agnes Obél, who I love. That was a big “wtf?”


Okay, let’s move on in this wtf story of mine. Lisa was all stressed about the other girls back at the cottage (we were supposed to meet them at 22.30 sharp to go to Clems or what ever that club is called). So on our way from The Jericho we kind walk the wrong way back… so we waved for a cab and went back to the cottage nice and safely.


At the cottage, the girls were pretty messed up! I looked at Lisa and my eyes were almost screaming “WTF?” When it finally was time for us to go to the club, Inger proposed this magnificent idea “Let’s walk to the club”. My first reaction was “Are you kidding me? Let’s just take the bus it’s leaving in a sec”. Well it left, so WTF?!


When we finally arrived at this club… Haha, were should I begin? The place was almost empty. It was just me, my friends and a couple of other girls dressed as sluts, with hairs all messed up and… should I even mention the make up? My first reaction: W…T…F? It’s not Halloween yet, girls!


Suddenly, out of the freakn’ blue, Inger decides to lose her keys and phone. WTF, Inger?! So we got out of the club and went home just as the club got filled with party animals. Should I even mention “wtf?” here? I took the cab for the third time that night. Dubble you Tee Eff!  


Overall impression of this nigh: WTF! And this must have been the best Friday ever! Let’s do it again, please? Oh, spare me!


Did you say dark indie?

Tonight I’ll be going on a concert with Lisa. We’re going to rock our asses of to The Horrors, a band I haven’t been listening to, but probably will start to listen to since I love their kind of music.

International lunch sounds pretty good to me

Or was it just the part that said "free" that sounded good?

I was invited for a lunch with people from all over the world today to talk about my school and just enjoy a very good lunch and desert. It was pretty nice and I had a lot of fun talking to these people.

And, the picture is not from the lunch, hahaha! These guys are just my friends!

Learning what the thug life is all about

I'll be going to school in a bit. This morning I woke up to the sound of my little brother, screaming his lungs out. "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL TODAY!!! PLEASE!!!", and so now his being a bad ass, skipping school. Both me and my roomie looked at each other with the puppyface saying "I don't want to go either". But you've got to do what you've got to do, right? Plus, I'm too much of a geek to skip school. I couldn't live with myself afterwards... Haha, it's true!

Dang ding dang dang dang dang deeaaa

I’m stressed out! I have a stupid review to finish until tomorrow. I’ve already written 450 words, but I have to write 750… I guess I’ll have to add a whole lotta rubbish then!


Okay, back to work!

Life's Tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late

- Benjamin Franklin

Well... Lunch is fun?

I have no idea what's wrong with these girls, or what's wrong with me...? What's wrong with us? Whenever we gather we just can't stop laughing. We were talking about "Torkel i knipa", a Swedish movie which you should watch if you haven't done it yet. Find the one with English subtitles and you will have a great dose of energy for the rest of the year... or your life! 

"Begonia! You've got a heavy present here!"

I got a big package on the male today. It was from my family back home in Sweden! They had sent me some good old müsli, fiber oatmeal and my trainers. I was so happy when I opened the huge package. It almost felt like Christmas, haha. But the thing is... How should I write this without sounding like ungrateful spoilt little bitch? They sent me the wrong trainers... The ones that I can't have anymore!

Sorry, dad! Please don't hate me... Thank you EVER so much for sending me all of this! I'm super grateful, haha! ♥

There is blood on all the shoes you've worn from the people you've been stepping on

Okay, so the subtitle has nothing to do with this picture, AT ALL! But I would just like to say... nothing actually! I would like to say nothing, because I'm going to do my home work done in three seconds: 3, 2, 1

Ciao! ♥

Photo: Marlene Beca

Market Avenue

As you may know by now, you can find Ben's cookies in the Market Avenue. But there are so many sneak holes there you don't know about. I was so amazed about the stuff you could find there. And I found this fantastic shop that sells the most deliscious and unique clothing you can imagine.

Fancy a cake?

You can find the most incredible cakes here. It's almost sick!

So? I've got a PP!

Boom, baby! That was quite a nice diss, if you ask me!

This is almost what I looked like today! I didn't have time to take pictures of my outfit today. I was kind of in a hurry to school in the morning and my PP (personal photografer) was asleep.

This post doesn't really deserve to be in the outfit category...

Belgian Waffles

After school me and my friends went to Ben's Cookies to take some photos for our presentation and review. Of course, we had to buy some too!
Here are some pictures of my Belgian sweethearts, haha!


I found some (ugly ass) pictures of me on facebook, and of course, I have to upload them now! Haha, I love speaking as a thug. The real thugs' will probably kill me for even trying to sound like one.

Oooooh- eeeeem - GEEEEEE!!!!

Hahaha! I think I'm having one of these O-M-G moments right now. If you only heard what I'm hearing right now... My little brother is singing "I belive I can fly", oh correction, he's screaming "I believe I can fly" outside my door. Yes, sweet heart, both me and Pimwa can hear you... sing! Oh, I love this little fellow, haha!

The Oxford Project

I went to Vaults & Garden Café to have some traditional afternoon cream tea (but I had a Chai Latte and chocolate cake instead, haha) in the autumn sun and to see the view of Oxford from a whole new angle. 127 steps up in the tower, I saw something that I’ve never seen in real life before. The view was breathtaking and it almost felt like I was flying. I can’t really describe the feeling. I guess you have to see it for your own to understand the feeling I had up there.

So, what I'm going to do now is to write a review about my experience! And of cours, I'll let you see the pictures I took during the day.

Do you see the clock? After walking up 127 steps I was finally there, and I could see this amazing view.

The easy steps...

Still easy...

Staircase to heaven  

Now we're talking steps! Try to walk one of these in clastrophic environment... Seriously, I thought I was going to fall backwards and DIE!

If I fall, if I die, know I lived and missed some bullets

5 am, cold sweats wakin’ up to the skies
Tell me what you know about dreams
Tell me what you know about night terrors, nothin’.
You don't really care about the trials of tomorrow
Rather lay awake in a bed full of sorrow

Sunny Oxford

Greeted by the sun, I went to the City Center to get some inspiration for my Oxford Project. I think I've got everything I need to write my review now!

Picture perfect

Did I mention that I’ll be taking lots and lots of pictures for this project? If no, now you know, haha! See you!

Photo: Marléne Beca

Just perfect!

I finished school early today, so I’ll be going to the city to get some work done for the Oxford Project. You’ll get to know where I went, what I did and who I met later! I believe I couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to do this on.

Get some

I’ve been doing an analysis of chapter 17 of Machiavelli’s ”The Prince” tonight, and now I’m thinking of what I will do next. I won’t be doing another home work tonight… that I can guaranty you, haha! But tomorrow I will start to write on my Oxford Project. “What. Is. That?”, you’re probably thinking right now. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!


Now, I’m just going to listen to Lykke Li and love my life as it is, haha!

Oh, no!

I had such a long break today, so I had time to go to the Center and just wander around and have some lunch with a couple of friends.


This day has been so long though… Too long I think! The last lesson was… Oh, I don’t even want to talk about it. I had a laugh attack! I laughed so hard I cried. I had to go out to fetch a tissue and calm down. It was almost horrible, haha!

Just a thought!

I'm thinking of changing my blog into wordpress. What do you think? Should I?

It's fun to cash up for these kind of things…

Or is it?

I can't believe that I didn't bring my sweatpants when I moved here... How stupid is that? So of course I had to throw away my money to buy two pairs of sweats! I bought a pair of black jeans and a facial mask as well.

Unfinished errands

I’ve been hunting after a scale today, but no! Of course the shop had to be closing right before we got there. “You have got to be kidding me… Seriously? The shop closes at 5 pm every day, and today they just had to close at 4 pm? Oh that’s just great!”, I cried out. (Okay, that’s not the only shop that sells scales, but it was the only store I knew for sure was selling one)


But at least we got to have a nice cup of hot chocolate at Starbucks and enjoy our Sunday in the sun.

At the bus stop!

Hahaha, do you see what Pimwa is doing in the background? Both me and Pimwa were taking pictures of ourselves like two little freaks. A neighbour walked by us said "Make sure you capture my nice angle!" Haha!

This was the first time I ever entared a Starbucks café. "That's just... lame", you're thinking. But it's true... I've never had a Starbucks coffee before.

Pimwa gave me a little gift from London! She's so sweet! Thank you, darling!

I made mama a little favour by bying myself some fresh juice! See, mama? I'm being a good girl over here, haha!

I'm struggling to not start laughing like an idiot in the middle of the mall, haha! I don't really remember what happened there, but it must have been fun!

Sir, yes, sir!

So... this is what I looked like today! Haha, I look like I'm saluting!

Hahahaha! My hoast mom just told little Darnell to grab a shower and his reply was "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" That kid has got such a little mouth, but still you can hear him from miles away!

Give me a cookie

I don't think I can tell you enough how much I love the cookie monster. It's like we have some kind of a connection, like we are linked to each other or even meant to be. Ever since I was little, my brother has always called me "Cookie monster", because I absolutely l o v e d cookies and I would just eat it all the time, which reminds me of something else.

You know my little brother? I think he should heritage the title as the cookie monster, because he eats a whole pack of cookies every night. I don't get it! How? And I ask my past, HOW, also. HOW?!


On my way to the emergency

Or am I? My roomie’s back is killing her. I’ve got no idea what that girl has done to herself, but it happened during her London trip. Right now she’s lying on her back on the floor, whimpering because of the pain.


I think we’ll have to go and see the doctor about this.

Life on the edge, I'm dangling my feet

I'm in Hell's Kitchen with an apron and a hairnet
Devil on my shoulder, the Lord as my witness
So on my Libra scale, I'm weighing sins and forgiveness
What goes around comes around like a hula hoop
Karma is a bitch? Well just make sure that bitch is beautiful

Vintage baby

Here's my new clock! It was about time I got me one of these... Haha!

I love my Swedies!

I told you that I expected my homeboys’ from Sweden to come to Oxford to see me today, right? Well, they did and we had a “hoot”, haha! No, but seriously, we had so much fun, especially when we went to chill in South Park. I was screaming because I was laughing so hard. My body just flipped and turned all over the place as I laughed. Suddenly my teacher showed up with a guitar on his back from no where and told us there was a vintage market at Cowley Road, so we went to check it out. I actually bought myself a clock, which I love!


Anyway, thank you guys for coming to Oxford! Next time, you’ll stay for the night and I’ll make sure we’ll make this city unsafe (as we say in Sweden).

On my way to the bus station to pick up my girls!

They took the wrong train, so I waited for them to arrive for one hour.

But it was worth the waiting! "One who waits for something good never waits for too long" (Haha, I love that I translated that phrase into English, it sounds so... bad?)

All I wanted was to take a picture of this bike, but NO! Amanda would not let me. Hahaha, she has been like this all day!

Then finally, FINALLY, I got to take my freakin' picture! Of course I had to hit her in the face before I could manage to take a picture, haha!

We went to a Harry Potter shop, haha! It wasn't that good actually. Louise said there was a better one in London, so I guess you'll see some pictures of me in that shop in two weeks (I'll be going to London for a week end).

We went to the Turf Tavern to eat something, because my friends were dying of starvation. They hadn't eaten anything before coming to Oxford AND they had been partying the night before... so I guess you could call it a hangover craving of some kind!

So we decided to have a little snack! Actually it was quite a large snack, they were serving huge beef burgers!

Hahaha, Amanda was trying to destroy all of my pictures. Well, she managed to destroy her own picture pretty good! <3

Me and my HUGE burger! It was a bit difficult to eat it... too big!

Louise and her HUGE burger AND mouth! At least she could eat it properly... If you could call that properly, hahaha!

Haha, Mandy's struggeling!

You're maby wondering why the place was so crowded with students in funny ropes and gowns! It's graduation day for some colleges, so you could see people dressed like this all over town.

Some wierd karate kids wannabes', haha! We stood on the bridge and wathed them for several minutes just to see them do some ninja kicking in the air. I can't explain how pathetic it looked, but they made us smile so I'll have to thank them for that!

At South Park!

Louise's on the phone with my dad and posing in the same time. Now that's what I'd like to call advanced!

I think the whole park heard us laughing... And that park is huuuuge!

Hahaha! Louise's eating a tripple chocolate chip cookie!

Oh-oh! She's doing the tiger face! You better watch out! She'll bite you with her chocolate flavoured teeth, hahaha! I love this picture!


Crying my eyes out, because I had laughed too much!

We should have hijacked that balloon... But please, don't call the FBI on us! We never took action! Haha, we really wanted to be in that balloon... PLEASE LET US COME WITH YOU!

I would really love to do this some day! Maybe i will? Who knows?

Lollo's hungover!

Mandy's hungover as well!

Later we went to the Vintage Market. The entrance was £2, but me and my friends are hustlers so we got in for free.

“Do you know who we are? I’ma call ya boss on ya ass, biatch!” That was not really what heppened, but ww got in for free anyways. 

I bought one of these clocks! I'll show you it later!

Rock'n'Roll baby!

Delicious, don't you think?

So typical! Okay, they're hot, but I could make those too. In fact, I've already done a pair of my own! It's easy breezy, haha!

Okay, Ladies and Gents - that's all for now! More pictures will be posted soon! ♥

Mandy & Louie's coming to town

Haha, it sounds like they're a band... but they're not! They are just tourists from Sweden, haha!

I will spend my day with my two awsome friends from back home today, so look out for an update later tonight! Oh, I'm so excited I want to do smilies in my blog, but that's against the true blog code. Do not under any circumstances make a smily on your blog. If you do, you won't be able to maintain a professional face in the blog world you will thereby be DISMISSED! Okay, so I made that rule up, but there should be a rule like that. 

Misfits - Say what?!

Haha, Malin told me about this series Misfits! It's super geeky and awsome! And the accents... I can't stop laughing at these guys. Who wrote these scripts? What a genious!

"Maybe we're supposed to be like superheroes?"
"And what kind of fucked up world would that be allowed to happen?"

Say what?!


Haha, can you guess what I’m doing at this very moment? No, I wouldn’t either if I weren’t me… I’m jumping up and down in my bed, with my pants hanging under my ass like a real thug, while rapping to Lil Wayne songs. Haha, so… that’s what I’m doing right now! Living the rock’n’roll thug life… in my room… with my pants below my ass…

"See ya, tell it how I see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya, wish I never met ya... p**** a** n**** I don't want your G******!" -
Greetings from Lil Wayne ♥

Thursday pub round

I told you guys about last nights lesson right? Haha, yeah, it wasn’t quite a real lesson… We went out for a pub round and had a few drinks instead… with our teacher! How sick is that? Haha, I think it’s pretty awesome that you can hang out with the staff here, but it’s still a bit… odd is not a good word to describe it, but surreal? Okay, definitely not surreal, but strange! Sure, I come from Sweden and students gets to party with their teachers when they graduate, but we’re not graduating… yet! Haha!


Anyway, we went to King’s Arms first. Some of the girls went to buy some cookies for the rest of us. Otherwise I think we all would have gotten pretty drunk, because we had only had salad that day. (Okay, I’m speaking for myself…).


Later, we went to Turf Tavern for some more drinks. This time Onni ordered some weird cider for me (8% or something). It was sick – strait to your head!  

At King's Arms

"Kontrast" as my bestie Louise would have said. Haha, the guys are having a "blast" and the girls are having a laugh attack! Nice picture, haha!

Behind us you have the Bridge of Sighs (but you can't see it, because it was behind me).

Right under the bridge you've got the narrow little way that leads you to The Famous Turf Tavern.

This pub is like the tent that Harry Potter and his friends used during the Quidditch World Cup. You think that its just a nice and cute little friendly pub, but in fact... it's enormous! It's freakin' huge! I actually got lost while finding my way back to our table.

Paola and Core - Teachers pets! Hahaha!

That's all for now!


I don’t really know what I’m doing tonight. I’m quite exhausted, so I think I’ll just have a girls’ night at home with my roomie. We’ll probably watch a movie and gossip, haha!

Here are some pictures from today's lunch! Enjoy ♥


I stayed overtime at school today, because I needed some extra help with a secret project of mine. Mr. Fitz was my partner in crime, yey! Haha, no but he was really good and I’m very grateful that he stayed overtime just to help me.

Here's today's outfit by the way!

Townie walkie

We were actually supposed to do a cultural activity today. But… Like I said, we went to a few pubs and had some drinks instead. I have a few pictures from our walk around the town though that I can show you. I’ll be showing you the pictures from the pub a bit later. I have to get ready for school now, so bye!

A little part of Magdalen College!

Lunch Break

On my way to school

This day has been... Wierd! Wierd in a good way, but still pretty damn wierd. Haha, I've had lots of fun during classes (except during the cultural talk... I was not in the mood for Anglo-Saxon history talk...) My last class was the best class I think. Yes, we went out for a pub round to have a few drinks with our teacher, yey! Haha, I learned quite a lot. I'm as wise as Dumbledore now! Or at least I got to think I was for a while...

I'll show you the pictures later. Right now, you'll have to sattle with the pictures I took on way to school. ♥


Okej, jag skriver detta pa svenska nu eftersom det sitter nagon bredvid mig... SOM NYSS FES!!!! HAN LASTAS SOM INGENTING! MOG1 MANNEN, MOG1!

Suit up if you're awsome

This is not just any day, this is the International Suit Up Day! If you don't suit up, you'll die of non-awsomeness!

“It's gonna be legend-... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!” - Barney Stinson

Puppy love

When I was parking my bike last night, I heard a voice that reminded me of my sweet Darnell. “You see her? She’s one of the students that’s living in my house. I love her…”, he said. It wasn’t meant for my ears, so I pretended that I didn’t hear him. Then I heard his friends say “You should tell her that!”. I thought he would come up to me during dinner and tell me that he loved me, but nope. He shouted it out loud in the middle of the street “I LOVE YOU BEGONIA!”. He was jumping up and down. Hahaha, so I shouted right back at him “I LOVE YOU TOO DARNELL!”

Pattisserie Valerie

Okay, so I promised you to show you some pictures from last day's girls' afternoon: Here they are!

Pattisserie Valerie is the home of fine cakes and gateaux. It's something you can't miss during your trip to Oxford!

This is what they would show on the outside. Can you even imagin what kinds of cakes they have got on the inside?

Madie was my Jackie Kennedy of the day! Beautiful, sweet and just lovely!

Oh, if you order one of these dubbel chocolate something something in french, you will have a heart attack before even trying it! Both me and Madie went crazy when we got ours, haha!

Haha, Estafania looks sooo happy in this picture, doesn't she?

Do you see my hair in this picture? Cause that's all I can think about... In sweden we call this a "Gay slinga". If you know what I mean, you know what I mean... If not... You don't! Haha!

So, if you're looking for the best waiters and a cosy place to eat some good cakes - this is the place you would like to visit!

Don't you just love it when this happens?

Can you guess if the Internet worked last night? Nope! It worked for a second and then it was off for about a half an hour. And then it was the same again. And guess what? It’s the same today… God, I hate this!

Last night I was seriously jumping up and down when the Internet was working. But when it stopped working I started crying like a little baby! It was so awful...

All the blackbarries were down as well. We almost thought that this was the biginning of the end of the world...

I got to hug Benny becaus I was so sad! He and Pimwa were the only ones' that actually understood me... As soon as Pimwa saw that my tears were on their way, she threw the bear at me to get me to calm down.



And... F***, now it stopped work again! I hate this... I have no idea why I'm wrighting this down, because I won't be able to post this anyway... But what if Internet starts working again? LIKE NOW FOR INSTANCE! HELL YEAH, BABY! I'M IN!

You make me shine brighter than the sun

This day was awful… until I finished school and got to hang out with some friends of mine. I had been dreaming nightmares all night, so I had not been sleeping well at all. Therefore I wasn’t in the mood to go to school at all today. I was too tired! I had such a bad day, and than I got in to this discussion with one of the staff members… It was really horrible at the time, but it’s no biggie!


After school, I went to the center with a group of girls and just hung out at a nice little cosy café. I had an amazing time and I think we all shed a few tears because we laughed so hard. Oh, and the waiters… Wow, brilliant people! I absolutely adored them. I have to show you pictures later and tell you the name of the shop.

No, no... I said NO!

No, we're not at a kids birthday party!

No, Maju is not having fun! She's hiding behind her bag so she won't get in the picture. It's probably for the best, since I'm the main target here... Just kidding!

And no I'm not picking my nose in this picture! Haha, but I could have done it! Do you remember when you were little and you were looking around in the class room, you know taking a little unofficial break while everyone else were doing their home work? Suddenly you would find this kid, trying to cover half of his face as he was picking his nose. I would always wonder when the kid would notice me looking at him. I mean... you're in a class room! There are almost 30 other kids here... One of us IS going to notice that you're trying to dig gold in the gold mine of yours...

Never have I been so... sad about not going to a concert?

I wish I would have been able to see Mr. Fitz perform with his band at Port Mahom tonight. It would have been so much fun, and I would have found out if he was good or not. But no! I had to finish my essay in International Affairs, “A just war is better than unjust peace”. Well, I’m done now! And the show is probably over by now as well. Yey… Haha!


And FYI, I do believe that a just war is better than unjust peace. Smell you later alligator!

Hate is a strong word, but… yeah! That was about it!

Your ego shines through your skin and bones. Your envy has turned your flesh and soul into green mud. I feel infected by your presence! I can smell your lies dancing on your tongue from miles away. But I can hear the fear in your voice as you speak of me. Your jealousy has blackened you tongue, it’s slowly falling off. I hope your teeth rotten as a corpse’s skin by your iniquitous lies. You make me sick and I wish I had never met you! I'm hereby forgetting the memories of you... betch!


Just getting an old grudge out my system, don’t worry (be happy, haha). The text is not about a boy by the way! It's about people who talks shit in general... or actually it's not! Who do I think I'm fooling here? It's about an old, evil and sad man! Euw, I feel disgusted by even writing this down. I hate when people shows these things on the Internet. It's like "Oh, look at me, I'm writing down my feelings, buhu! I hope I get some attention now, Oh!" The big question is, should I post this or not? There is no way in hell he will ever see this. And if he does, he won't be able to understand a thing. Google translate won't help him with this one... Oh, screw this! I'm posting it!

PS! I'm still not one of the drama queens. Okay? This was a one time thing! A ONE TIME THING!! It doesn't count! As we say in Sweden, Once is none!

Cookie day part 2

You may think the last post was the end of today’s happenings, but you’re wrong!


After school, me, Kie and Nao went to the Center to sit for a coffee at Costas. I know, you’re thinking “Begonia? Coffee? She doesn’t drink coffee…” and you’re most certainly right about that. I didn’t drink coffee, I drank a cinnamon latte! There’s a big difference. I actually wanted a Chai latte, but guess what… They didn’t have it! But don’t judge the place, the environment was really comfy so we’ll just have to look between our fingers on this one.


Before going to Costas, we went to the Avenue 4, where you can find “Ben’s Cookies”. Like I said before, if you’re thinking of coming to Oxford you have to try these cookies. It’s a thing that you just have to do, or you’ll regret it for the rest of your lives. You’ll thank me for revealing this golden cave one day!

We sat here for hours and just talked and talked and talked. We were supposed to study for our essay, but did we really do that? Nope! We talked about the question for 10 minutes maximum, and talked about everything between earth and the sky for hours, haha. That's a really bad translation from Swedish to English, but I hope you get what I mean!

Ben and Costa!

Later, we went by Boost to buy something healthy! But they gave it to us for free! Do you know why? Because they love us! Haha, okay maybe not! I had actually collected enough points on my Boost card, so it was time for a free Boostie. And Kie got a free one because it was her first time! You see? They love their customers!

I had a "5 a day". Haha, Kie was coughing after trying mine. "Wow! It really tastes healthy, haha!", she said. Well, I guess we all know that that's a different expression for "Disgusting! How can you drink that?", but I actually happen to love this drink. It's mixture of fruits and veggies!

Cookie day part 1

Oh, this day has been quite amazing I think! I don’t really know why, it just has! You know how it is in Oxford. Everything is always so wonderful, even when it rains! I believe that this city is comparable to love. There’s no bad weather, just different types of good weather! Haha, not because I’ve ever been in love with someone, cause I haven’t. But I suppose that I feel some kind of love for this city.

Every time I walk on the streets here in Oxford, I can feel small butterflies spreading their wings in my stomach, just flying around inside of me. I can’t stop feeling excited about actually living in this city, haha!

Anyway, my classes were really good today and I finished early as well. How great is that?! After school I just hung out with a couple of friends in the campus and laughed a lot. I’ve had my dose of laughter for today I think.

Haha! Oh, Anna! She's such a sweetheart! She had brought some fresh baked cookies to school. She really made my day!

Nora's enjoying her cookie!

My favorite Belgians' loved their cookies as well!

Hahaha! Is this the pic of the day or what? They all look... "special" as Leonel would have called it!

Oh, Kie! This girl should become a model or something. I think she has a really unique face and she's asian so she will never grow old, haha! They seem to stay young forever and ever!

My name is Begoña and I'm from Mexico!

Today, I look like a little mexican girl with a nice and warm poncho and feather earrings, haha! I've been feeling so cosy all day because of this poncho. At first when I got to school I felt a bit hot... a bit too hot actually (I biked as fast as I could, because I thought I was going to be late... If you have to know, I kind of overslept... but I made it in time! Yey!)

But hey, I managed to take a picture even if I was in a hurry! See, I'm a really dedicated writer! I wouldn't let you down! Everything for you my sweet darlings, haha! ♥


Last night, me and my roomie had a little movie night. We watched Bridesmaids, which was hilarious and super fun! We laughed so hard that we thought that our stomachs were going to explode. What a night!

Did you just say sweaty?

Yeah, I thought I'd have a go with this picture. As you can see, I'm in my room and right next to me I've got a lot of sweaty clothes. That's some fun facts, yes?

Just another day

Today, I’ve just been to school and hung out with friends! Haha, we have had these incredible laugh attacks about the most bizarre things… And I don’t even know if I can tell you! I wouldn’t be funny for you anyways because you weren’t there. Haha!

Under cover dancer?

My roommate just showed me a video of her and har dance crew dancing. Three letters: O-M-G! Apparently, my roomie belongs to some kind of celebrity entourage or something. Haha, her dance crew has been touring a lot, her neighbour is a hot Korean singer (from Thailand), her friend is a singer (T-pop)... People are crazy about these guys back in Asia, and I’m like “Okay…? Why didn’t you say anything about this before? I mean, normal people don’t skip this kind information. I have told you a lot about myself and you haven’t even told me that you’re a great dancer?”

This may come as a "Daah" for you, but I think she's a really good dancer! In these videos' allt he girls are wearing the same outfit as the boys. But she showed me some hot mama pictures when the girls were all dressed in these cute girl-clothes. I don't know how to explain it... but it's very, very K-pop! Haha, she's learning me all about Asia and what's in and out there. It's really interesting I have to say! 

This is NOT they way you should do a tequila shot...

Cheers, dady! This one's for you, since you're the one who wanted to see me do a shot! Enjoy!

I don't get it! How on earth can you serve tequile without salt and lemon! That's just sick...

Go Sirens!

Oh, goodness precious me! It had lots of fun during the cheerleading session today. It was a bit intimidating at first (okay, I was intimidated through out the whole session), but it was still fun! I think I loved the dancing part the most. The stunting felt a bit dangerous, but still great fun. Once you’re doing a stunt you have to be able to trust everyone in the squad. I guess you don’t want to be fighting with anyone before practise, if you know what I mean, haha! The flexibility part… where should I begin? I don’t know how to do splits or any of that kind of stuff. I guess I just have to learn.

It was a bit strange to be surrounded by university students (College boys… wow, haha! No, I'm just kidding). It felt like I was in a college movie or something. Their gym is not a gym. It’s a huge, giant freakin’ sport center, and there was a lot of sports going on while we were practising. Oh, I don’t know how to explain it, but it felt so cool because I’ve never ever experienced anything like that before.

I don’t know if I will be able to practise with the squad though. I mean, I would really love to, but I don’t think I’ll be making it to every practise because of my schedule.

On my way back home from practise.

The sport center is kind of hidden. When you enter this gate (if you find it), you'll discover a huge sportsground. Oh, sorry! Plenty gigantic sportgrounds and buildings... It's sick!

Cheers to all the cheerleaders

Right now, i’m preparing myself for my first cheerleading practice. It’s more of a testing actually. The crew wants us nubies to give the sport a try and then make up our minds if this is something for us.

The meeting point will be by Sainsbury’s on Magdalen roundabout at 10 am. Wish me luck, haha!

Free House

I was wearing my new jacket tonight, and I noticed a girl who was kind of scanning me up and down. I was wondering what her problem was. Well, now I know! Haha, I had forgotten to cut of the price tag... Awkward!

Bartender stalking - call the police!

I went to Free House tonight to hang out with Ta and Pimwa. We had a fantastic time with lots and lots of laughter, good conversations and a bit of bartender stalking too (I’m not kidding… Pimwa was so obsessed with the cute bartender that she photographed him from our table I think I’ll start calling her “PsychoPim” soon).

We were sitting in the balcony and these guys were sitting right behind me. Suddenly I start to feel that the chair behind me is coming closer and closer every time he laughs. So we pushed back our table, and he’s friends started to laugh so loud my ears almost fell off. “The girls find you so disgusting they’re moving away from you”, haha and that was not the point at all. I felt so bad for it but couldn’t help myself, so I burst into laughter as well. And so it happens again! The guy behind me laughs so hard his chair bumps into my chair again. This time we moved 2 meters from their table. I hope the table in front of us didn’t feel too harassed!   

On our way to the pub

At Free House

Haha "BLUE LAGOOOON!!!" - Ta

Bartender stalking!



Darnell got really happy for the present! Right now he’s jumping around in my room, hiding in my closet and spying on us. All in the same time! “What? I can’t see you Darnell! Where are you? Hello”

Oh, got to go! He wants to show me something mysterious. He’s aliens are stuck on the roof. I have no idea of how they got there, but they’re there now!

Haha, look at him trying to figure this thing out! What a sweetheart!

Pimwa decided to have go to!


"Wow! You see this? I did that!". Haha, we're so proud of you, Pimwa!



I just came back home from the City Center, where me and my roomie has done some major tours… for shopping! It’s getting a bit colder, so we had to buy some stuff to make us a bit hotter, even though it’s pretty hard to make us hotter than we already are (you know, we’re two hotties… especially today…) Haha, just kidding! We look like two zombies today. We’re so exhausted from last night and we didn’t get too much sleep because of our little brother, who woke us at 8.00. Thanks, babe!

Our house!

A bunch of funny guys dancing! I loved them!

Hahaha! They were all screaming "PHOOOOTOOOO TIIIIIME!!!!" Oh, look! Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasly is standing right behind me, haha!

Later we went to buy watermelon fruit crush. Suprisingly, it's not unheard of for Boost's fruit to get quite friendly with each other when the Boosters are looking the other way. It always starts as an innocent Fruit Crush, but then leads to something more serious...

We went to Poundland...

... where we bought these things!

Later, we went to this magical place to buy a toy for little Darnell!

Party Rockers

This is the outfit I shuffled in all night!

Last night!

Last night me and my friends went out to dance our asses off! Haha, and so we did! We started our night at a huge pub called Free House, which in mu opinion was a great pub with lots of different people with both unique styles and… not so unique styles. It was an inspiration anyways! Haha, nowadays a feel everything is inspiring me.

Later on we went to The Bridge to dance, dance, and dance all night long! The music was really good, but the guys… well that a totally different story! Let me put it like this “Leave me alone or I’ll cut your stomach open”… haha, okay! That was a bit of an exaggerating, but they were like animals and I felt like little piece of sweetly marinated lamb chop.

Before me and my roomie left the house!

I thought I was about to say that it was a wise decision of her to take warm shoes, but I regretted that thought as soon as it came to my mind. That was a horrible decision. Do you know how hot it was on the dance floor last night? It felt like I was wandering around in a tropical rain forest of some kind.

My decision to bring these shoes wasn’t that smart either. At least I had a plan B, haha!

My feet were killing me, so I had to change my shoes!

"Aaah, stoy!" as we say in Sweden... or not! Hahaha, we're like nine people who knows the actual meaning of that phrase, but it was really "stoy" anyway!

Wow, the street looks really dead in this picture. But it was actually really crowded as always during the nights here.

Well, at least my feet weren't killing me anymore... Don't judge me! You would have done the same!

The Crown was our meeting point. Or... actually Mc Donald's was our meeting point! Is has become such a habit to say "Yeah, we'll meet outside of Mc Donald's just because it's right in the center of the City Center. But how cool would it sound if I told you guys that we were supposed to meet outside of Mc Donald's? Not cool at all...

You see? Not cool at all, haha! But these girls are pretty cool.

Speaking of crowded; Free House was pretty damn crowded last night! But we maneged to find seats and had an awsome time!

Kopparberg? A swedish brand here in the UK? I had to buy some!

At The Bridge! Go, go, go!

Hahaha, good job, Sara!

And no, that's not sweat under my armpit! I thought so at first when i saw the picture, but it's not, hahaha! It could most likely have been because we were dancing like crazy people and it was hot like a freakin' sauna, but still... it's not! OKAY?!?!? hahaha, just kidding!

Speaking of the devil

Guess who my new teacher is! That’s right, Mr. Fitz! But I’m a bit sad though. I really liked my English teacher. He really was fantastic, so I will miss him.

Haha, as soon as Mark said that we were going to get David as our new teacher I basically screamed “DAVID NELSON?!”. I couldn’t help my self… I had heard people speak of his name too much for two days, so his name kind of slipped of my tongue… very, very loudly! And Marlene was like “Mr. Fitz? Will we get Mr. Fitz?! WOW! ... Oh, but we’ll miss you, Mark!” And I think we all will. I can just hope for my life that David Nelson is better than Mark. Otherwise, I’ll have to cry myself to sleep on Monday…

Mr. Nelson! If you see this: You’d better be better than Mark!

Love stoned?

I believe there’s some crush flue going in school right now! Students are falling in love with a special someone and it’s NOT another student. It’s a teacher! Haha, I’m not going to revile who the teacher is… yet, but I will call him Mr. Fitz! People, if you have watched Pretty Little Liars, you’ll know exactly what and who I mean.

We had a real smart ass among the students who went to ask if he was gay. Oh, dear lord! I don’t even want to know why. Maybe she thought he was, because you can’t possibly be a handsome Britt with nice teeth, voice and accent of an… angel (Uh, I want to puke. That was such a cliché) and look like Mr. freakin’ Fitz without being gay… Right?

Oh, this is what I look like by the way!

Making plans baby!

This morning before class, I sat down with my two homeboys, Kim and Malin, to make plans for the weekend. I believe I’ll be going out with them and some other friends tonight actually! What we’ll do, you’ll get to see later, haha!

Haha, if you look at these pictures you might believe we had some kind of an intervention or something. But don't worry! It was just the break before class.

I sock!

Okay, so here’s the story. I walk into class and we have a new teacher (because our real teacher was sick). She gives me a nice complement as I enter the class room. She looks down on my shoes and says “Oh, what lovely shoes you’re wearing! But the socks… You are very lucky that you’re not in my General English class. I would not have allowed that in my class! But we’ll get back to that later”.

My first thought was “Is this lady joking? Who is she and what is she doing here? For crying out loud! When will this nightmare stop?” I mean, I left Sweden and my precious disgusting ugly socks that I never wanted to get rid of (but finally I did, hurray!), and literarily came to England with no socks. I bought some nice white socks as soon as I got here, and I still here complains about my socks? What is the matter with people? Or is it perhaps me? Is it a curse? I don’t know, I seriously have no idea!

“I have a lot of rules in my class. If you follow these rules, everything will be okay. If now… get out of my class room! One of the rules is to have socks that either matches your shoes or your trousers. But you are forgiven Lady Begonia, dear! You’re not my real student so you wouldn’t know. But if you were… Oh, my!”, she said.

She could just stop in the middle of a sentence sometimes to look down on my shoes. And of course, she wasn’t looking at the shoes. She was looking at my damn socks! Haha, I’m not kidding when I’m saying that I tried to hide my feet under my purse just so she couln't take a look at those bloody socks. It must have been like a needle in her eye. Oh, how horrible! But she was funny though. We spent the class time speaking with a brittish English and saying fancy words and phrases that only we "upper classes of the day" get to speak. Did you know she's a queen by the way? Yes, indeed! Teaching is just one of her hobbies that she is really passionate about.

No one has ever said anything about my new socks? I bought a lot of these socks... Do I have throw them all away now? Honestly... Does it really look that bad? Just so you know, I was not the only one with a flaw. I bet my class mates have a lot of stories to share!  

I just ate a malteser that had the shape of an ass

I have to tell you about the funniest thing that happened today! But I'll do that a bit later after I have finished my home work for tomorrow.


This has been a fantastic day! I don’t know why really, it has just been fantastic! My classes have been great fun and I have had such a lovely time laughing with my friends and teachers during classes.

I think autumn has come to stay now. But it doesn’t feel like that. I’m having so much fun, and that’s not how I’m used to feel during this time of the year. Autumn has always felt so tragic and… almost dead! But suddenly it has come to my knowledge that it’s actually an interesting and inspirational season.

When I biked home this evening after school I suddenly got very inspired. God, I can’t explain the feeling of biking home in the evening sun. I was almost shivering because of the autumn breeze and the fresh air. The leafs… the city… everything felt so magical in some kind of way! I adore this city, I absolutely do!

Before class with Inci

Lina-Maria and me


Today, I have what I like to call a “Sleepy Thursday”. School doesn’t start until 14.05, so I have plenty of time to just chill in my house… and of course being a nerd, haha!

z0ImM9 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Testing, testing! The cellphone works, mission completed!

Begonia 4 3v3r

What you see below is Begonia written in four different languages!

Sleepy me

Oh, I’m so tired right now! I would actually love to go to sleep soon, but I have to finish some of my home work first.

Even though I have a lot to do, I can’t stop viewing pictures that was taken the days before I left Sweden.

A little home work

No, it's okay! I'm just going to stay in tonight and do some home work. No party for me tonight, haha!


Today has been very stressful. You know when you think everything is alright and you suddenly realise that its not? That was exactly what I had to deal with today. All my lessons has been great fun, but the meeting I had today was… Oh, dear lord! Where should I start?

Even in the darkest times you'll find light

I don’t know what kind of weather you’ve got back in Sweden (or any other part of the world for that matter) right now, but I would love to take this opportunity of mine and hope you the best of times now when the end is nigh… Haha, no I’m just kidding!

Darker times are about to enclose our world and soon everything will be dark. But do not fear this! Even though all the colours are fading into the shades of darkness and everything seems to be dying right now, you’ll always find light. (okay, I admit that this is starting to sound a bit like the Lord of the rings now, but don’t let it distract you). Just look what I saw hiding under the dead leafs of autumn – a little flower!

I died today

At this very moment, I’m writing from heaven. That’s right, from heaven! You see, I died today. I had just picked up my new bike and just gotten the hang of it all… Suddenly, a car smashed into me as I was trying to get over the street. I died. My body was broken in million pieces and the blood flooded from my veins almost like it was escaping my body. 

Okay, this didn’t happen, but it could most likely have happened. I mean, I was on my way to cross the street on my bike, and I didn’t see the car which turned in the round about… But I was lucky I guess, really lucky! If that car wouldn’t have pushed the brake right in time, I would have been dead by now. So I just want to breathe a bit right now, and thank him for being aware of me. I sure as hell wasn’t aware of him… Wow, I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself for putting my and someone else’s life in danger like that. Seriously!

I think I should consider buying a helmet. For real! Because this town is a scary place to ride a bike in.

Peace out! And thank you for not running over me and killing me. I could take the honking and the screaming billion and billions of times again, just so I never have to relive that moment again, or worse.

Can you imagine buying a bike and pay £180 just to go and die the first thing you do? Me neither... That's obviously pretty damn sick if you ask me, and yet I'm the one to almost do it.

I don't think I'm ready to ride a bike in the City Center yet... I think I'll stick to biking to school and practise instead, cause I'm a scaredy cat!

Me To You

Have I shown you these? Me and my roommate have the same ones (except mine are pink and hers are blue). The main reason why I bought these fuzzy slippers was not because me and my roommate could look stupid together, but because they actually remind me of my sister. It’s a bit strange, I know, but she loves those little "Me To You" teddy bears! So, now when I wear them I come to think of her. Is that cute or just disgusting? Haha!

A preppy prick

I didn't have a lot of time to take a good picture of my outfit this morning, so you'll have to settle with this one.

Today, I only had two lessons, but I will still go back to school by 15.30 for a meeting. After the meeting, me and my roommate will go to the City Center to get our bikes.

I look like a preppy prick who has been convicted for something, don't I? Haha!

Amish baby

Do you want to know what I looked like today? I’ll give you a hint. Take an amish girl, a jew on a barmitzwa, an indie artist and a male student from the 1940’s – mix that in a blender and you’ll have today’s outfit. Nice, hu?

I actually got a lot of nice compliments about my outfit today, so I would really love to believe that. Maybe they were scared about the amish thing... I don't know, haha! Are amish people scary? No, I didn't think so either! I think they're pretty cool, which reminds me of something relly funny:

 When I’d just landed in London, I overheard a girl (okay, I admit it. I was eavesdropping, but don’t spread the word) who were staring at three very traditional jews and saying “Wow, look at the amish people! But are they really allowed to take the plane?” I was this close to walk over to her to tell her “No, they should have totally travelled by horse and carriage just like in the good old days”. I mean, how thick can a human possible be? And they weren't even amish! They were jews, traditional jews with cute curls and everything!

Monday fun facts

You may think I had a really long day today. But in fact, it didn’t feel too long. I started at 10.20 and finished at 18.30… Haha, but I had an enormous break between the first lesson and the two last lessons. During my huge break I went to Headington for some high fashion grocery shopping with my class mate Lina-Maria. That salad I made was really houte cotour!

Later, I just hung out with friends in the campus garden. The sun was lovely and it was probably the last time any of us will ever see sunlight again… at least for 9 months, haha!

Oh, did I tell you that I changed my class today? I went from C1-1 to C1-2. You’re probably thinking “Oh… right, C1-2! Way to go, champ…?”, but that’s alright. I don’t expect you to know what levels there are… yet! No, I’m just joking with you.

Pimwa's busy, busy before class starts.

When you least expect a camera to flash right in your face, I'll be there, and I'll be the one to push the button. Beware, I'm just a klick away from you, haha!

I've got some news for you guys

Jag tror det är dags för mig att slopa svenskan här på bloggen ett tag framöver nu. Jag vet inte, men det känns aningen underligt att skriva på svenska när allt jag gör om dagarna är att prata på engelska, tänka på engelska, läsa på engelska… Jag drömmer till och med på engelska! Och självklart vill jag att mina vänner här i Oxford också ska förstå vad det är jag skriver här på bloggen.

So here it goes! From now on, you’ll all know this day as the day when I, Begonia, startade writing in English. What do you think? Oh, you’ll get used to it my loves, I promise!

I'm going to show you some pictures now. You almost think it's summer when you look at the first pictures, but suprise, suprise... it's fall, or autumn as the english so lovely call it.


Så här såg jag ut idag! Och det ser ut som att jag har en dubbelhaka på första bilden... Men det är väl ändå helt okej? Det är ju ganska fint tycker jag. Eller?

Nytt i parken

Här kommer lite saker jag köpte idag.

Cookie monster-trosor! Haha, jag har kallats för kakmonster av min bror så länge jag kan minnas. Nu kan dessa pryda delen av mig som visar alla kakor jag ätit genom åren, my ass! Haha!

Inget Oxford utan the Oxford shoes!

En stickad tröja och en flagga!

Och en skumkudde som formar sig efter ens kropp. Tack för den, nu slipper jag de här stenhårda och värdelösa kuddarna.

En plånbok

Söndagshäng i parken

Idag har jag härjat runt på stan och huntat cyklar. Och vet ni? Jag har faktiskt köpt en nu... för £180! Det är nästan så att jag mår lite illa, haha! Cykeln hämtar jag imorgon om jag har tid. Annars får det bli på tisdag då jag slutar 11.20!

Annars har köpt en kudde, ett par skor (då mina nuvarande börjar förfalla på grund av jobbet), en stickad tröja för kallare tider (inte idag alltså... det är fortfarande 30 grader här) och en plånbok (då även den höll på att förfalla. Den nästintill spottade ut alla mina kort i protest. Den ville helt enkelt ha dödshjälp, så jag köpte en  ny för att ersätta den).

Efter stadsmaratonet bar det av mot South Park, där jag hängde hela dagen med min roommate. Juste! Det var ett par killar som bestämde sig för att köra en naked mile... Haha, jag är glad att de inte kom tillräckligt nära oss. Då hade det blivit pepparsprayen för kung och fosterland, hahaha!

Vi drog givetvis till Boost för en liten energikick!

Det blev en färskpressad juice gjord på 2 apelsiner, 2 äpplen, 2 morötter, selleri, rödbetor och lite detox booster för min del.

"We take the most innocent looking fruit and veggies (especially the ones with naturally sweet personalities and cute little dimpels), then brutally squeeze, pulp and grind into a delicious, vitamin packed juice" - Boost.


Oh! Jag köpte en Union Jack-flagga!


Som i LMFAOs låt, skrek jag "SHOT" igår innan jag shottade en wheatgrass shot! Haha, nej det är inte någon ny smak av Absolut Vodka. Det är en "Knock back something healthy for a change", en shott sprängfylld med vitaminer, mineraler och antioxidanter.

Jag har lovat lilla mamma att bli stammis på Boost Juice Bar här i Oxford, då de serverar massa nyttiga färskpressade juicer och smoothies. "Min blomma! Jag vet inte vad du kommer att äta när du är där. Inget nyttig antar jag... britter... Men lova mig att dricka nyttiga drycker minst 3 gånger i veckan", sa hon veckan innan jag åkte. 

Vet ni hur roliga de på Boost är eller? När jag beställde en shott tittade de på mig och frågade "The wheatgrass shot? Wheatgrass... Do you know what that is? Are you sure? Okay...  WHEATGRASS SHOT FOR THE LADY OVER HERE!", sa kassören och hela gänget bakom disken samlades för att titta på medan jag shottade. Haha, de gav mig en apelsinklyfta att suga tag i efter shotten, ungefär som man gör efter en shott tequila, hahaha!

Jag kände mig oövervinnerlig som Darnell känner sig när han har på sig den här hjälmen, haha!

Från Gemma

Innan jag och Pimwa drog iväg till stan idag tog vi farväl av Gemma. Vi skrev några hälsningar i hennes bok och jag skrev självklart något uppmuntrande för att hon var så ledsen över att lämna Oxford och alla sina nya vänner. När vi kom hem hade vi båda fått en liten present var av henne. De låg på våra sängar. Åh, så söt hon är!

Thank you so much Gemma! I'll see you soon! ♥

"I love a great time in England. With this guide you can learn and improve your Spanish! :) / Gemma xxx"

Town & Picnic

Idag har jag gått runt i stan och sökt samt köpt behövligheter. Vad får ni se lite senare. Det blev dock ingen cykel på köpet, Dogge! Den köper jag någongång i oktober, kanske imorgon, övermorgon eller sista oktober. Vem vet?

Jag letade efter en skjorta, men vilken affär jag än besökte fann jag ingen skjorta. Hur svårt kan det vara att bara ge mig en vanlig skjorta? Åh, idiotiskt! Så jag drog in till affären jag visste skulle leverera i denna fråga, Zara.

Efter vårt härjande efter en skjorta och andra behövligheter, testade vi KFC (min första gång och förmodligen sista. Jag åt en het klubba och det var helt okej, men bara helt okej!), köpte Ben's cookies (färska magiska cookies. Ett måste om ni kommer till Oxford) och frukt för vår picnic i South Park (inte den i Colorado med Cartman och co.)

4th avenue, här kan ni hitta exakt allt förutom droghandel och prostitution. Här hittar ni bland annat Ben's Cookies!

Utanför parken stod självklart en glassbil!

Hej, jag heter Edward Cullen. Själv då?

Vi köpte matchanda innetofflor för man måste ha skor i vårt hus, haha! Vi orkar inte gå i våra vanliga skor hemma så vi köpte dessa istället. Haha!

Second hand-krypin

Idag har jag varit på cykeljakt med min roommate. "Begonia? Cykla? Hur fan ska det gå?", tänker ni nu och jag vet... Jag är inte den bästa på att cykla, då jag hade en cykel när jag var liten och nästan aldrig har cyklat sedan jag var liten. De gånger jag har cyklat i "vuxen" ålder har det gått åt hellskotta ska jag säga er. Ni känner nog till historien om bommen? Bommen var cirka 50 meter ifrån mig och det var en liten nedförsbacke. Jag hade ingen aning om hur jag skulle svänga utan att ramla... så jag skrek... i nästan en minut! Det gick inte ens snabbt. Jag åkte säkert på en hastighet på 1 km/timmen. Därefter krockade jag med bommen. "DUNK", sa det och jag hoppade av cykeln för att ta emot min vänners skratt.

Men detta var ju inte alls vad jag skulle skriva, haha. Jag ville bara berätta om en liten second hand-hörna som jag upptäckte här i Oxford idag.

Kära storebror

Idag är ingen vanlig dag, för det är nämligen storebrors födelsedag. Så fort jag vaknade imorse tänkte jag först "Please Darnell! Not now, we'll play later". Kort därefter insåg jag att det var den första oktober, min storebrors födelsedag. Jag slängde mig upp ur sängen för att komma på hur jag skulle agera. Skulle jag springa in i hans rum, hoppa upp på hans säng och väcka honom för att sedan sjunga för honom? Nej, det gick ju inte. För det är ett helt hav som skiljer oss åt... Så jag ringde honom istället och sjöng för honom. Åh, jag saknar dig storebror!

Och nu sitter jag här i mitt rum och gråter samtidigt som jag skriver detta för att jag känner mig så dum, så otroligt dum, som inte är med honom och firar honom just nu.

Idag saknar jag dig allra mest, Ernesto. Jag älskar dig! Grattis igen, storebror! ♥

Jag önskar att jag kunde ha fått göra detta för dig. Jag önskar att jag kunde ha fått dela ett stort fett silverfat med en massa kött med dig idag. Haha, åh! Jag är så patetisk nu, jag vet! Men låt mig få vara det idag.


Idag åker Jema hem. Det känns lite sorgligt även om jag inte har spenderat så mycket tid med henne då jag bodde hos en annan värdfamilj...

Aja, det positiva med att hon åker hem är att jag kan få flytta in med Pimwa nu. Yeah, baby! Nu blir vi roommates på riktigt.

Mitt namn är Begonia och jag är korean

Jag tänkte att ni kunde få se några outfitbilder här innan jag ger mig av för att terrorväcka tjejerna i rummet bredvid med en guantanomoväckarklocka.

Jag kände mig lite asiatisk igår eftersom Pimwa gjorde en traditionell Koreansk frisyr (även känd som donat-frillan i Sverige). Vi hängde ett armband runt donaten. Sedan gjorde jag kattögon och målade på lite rött läppstift, "Korean style", tyckte Pimwa. Åh, jag hade aldrig orkat göra frisyren själv. Jag har sådan tur att jag har en storasyster här som kan hjälpa mig sånt. (Ledsen Akasya. Någon måste vara min storasyster här i England när du inte är här).


I gårkväll gjorde jag och Pimwa oss redo för lite kvällsäventyr i Oxford. Tanken var från början att vi skulle dra ut och dansa, men eftersom vi båda precis har köpt våra UK-nummer hade vi inte våra vänners UK-nummer. "Fail!", tänker ni nu. Men själv känner jag att gårdagskvällen inte kunde ha blivit bättre!

Vi drog till George Street och fann en jättesöt resaurant, Giraffe. Inredningen var supermysig och vår waiter likaså. Hur ofta träffar man en snygg britt, med fin accent som är rolig, snäl, har snygga jeans (Akasya vet vad jag menar. Jag förstår inte hur svårt killar kan ha att finna byxor som sitter bra... Blir nästan smått irriterad ibland när jag tvingas se killar i fula jeans. Jag vill bara hjälpa dem) och som har fina tänder? Aldrig skulle jag vilja säga. Men tydligen finns de ju gömda lite här och där, haha.

Och nej, det är inte red bull-junkyn i baren som är den snygga britten.

Jag tror personalen älskade oss. Vi fick en massa ballonger av dem, haha! Lillen, Darnell har dock fått dem av oss nu.

Wow, fan vad exotic! Hahaha!

Pimwa: I want to take this one home (the giraffe)
Jag: Well... take it then! I don't think they'll mind, really. Just take it!
Pimwa: I don't know. It feels like stealing.
Jag: Pimwa... it's just a giraffe!
Waiter: Sadly engough I've already got three of those at home. Take it, it's yours

Vart kom han ifrån? Han hade tjuvlyssnat!

Apple & Barry Crumble Pie! Lite för sött för min smak. Jag drack ett halvt glas vatten mellan varje sked med paj.

Det var nästintill omöjligt att ta en bild på gatan utan att det skulle komma tusentals fyllon i vägen, haha. Friday night in Oxford, wööw!

Hahaha, jag har ingen aning om vad den här killen ville först. Men när jag såg honom posera bredvid mig förstod jag målet. "I wan't to be a model too! Cheers!" - fyllot.

Klockan är 09.40 och jag är en hycklare

Usch, jag är en sådan hycklare. Jag sitter och gör rättvisa för djurs rättigheter och så dödar jag två spindlar... PÅ TVÅ DAGAR! Jag mår illa... Aja, snart flyttar jag in med min roommate från Thaildan. Hon får döda krypen om de attackerar. Nu vet jag i alla fall att jag aldrig ska sömna med fönstret öppet igen.

Bild från gårdagskvällen.

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