Cry me a river, build me a bridge and get the F over it!

I was shown this very disturbing video during class today, and oh my, I’m still in chock. I don’t see how people can be so shameless and disrespectful, and go out and speak like this in public. I’m so fed up with racists and racism in general.


The woman is acting like a fool. I feel sorry for her child that has to grow up with an uneducated mother like that. If one of these guys (racists) wholeheartedly could say one good reason why Brits with different ethnicities is making things worse in society, I swear that I will raise my hat and bow for them. But that would never happen, because let’s be honest: there will never be a good enough reason to be greedy and hateful.


But let us be realistic for just a second. Is it not so that these people that are called “foreign” (even though they were born and raised in this country) is contributing to development of society? Is not so that they are working their asses of, just like the natives, to improve the welfare? Can a modern nation really survive without trading, exporting and importing goods with other nations? The answer to the last question is no. No it’s not possible! We live in a modern world where globalization is a fact. It’s too late for nationalism and patriotism. The world can never go back to that, because if we did, we would have to isolate ourselves from the world and live in a little bubble. Now, those of you who are ready to do that, please raise your hand and I’ll buy a ticket for you and all of your conservative mates to a desert Island. There you might as well start your own society if you’re so capable of creating a perfect white society.


The world is not black and white. It never has been and it never will be. We live in a world that is filled with all different shades of gray. Deal with it! ♥

A real date movie

Today I met up with Sara in the City Center to have some lunch at Jamie’s Italian. I knew I should have brought my camera, but I forgot it at home. I know that your probably thinking “How could you forget a two kg camera? It’s huge!” Well, maybe that was the reason I “forgot” it as well?


Anyway, the place was wonderful. The environment, the feeling, the food and the waiter; everything was perfect!


Later on we went to Starbucks to have some milkshake. AND OH MY GOD, what is the coincidence that someone in my house puts on the song Milkshake right now? “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like better than yours! I can teach you, but you have to charge”


I saw the cutest kid today! As soon as I saw him I thought “I’ve got to take a picture of it” (yes, I wrote it – because I always call babies IT. Don’t ask why!). But then I heard Damian’s voice in my head saying “Don’t do it, Begonia! They will lock you up and throw away the key. They’ll think you’re a pedo!”, so I took off ASAP! And why did I hear him say this in my head? Well , let me just say that he had a bit of an incident when he travelled to France. That didn’t sound any good either. I should just scratch that last part… And still I’m just going on and on about it!


Okay, see ya!

It was standing right next to the bike... But I couldn't do it, I just couldn't!

First Advent?

Today I met Anne and Julie by Vaults and Garden to climb the tower and then have some afternoon cream tea with clotted scones and jam at Patisserie Valerie later. Even though it was a bit crowded in the tower, we really got to feel some peace. It was so wonderful to be up there, watching the beautiful view of Oxford, breathing in the fresh pre-winter air while feeling the warmth of the sun shining on your face.


I had a great time with my friends and we got to talk about the strangest things, haha! Well, I’m looking forward to many more days like this.


Oh, I almost forgot that it’s first advent today. I don’t really know if that’s the proper way to say it in English but… Anyway! I’ll light the first candle in my heart since I haven’t got any candles in my room. I hope you all have had a nice first advent! ♥


Guess who’s going on a free trip to Bath next Sunday? Me! There will be a huge Christmas market there, which is absolutely perfect since I really have to do some serious Christmas shopping for my sweethearts back in Sweden (and in London of course, don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you).

Never mind

I’ve done some homework and watched skins today. What I can’t seem to understand is why series five is so bad. If you have got the answer to that, please do leave a comment. Cheers!

Jesus Christ...

Yesterday I hung out in school until nine o’clock! That’s right, NINE O’CLOCK! I finished at 18.30, then I had photography and then I went to the drama club, haha! It was pretty fun actually! They are planning a play so I guess we’ll be working on a script soon.


Guess what I’ve been doing all day after school? I’ve been trying to finish this book review, and now I’m finally finished! Hallelujah, it’s time to celebrate!

Five hundred words later

Just one thousand words to go… Yey!


I’m writing this review about Animal Farm that I told you about earlier… Well, it’s boring as hell! It’s not like I’m alone of having my thoughts about the book. I share the same point of view as half of this planet when it comes to this book. I’m just writing what any other person in this world has already written, said or thought with other words. It’s nothing but freaking paraphrasing! What good does it give me or any other person?


I think I’ll just take a little brake from all of this and watch little Darnell dance and sing to Beyonce’s "Diva". Hahaha, I wish I could film this and show you guys!

Cash up!

This song takes my mind and soul back to Peace & Love 2011 (the biggest festival in Sweden). Maskinen (The machine) must have the coolest concerts. The crowd becomes a sea of wild raging people. (It might be because everyone has one of their other famous songs in the back of their heads. Does “Anyone who doesn’t dance”, as in “Anyone who doesn’t dance is a rapist” make any sense? No?) As soon as they got to the chorus of this song the whole place turned into some kind of a riot. It was sick! They actually played in Stockholm the same night as I moved from Sweden, which was a pity. I would really have loved to see them again!

Cosy Wednesday

After school me and Kie went to Patisserie Valeire for some afternoon cream tea with scones. It’s her last week her in Oxford and then she’ll be going back home to Japan. Oh, I will really miss her! I still can’t believe that I actually was saying good bye to her. I will be seeing her a last time on Friday during our International Affairs class, but still… I’m afraid that this was the last time I got to hang out with her here in Oxford.


But guess what? I’m lucky, lucky, lucky! Her boyfriend lives in Stockholm so this we’ll get to hang out lots of more, yey! ♥

The sweet girl gave me this Japanese magazine. Haha, I won't be able to read a single word, but if there's anything I'm good at, it's to look at all of the pictures. My dearest friends in Sweden knows what an expert I am to just look at pictures in fashion magazines. I never read a single word. All that matters for me is the pictures! 

Get to it

I just got out of the shower and I’m thinking of maybe start writing my book review before it’s too late. Well, I better get to it then! I’ll see you when I have something more interesting to tell you about.


I just received some amazing news. Guess what? My daddy is coming to visit me in two weeks! I can’t wait, haha! ♥

Monday From Hell

Warning! The following text may contain a whole lot of bitching about how much this Monday sucked.


My day started with an Ilab lesson. If you’ve ever had Ilab, you’ll know why! An Ilab lesson is never good unless you’re not there (because then you don’t have an Ilab lesson). After the lesson I went to the emergency because I have a piece of lead in my little finger. When I got to the reception the nurse asked me about my ethnicity. My first thought was “Oh, she means what country I’m from. Sweden!”. Well… Then she showed me a board of different types of RACES! White African, black African, Mexican, north American, native, Pakistani, Afghani etc. What’s wrong with these people? Why does it even matter where the hell I’m from? WHO CARES where I’m from? I was not in any of those “categories” since I’m mixed, so the nurse ticked a special box…


I’m not done! Then I had to wait for over three hours to get some help. It’s called “Emergency”, not “Hey let’s go and have a seat in a room full of pissed off people in pain just for fun”. Read the conversation below to see what kind of help I got:


Dr: So, Begonia! How can I help you?

Me: Well… I’ve got a piece of lead in my little finger and it hurts… So I would like to have it taken out, please!

Dr: Wow! How did it get in your little finger? Was it a pensile?

Me: Yep!

Dr: And tell me… How did this happen? I’m just asking because I’m curious.  

Me: Well, I was about to drop my pensile on the floor, but I managed to catch it right in time. But while catching it, it stabbed my little finger. I thought that I had got it all out, but apparently I hadn’t… And now it’s there! It has grown into my finger and it’s kind of freaking me out since it’s hurting now!

Dr: WOW! How long ago was this?

Me: Three or four months ago maybe?

Dr: Right, and why did you decide to come and see us now?

Me: Because it didn’t start to hurt me until recently?

Dr: I don’t really know what to do…

Me: Well, you could start with trying to get it out for me. Just a thought!

Dr: We could take it out!

Me: Lovely!

Dr: But not now! We would have to give you another appointment. Do you have a PG?

Me: A what? No… Wait! I have to have a PG? (I had no idea, because that’s not how it’s done in Sweden).

Dr: Yes, we can’t send you to the plastic surgery if you have not got a PG.

Me: Wait! What? Plastic surgery? For this?

Dr: Yes, it’s pretty deep!

Well, it all ended with me going back to school (walking in the rain), not getting any help from the hospital what so ever. My pinky still hurts and I might die if I get an infection.


So if you want to bitch about your Monday! Please, feel free! Today is all about bitching about your problems.


Yesterday me and my roommate went to Spaghetti to eat lunch. I had spaghetti with mushrooms, garlic, chilli and cream. One word: Delicious!


Later on we went to run some errands like grocery shopping for example. The best part of our Sunday must have been when we decided to have some doughnuts at Krispy Kreme!

Death Cab

Saturday night fever, baby...

... Yeah right! I’ve been dragging this out for a while now, but I really have to start reading my novel… It’s only 89 pages so I think I’ll manage to finish Animal Farm tonight.


I’m going to be a big nerd and hang out with my novel now. See you later!

Rockabilly Vampires

Last night me and some friends went to see Twilight the Breaking Dawn pt 1 at the Odeon theatre. I have never laughed so much during the commercials and a movie before. It all started when we were on a hunt at Tesco for some goodies to eat during the movie. Then Sara sat next to me at the cinema and she didn’t know anything about the Twilight movies since she hadn’t seen any of the previous movies of the saga. So I got to tell her about the characters while watching, which was really fun because it all sounded a bit… Well, just try to explain the movies to someone who hasn’t seen or read the books and you’ll know what I mean!


Sara: Who is that guy? Why is he so pale? That guy really needs a tan…

Me: That’s Edward. He’s a vampire.

Sara: Oh! But seriously… What’s up with his eyes?

Me: They get red when they feed on human blood.

Sara: Oh, I just thought he looked like *****… You know, always high!

Me: Did I mention that he glitters in the sun?

Sara: Seriously? That’s a bit gay…

Me: There’s nothing wrong with being a disco vampire, Sara!


Well… You get it! We were talking non stop and laughing through out the whole movie. I even had to tell some girls off on the other side of the cinema. They tried to be all “Hey, we are twilight fans and we want to scream when we see Edward or Jacob without their shirts on”. “Oh, hell no!” I said to myself. “Not on my watch! Not when I’m watching the movie! Not ever!” So I screamed “HÅLL KÄFTEN!!!” (shut up in Swedish) and they got quiet like little puppies.


After the cinema me and Malin went to The Cellar to rock out to some Rockabilly music with some more friends. I really liked the place and I will definitely go back during another time!  

Pictures will be uploaded soon! ♥

Stab ya!

Okay… I think I might be having a nervous breakdown! Where the F*** is my Freaking battery charger for my camera?! When I find that battery I will – and mark my words – I will kill it, massacre it, slaughter it, butcher it, I will freaking torture it so bad that it will wish it never was brought to this earth. While destroying it I will listen to the song below.

Come out, come out wherever you are!  

Live, Listen, Love!

During my lunch break, me and Lisa went to my favourite part of town, Cowley Road. We just hung out, made some grocery shopping and planned a little date night. You’ll hear more about that when the time comes, haha!

Oh, and we went to this cosy music shop, which made me think of that Christmas day when me and my dearest friends sat in Emelie’s room, listening to awesome music on her LP-player, drinking wine and eating sweets while switching Christmas presents with each other and watching the snow fall outside her big window.

I love Pink Floyd! I could just by it as a gift for myself to have at her place so I can listen to them whenever I'm at her's, haha.

Twilight premier Breaking Dawn pt 1

While I was at the concert last night, my roommate was doing something totally different in London. (This is just for you Twilight fans out there) She went to the red carpet premier of Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 1. I’m telling you, this girl is crazy! She went to London with her friend this Tuesday at 10 pm and didn’t come back to Oxford until Wednesday at 1 am, without crashing anywhere. Pimwa hadn’t slept for 37 hours. Oh, my god! I can’t believe it. I just counted how many hours she had been awake for and I’m in total chock… Wow! But she got what she wanted. She got to see the actors on the red carpet, take pictures with them, get autographs and all of those sings. Haha, that’s what I’d like to call devoted.  

Here are some of the pictures she took:

Can you see who it is? Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper Cullen! I actually had to look his name up before writing this. I didn't want to go all "Hey, look it's Jasper!!" And now I'm telling you that I looked up his name? I could have just gone with the Jasper thing, haha!

Some chicks (?) I don't know who they are really, but I thought they could be among the pictures as well!

Kristen Stewart and a big guy who's problably named Jeff or something. He looks like a Jeff, a real Jeff Harris! I've got no idea if that's a real person or not, but it suits him quite good I think.

Why does Jeff keep staring like a crazy person? I'm almost getting a bit scared here...

Don't sneeze, Rob! 

HELLO?!?!?! (This one is for you back in Sweden and Louie in London, because you are probably the only ones' who get this)

This was a bit sweet though! Some one had given away a heart shaped balloon. I mean, I got a balloon from a total stanger when I went to eat at a resaurant and I got so happy. God, I even got happy when I was five and got those balloones from McDonald's, haha!

HAHAHA! This is a real "HEEEELLOOOOOO?!?!?!?"-picture.

Heya, Stewie!

Actually, Pimwa took a picture with Taylor Lautner (cheek to cheek she wanted me to add) with her Iphone. Guess what? The genious never pressed the button! Well, this picure explains my thoughts exactly  "Thumbs up".

Do you see the maffiosa in the background right behind Taylor? Hahaha!

Pimwa is flashing her autographs from Taylor (the biggest one), Kristen (up to right) and Rob (the yellowish one). She gave Robert's away to her friend. "I don't mind... I don't like him anyway! Taylor on the other hand... He's mine!" So I guess she's Team Jacob then... Haha!

One night in London

Yesterday I went to London to see my bestie, Louise. We made a delicious dinner (pasta with pesto, sundried tomatoes, spinach and mozzarella) and shared a bottle of white wine - cheep but really good - and had some ice-cream for desert in her bed.


Afterwards we went to Brixton Academy to see… wait for it, wait for it… DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE! I had been longing for this day since I bought the tickets and the show was absolutely amazing. The band was fantastic live and they played a lot of my favourite songs. I just danced, danced and danced, screamed and sang as loud as I could. It was incredible! But I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t play Tiny Vessels, which song I love. Then again I love almost all of their songs so…


On our way home me, Lollo, Wille and Dogge could have been really unlucky if we were sitting with criminals. We were so loud on the tube back home; we were laughing until we shed tears, screaming spontaneous things in Swedish, acting mentally retarded, talking about horses, playing horses, galloping and neighing… well, you get the point! We went absolutely mental on the way home. And the people that were actually awake and on their way home… You should have seen their faces. Those expressions are impeccable and yet so funny that they make you laugh even more.


The party didn’t finish when we got home. It just got better! But I can’t be telling you all about it here. Firstly, it’s not blog material and secondly – I’m not writing a novel out of this night (even though it would have been a hell of a novel).

Pictures will be uploaded later!

Amnesty International

Tonight I’ll be going on a meeting with Amnesty International here in oxford. We will be doing some letter writing with a focus on Afghanistan and women’s right. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to be doing this.


Did you know that Peter Benenson, the founder of the organization, actually went to Oxford University?   

Gala vs. Death Cab for Cutie

There will be a gala in Gothenburg tomorrow. I actually had to go to this gala to (maybe) receive an award for a project I led earlier this year (depending on how it goes), but I will not be able to make it since I’m here in Oxford. (This was by the way the news I received last week. I’m nominated as “the yearly preventer” a national prize in Sweden). And I’m going to a concert as well. That’s not the main reason why I’m not going to Gothenburg though. It’s just that I’m poor as hell since I’m a student, haha!


I really wish I could be in two places at the same time, but I can’t so I’m choosing what I can afford for the moment. I will have representative at the gala, so it’s okay… I hope! Haha, oh I would have loved to dress up in a fancy dress and feel important, even just for a night, haha! Well, wish me luck! I hope I get to win this thing now that I'm in the finals. This is so sick! I didn't even know that I was nominated until a few days ago. It's all a bit chocking really!

If you want me to win this you could always send a text message "CAN 1" to 72672!

Haha, the funniest thing is that the organization that I worked in is also nominated for "The yearly preventing organization", which is really cool. Haha, yepp! This is exactly how I would walk around during the nights, making sure that everything is under control. Haha!

Okay, just one thing!

In time was good. Just good! The story line and the message were absolutely perfect though. It’s funny how your own ideas’ of the world is shown in a movie. But I think I would have chosen different actors if I was the director. I love Justin Timberlake’s music, but his acting is unfortunately not as good as his singing… (Sorry Justin).


See, this is the thing when we have musicians running around pretending to be actors and actors running around dreaming of becoming musicians. You are what you are for a reason. Don’t go and spoil it by trying to be everything. Stick to your thing and everything will work out! There are a few people who actually has managed to balance both singing and acting while being pretty good at both things… But, I don’t know!

Anyway, after the movie we went to a pub where we all hung out and had a nice time. Me and Paola missed our last bus, and we were a bit freaked out about walking through Pullens Lane. But we had eachother and our Damian who walked us all the way through the dark forrest, so it was okay!

In Time

Hey! I’m just home for a quickie (that didn’t sound good) before I leave to watch a movie with my class. Haha, we’re going with our teacher as well! This week it’s all about movies so we thought that we could watch “In Time” tonight.

Up Now

I have this huge gap between my classes today, so me and Marlene will be going to the center for a little photo session. See you guys later! ♥

S is for Sunday, L is for Love, H is for Happy Flower!

Sundays’! I used to hate Sundays’ – now, Sundays’ has become what I’m always longing for. It has become my favourite day of the week, it has become me and my roommate’s day.


Today, we had a really nice brunch at Giraffe. I had the Morning Quesadillas’ and the Mo smoothie (the money goes to research for prostate cancer). I truly believe that this was the best breakfast I’d had since I came to England. It was a real proper, healthy breakfast.


Later on we went to the heaven of the books, Blackwell! I’m telling you, this place is huge. I am afraid that I will have to buy all of the books. I was almost glued stuck to the section of politics, international relations and globalisation. You know what they say - So many books, so little time!


We had a short stop at Starbucks for some hot drinks and headed to the Oxford Castle where we climbed the hill to watch the beautiful view of Oxford. Of course, we had to finish it up with some Crispy Cream doughnuts’. Pimwa literally dragged me there because it’s kind of a huge deal in Thailand. Well, I can’t blame her! The doughnuts’ were amazing!

Don't you just get happy by looking at this wall? Imagine actually sitting here, eating your fresh breakfast, loving your life, being happy, wow!

... Okay... What's wrong with my eyes in this picture? Haha!

Love eat live, everyday!

Pimwa with her lovely Mo smoothie!

Happy Father's Day!

I don’t know what day it is in your countries, but in Sweden it’s Father's Day today! I had been thinking about calling my dad the whole morning, but I had no money on my phone. So when I went to buy a top up, the first thing I did was to call my dad and scream “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!” Later on, I got into so much trouble… Apparently I had ruined the whole surprise! If I felt like a shitty daughter before calling my dad, it was nothing comparing to what I felt like at that moment.  


Well, If you read this dady: I’m sorry for ruining the surprise for you… Happy Fathers’ Day again!  

Hahahaha, you and me dady, you and me!

B for Union Jack

Who am I kidding? Me? Going out for a run? For what? The Olympics? Nope, I’m going to the freaking gym instead!

That 50's show

Last night I went out with some friends for dinner. We went to The Cape of Good Hope on Cowley Road. The place was really nice and cosy, but the food was a bit over cooked (and by that I mean that the food was burned, a bit too burned for my taste).


Since the girls and I were going all in, we decided to take a little trip to the famous organic ice-cream bar (also at Cowley Road), namely George & Delilah! Oh, what a place! I didn’t know if I was in heaven or hell. There were sinful things to eat where ever I turned. But since it was organic and home made, I chose to believe that I was in heaven. I have never ever been to a real ice-cream bar before, so this was quite an experience.


It almost felt like I was in a 50’s movie or starring in Grease or something. There we sat, laughing loudly, hanging out just us girls and having so much fun while eating our ice-cream brownie Sundays’ - just like in the movie, Grease!


Anyway, I had an amazing time with my friends! Soon, I’ll be going out for a run, haha! You’re probably thinking “Yeah, you probably should, Patty McFatty, or else that junk might just end up on your trunk”.

Challenge excepted!

Wild Beasts

Performing tonight: Wild Beasts! I would have loved to see them tonight, but unfortunately the tickets are sold out. But I’ll swing by just so see if someone would like to sell me their ticket. You never know!

Hot chocolate

Hey! I went to Starbucks to hang out with Kie between the classes today. We sat in the sofas, talking about life and enjoying our hot chocolates while the rest of Oxford wandered around the streets freezing their lives away in the cold, haha. Oh, she will be going home to Japan soon and I already miss her! ♥

Darnell says hi

To wake up and eat breakfast with my cute little brother is a really good way to start your morning. Look what he drew to me during breakfast!

That's a lot of B-days

Last night I went to Port Mahom to hang out with my sweet Belgians and French! Haha, we just hung out and watched our Ex-teacher, David, play. I loved the fact that he actually shuffled/(indie twisted as I call it in Swedish) while playing his guitar. We had a really nice time and I believe there will be a lot more of those nights in the future!


When I came home and turned on the lights in my bedroom I realised that my roomie had come home as well. She wasn’t sleeping, thank god! But she had brought me something special from Ta’s birthday celebration – a piece of her birthday cake. How cute is that? Now, I feel really, really bad for not celebrating Ta properly.


Speaking of B-days, I just came home from the cottage where we had celebrated Ingers 19th birthday. I really enjoyed the Birthday tea party! We ate everything from carrots to chips to skittles. Haha, once again – glamorous student life as we all know it!  

And no, that's not Ta's B-day cake! Haha, but it did have cheep and trees on it, haha!

Beat it!

Okay, so I’m not going to see Turin Brakes tonight. I really wish I would, but the student life has its restrictions as well if you know what I mean. If not – then I'd wish to be you in the next life!


Anyway, I’ve always got a plan B. So tonight I’ll be doing some Body Combat, beat up the air and act out the anger of not going to my concert. Afterwards I might, just might, hang out with some friends at Port Mahom. I’m afraid I won’t be able to go to sleep early tonight. I had a p-nap earlier today… Well, it was a three hour p-nap actually. It was not exactly what I'd had in mind really, but it is what it is!

Turin Brakes

Tonight Turin Brakes will be performing at the O2 academy. I can’t tell you how much I want to see them! I’m so happy that they’re coming to Oxford, haha!


Here are some of my favourite songs with them.  

Congratulations, you're still in the running to become United Kingdoms’ next top photographer

Me and Marlene just talked to Damian about maybe having photo challenges every week since we’re interested in photography. And Damian is a former fashion photographer so of course he set us up with our first little task. It’s almost like a “Get to know your camera” kind of task.


I really do look forward to having these photo tasks!

Say what?

I have received some incredible news from Sweden! I’m in chock right now… I can’t tell you much about it yet! But I swear on all of my belongings that I will let you know what the hell I’m talking about on the 10th of November.  


Hey! I promised you some pictures from the concert. And because I am a women of my words I will show you the pictures NOW!


This day has been wonderful! Me and my roomie went to the City to have some lunch and to do some serious grocery shopping.


Haha, and you won’t believe what we witnessed today. While walking over the bridge towards St Clemens Street we heard metallic noises. “Do you hear that?” I asked Pimwa. We followed the sound, which led us to the railing of the bridge… and when we looked down we saw something we never wished to see: medieval people fighting with swords dressed in metal helmets and everything. “What the…?” I said to myself. As I was about to finish my sentence a college guy finished it for me. He dragged his friends towards the railing and held his hands against his lips, forcing himself not to laugh. More and more people were attracted to the scene: all of them asking themselves what they were doing down there and why? I think we all still ask ourselves the question “Why?”.


Now, I’ve got no idea if these sword fighting medieval people had travelled time to show Oxford the real deal, or if these guys were just… playing World of Warcraft in real life?     

Tesco, baby!

And of course, Poundland! That's kind of my hood, haha!


It was not until today that I really realised how much in common I have with my roomie. While sitting on the bench on a bridge, drinking our hot take away Starbucks Chai Tea Latte in the autumn sun and talking about life, I realised how lucky I was to have her as my roommate and friend. She’s practically like my big sister here in Oxford. She looks out for me and we can talk about exactly anything.

Oh, no! This has turned into one of those “Merci” commercials. All I need now is someone to sing “I’m so lucky, I’m so glad that I’ve got you! I need to thank you and thank you means merci... Merciii my little way of saying thanks, merci for being you!” Ew, bye everyone!

Kim Jong-Il looking at things

Okay, before I hang out with Pimwa I just have to let you look at this blog. Haha, genius! I laughed, laughed and laughed until I couldn’t breathe. I don’t know were the guy get everything from, but I love it!

looking at female soldiers
Kim Jong-il looking at female soldiers...


Tomorrow is grocery shopping day for me and my roomie. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to it. Haha, I know it sounds strange. It is pretty strange actually, but I’m just thinking of how much money I will get to save now. You know how it is – student life!

Bonfire Night

It’s the 5th of November, which means it’s Bonfire Night tonight! For you guys who don’t know what that is, it’s shortly said a yearly event dedicated to bonfires, fireworks and celebrations.


The streets’ of Oxford were crowded. Were ever I turned I could see happy youths, seniors, families and friends just having fun together.


Me and my friends went to South Park to watch the fireworks and the bonfire like everyone else. Afterwards we were invited to eat some free cakes and drink hot chocolate. First we thought it was some kind of a trap, but when we saw everyone go as well we understood it was for charity. The cakes were so good. I couldn’t try them all; Trust me I tried, but I got full to quickly.


Later on we went to Cowley Road to find a restaurant, but all the restaurants were fully booked. It was impossible to find a table and we were almost ten girls (or more).


Anyway, my evening was great (even though I went home early)!

Oh my gosh!

Haha, this is the overall facial expression I've been seeing tonight! Chocked, amazed, entertained and happy in the same time. Everyone (including me) was so amazed by the fireworks in South Park! All I heard was me and the rest of the huge crowd saying “Ooh, aaah, wooow!”


What's wrong with this guy? Hahaha!

Just chilli'n!

I don't know why, but it feels like it's Sunday! So here are some pictures from last Sunday, haha!


The best girl in the world hunted down a couple of tickets for Death Cab last night! It’s done: we’re going! And I’m so happy! Thank you, King Louie! BAAM! ♥

You & Me, Death

They burned the greens' and the school stands all alone now
Yet, the bicycle racks stands empty, even though the holidays are over
They are felling chestnuts trees in the avenue in front of the schoolyard
And I move quietly, don’t belong here - I am the ghost

I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because why I remember it so well
Your big eyes, your dark hands, your sharp knees

Was it you I saw, like a shadow from my dreams
Was it you I saw – you I swore never to forget

They are digging in the park and the frost on the ground becomes a defence
And in the corner of the church where the railroad goes have they blocked

Someone is lying in the grass, with frosty clothes, so still and white
And the blue lights is blinking, imagine what you can do with a little knife

And I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because why I always return to this place
It must have been something we did, something we said that changed my life

Was it you I saw, like a shadow from my dreams
Was it you I saw – you I swore never to forget
Was it you I saw, like I ghost from my dreams
Was it you I saw, have I finally succeeded to forget?


My brother and my sister don't speak to me - But I don't blame them

What am I doing? I’m just sitting here, geeking around, in my room! I think I want to speak to my brother; I have barely been talking to him since I left Sweden. Two words: Not okay!

Ooh la!

Last night I just hung out with my roommate! We ate Ben & Jerry’s and watched 28 days later. It was pretty nice to have a girls’ night at home for once, haha!

I love my life!

OMG! You can’t believe what news I just had! I jumped up and down in my bed and cried a few tears when I heard about the news! Death Cab, my favourite band of all freaking time,  is playing in London the 16th of November! I’m having a rush as I’m writing this. I am so happy that I could do almost anything anyone asks me to do right now. ASK ME ANYTHING AND I’LL DO IT! Haha, wow wow wow! God, I can’t believe this!


I don’t care that it’s a Wednesday, it’s the little Saturday as we call it in Sweden - and I’m going! I care about the fact that I’m poor or the fact that I have to take the bus back home to Oxford after the concert. I’ll travel through wind and water, dust and fire, hurricanes and earthquakes – just to hear them play live, sing to their songs, dance to their beats… just to be embraced by Ben Gibbard’s voice like angels are embraced by God.

This is one of the first songs' I ever heard with these guys!

Juicy News

Today, we went to the Crown Court here in Oxford for our International Affairs class. We followed some cases – some very interesting and some not so very interesting, haha. I don’t think I should share any details about the juicy cases here on my blog. It wouldn’t be… How should I put this? Right (?)


Anyway, after our visit at the Crown Court, me, Marlene and Julie went to The News Café to eat some lunch. We ordered the smoked salmon with cream cheese and onion bagels, which tasted absolutely amazing. The environment was quite interesting as well. You really got to understand why it was called the News Café. While coming in you can see photos that has been taken by photo journalists’, people browsing a range of magazines and newspapers or watching the news on the TV over coffees. It almost feels like your intellect is awaken when you step into the café. All of a sudden you start discussing the current events in the world, haha! It’s a nice place, so make sure you swing buy this café when you’re in Oxford.


I just came home from the supermarket with Pimwa. We bought some yoghurt and fruit, nut & berry mix. Now, it’s time for us to watch Misfits!

Oh, it's going to be so nice to just lay down in my bed and relax while watching a new episode!

Number two is the magic number

Yes it is! It’s the magic number! And why exactly is it the magic number? Well, that’s a secret I’ll never tell.



Gossip Girl


Haha, no but seriously! THAT my friends, is a secret I will never tell. There is only two people in this world who knows the secret behind this number and it’s not me and Jack Daniels. (His magic number is seven) It’s me and my roommate (and all the other people with common sense).

Happy Flower

Finally, I can rest! I've been having these terrible nightmares all night. I think it's because I've been so stressed and worried these past days. I haven't had any peace what so ever, and today I solved all of my problems. So tonight I'll be doing some circuit training with Marlene to just get everything out of my system. I can finally go back to being a happy flower again, yey! ♥




Something quite amazing happened to me today. I fell in love. Psyke! Haha, no, I had my first bagel ever! I had never had a bagel before, so it was a bit special really. I ate a smoking hot bagel with luscious mozzarella, ambrosial tomatoes and fresh basilica. M-mm! I loved it!  

The Day From Hell

Should I even write about this day? I mean, the headline really sums it up, haha!


I don’t want to be nagging about how awful and stressful my day has been… It's not my style to bitch about stuff. (My moto is "Carpe Diem, and if not, Everything will be alright, eventually") But I guess I kind of did it anyway now! Sorry guys.


Up next: Solve my problems, quickly!

Options: Act quickly or destroy my entire future? Hm, I think I’ll go with the first one, please!
Mood: C*** off!

Have you been drinking, or do I intoxicate you?

So, as I mentioned yesterday I was dressed out as Edward Cullen. But I didn’t really look like Edward though… But people got the idea, so it’s cool!


You can say that I looked like a transvestite gold digger version of Edward Cullen or if you take a look at the second picture, a transvestite gold digger hillbilly helmet version of Edward Cullen (the teeth were too big to fit in my mouth)… Or just any other Twilight vampire!


My sister thought I should have gone for Jacob Black the werewolf instead, but I wanted to sparkle and not look like a dog, so Edward it was. And also; how would it sound if I was doing a pic up line like Jacob? "You know what they say, right? Once you go "Black" you never go back." or "So…how do you feel about dogs?", I don't think so! But if I go with Edward it would sound something like this: "My sister can see the future. Let me give you a clue, it’s Me + You." or "I’m an addict. Will you be my heroin?"

Another failure of my disguise was that the sun wasn’t even shining during school time yesterday. How is it possible that it has been beautiful weather everyday, and that the day I needed some sunshine the most it was cloudy? I’m asking you God: was it because I’m a team Edward and he’s a vampire (aka Satan’s child) or are you just team Jacob?

I've got glitter all over me, but I don't think you can see it too well in these pictures.

Haha, now that's more like it!

Patrick Wolf

Last night was amazing! Me, Lis and Malin went to the O2 acadamy to dance to Patrick Wolf songs. I was so surprised by how stiff the crowd was. I’m not used to just standing still on a concert. I dance, I rage, I moshpit, I sing or scream if you like to call it that, I go mental. I don’t just stand around being cool as a cucumber. No, sir, I sure as hell don’t!


But it didn’t matter that people weren’t up for partying last night. The music was great, and Patrick was so funny and charming on stage that I couldn’t stop laughing. I was afraid that he wouldn’t play my favourite song, but he did! He actually finished with The City, which made me jump up and down, dance and sing; all in the same time.


I took some photos with Lisa’s camera, since the guards took my camera. “Oh, that’s a too professional camera, miss! We can’t let you in with it.”  You may have took my camera, but I always have a plan B. (This is the part when all of you scream “BOOM, BABY!” by your computers at home, haha)

More pictures will be uploaded soon!

You Helmet

Sometimes I just don’t get how slow people can be! **** was awfully slow in class today, as always. Our new teacher was almost amazed by how stupid she was, haha! (No offence, *****, but you really won that prize today!) “*****, what is your problem? Are you one of those kids who walk around with a helmet all the time? Do you need a helmet? Where is your helmet by the way? You know, I’ve got one at home. I’ll make sure to bring it tomorrow”, he said. (And for you other helmets out there; helmet is another word for retard. They walk around with helmets without even knowing why. Maybe because they think that the sky will fall on their head).  


So from now on, I’ll start to call idiots “helmets”. I actually had a taste on the word today, when I called **** “Helmet”. “Shut up, Helmet!” or “Stop wasting our time, Helmet!” Haha, it was quite amusing. If this continues, I’ll make sure to add a new category in this blog. I will call it “The Daily Helmet” or “Helmet”. Then I will post a picture of that days’ helmet and even rate them with helmets (five will be the “error, no hope for this guy, error! Stupid as F”)

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