The day before yesterday you say?

Thursday evening with my family (almost everyone) was absolutely wonderful! I loved every second of it. It felt like we were eating Thai food in a rainforest. The atmosphere of this restaurant is amazing, the service is excellent, the drinks are fruity and the food – should I even mention the food? If you’re a bit of a coward you can choose to eat anything from their mild selection. But if you’re a stud like me and can handle a bit of spice – feel free to eat anything from their spicy menu.


I would recommend anyone who likes to escape the winter cold to come and experience Koh Phanang. Words can't explain how much fun we had here!

Hahaha this picture... it's not what it looks like! But you can't expect us to look like we're not sleeping when it's so dark and the flash light suddenly goes on!

I don't know if any stomach can take spice like this. I sure know that my brother and father eats this for breakfast. But the second they said "No, Begonia! Don't eat that. You can't handle the spice honey!" I looked them in the eye and said "Oh! Challenge accepted!" Okay, so it was a bit spicy, but I still ate it!

This picture is dedicated to my Thai friends!


On my way to the cinemas

Heya! I'm going to the City with my homeboy (girl?) Amanda, haha. We're going to the cinemas to watch New Years Eve. By the time the film is finished it'll be New Years Eve, haha!

I'll see you guys tomorrow. Have a nice one guys! ♥ 

Thursday Koh Phanang

Hey there! Tonight I’m going out with my family. We’re going to a restaurant called Koh Phanang in Stockholm South, baby.   

Pictures by

Kim Jong-Il dropping the bass

My sweet friend Lis just sent me a little message on facebook with a link to this blog. “i know he's dead now...but thought you might like that ;) ”


Kim Jong-Il’s death came as a chock for me. News reporters ware quoted saying “Kim Jong-Il is in hell with Osama, Hitler and Gaddafi”, which shows how popular hi was in the rest of the world. He will be missed by some… and not missed by others. Anyway, this post is not about his leadership or what kind of a person he was, but it’s about how funny a person can be by making up such incredibly funny pictures like these.   

kim droppin’ with david guetta
"Kim droppin' with David Guetta"

I'm NOT a happy flower right now

I went to the dentist today, again. Guess what? I got something really annoying put behind my teeth and I can’t stop rolling my tongue on it either. I can’t wait to get this piece of junk out of my mouth.


Do you recognise the feeling when you’re itching, but you can’t really understand where it itches or you can’t reach it good enough to scratch the hell out of that spot? That’s the feeling I’m having right now. Though I want to get this thing out of my mouth and my dentists refuse to take out my braces (and tool box is hidden so I can’t act dentist of my own). Good times!

The High School Graduation Ball

I’m getting a bit sentimental by looking at the pictures that was taken on my High School Graduation Ball this may. I can’t believe that I graduated this year.


I remember how much fun we had that night. It was so wonderful to see everyone so fancied up. But don’t let the beautiful dresses and suits fool you. Every senior student and teacher knows what’s really happening in that hotel. As soon as we had eaten our three course dinner, toasted with some champagne, finished giving speeches, had the three first waltzes with our ball date and crowned the king and queen, the party began. And oh, how it began! The music changed from classic to party. All the girls threw off their killer heels to hit the dance floor. And in the end of the night the boys ties were loose or tied to their head, and everyone’s hair messed up, haha!

We're trying not to laugh. I think I was pretty good at hiding, but my sister on the other hand... Hahaha!

Hahaha, fancy pancy girls, yes?

Hahaha, now that's what I call a happy brace face! I love the fact that I will look back at these pictures when I'm 30 + and say "Damn, I was the girl who wore braces to prom. Nice" 

Xmas dinner

I didn’t take that many pictures during Christmas Eve. I can’t understand why, but I’ll make it up to you and myself on New Years Eve.

Can you imagine how many gifts I had in this little bag of mine? I love Christmas shopping!

Say cheese!

Grilled Salmon!

"There goes Bambi's mom" - Dad. I feel a bit bad, but I only eat this once every third year.

World War III - We Welcome you

I’m sitting here on my bum, while watching the world go through a regression. We are slowly but (un)safely going back to the war times of the 1940’s, and I can’t help to ask myself when a Third World War will explode.


When the European Union was founded it was said that it would never be allowed for anything to even get close to blossom into a war like the WW II. Never again should people be discriminated for their racial, religious or ethnical values. But in reality more and more xenophobic Far Right Party’s are gaining ground in the European politics. What does that mean? It means that a few of the main principles of the EU concept is falling apart. I would like to focus on “Freedom of Movement”. There is a witch hunt of Gypsies out there. When the French government, which is one of the most powerful nations in the EU, decided for a deportation of Gypsies, it should have been understood as a warning signal. We shall never forget what happened during the Second World War – remember, it all started with restrictions against minorities such as Jews and Gypsies. It would be a shame to let a dark history repeat itself.


We should take a stand against this abuse of our democratic values, our human rights, our lives and stop this madness. Enough is enough already!  

Photos from Weheartit


So I went to check how my braces are doing today… It turns out I can’t take out my grills for another month or two. I guess these grills are starting to grow into my teeth. It’s almost like they are becoming a part of me…


My friends, I’m afraid that I’m turning into a real gangster. A true G never chooses its grills – the grills chooses you.


I guess I’ll have to give you my gangsta name too then (since I’m turning into this…. Real G)… My name is Drunken Daddy, Clowny Ho Slappa Dead Bully Shrinky Nutz, but you can call me “Drunken Daddy Ho Slappa”. That’s totally fine too!


I want to dedicate this post to my sister’s best friend, Dunia! She got married on the 23rd of December. I wasn’t able to participate on her wedding, and I’m very sorry for that. But I would like to wish her all the happiness and luck. 

I believe she is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I can almost see the happiness shine through her eyes just by looking at these pictures. Dunia, you looked amazing and I’m so happy for you. Doesn’t she look like a princess?

God Jul!

Merry Christmas everyone! (For my international readers I just want to say “Yes, we do celebrate Christmas one day before the rest of the world. But don’t hate us because we get our presents one day before you, haha!”).


I’ll be decorating the Christmas tree with my family soon. I can’t believe that it’s Christmas, haha! I hope you all will have a wonderful evening! God Jul! ♥

Baking for Christmas

Today I’ve just baked, baked, drunk mulled wine and baked some more with my brother. First we made some candied apples, then some saffron buns (aka lussebullar or lussekatter in Swedish) and later we made a Rocky Road. And yes, we are planning to gain about 15 kg during Christmas and New Years Eve. You know what they say; No pain, no gain. You have to work for it to deserve the treats, which basically means that you have do some serious baking to get to eat. Oh dear, if my brother read this he would slaughter me. Brother, you can call me Patty McFatty if you like. But I know that deep down in you – there is a Patty in you too. You’re not alone!


Okay, enough with this Patty nonsense already! I had a grate fun time while baking today. If you only knew what happened in that kitchen. Give us some flour and dough and the whole place will turn into a bombshell. “Merry Christmas mom…” Haha, grate times!

Haha, why does this picture make me think of Scarface? Haha, don't worry it's not coke. It's 16 cups of pure flour. That's right - 16 cups!

Merry Mini Christmas

Yesterday I had a little Mini Christmas with My and Emelie. We exchanged Christmas presents, made some Christmas fudge, ate “lussebullar” (saffron buns) and drank “julmust”. I can’t really explain what julmust is and it would be more than wrong to compare it to coke (as in Coca-Cola). I guess you’ll have to leave it as a mystery until I’ve come up with a good enough explanation. At least the Swedes gets what I mean, right? Haha!


I really wanted you guys to see what I got for Mini Christmas, but I promised I would keep it as a secret for a little while. I’m sorry guys! Though, I must say that I really loved it since my entire life and existence revolves around it. ♥

I didn't take that many pictures yesterday, but I hope this will do!

Emelie's little love, Sune!

Of course Sune had to get an early Christmas present as well, haha! He was so happy with his new little bed. I couldn't stop laughing while he was curling up in his bed. He looked so pleased and happy: He even jumped off Emelie's bed to cuddle in his own bed.

"This is so not a road trip"

Hey! Emelie’s picking me up with her car in a bit. We’re going to Enköping City to do some last mimute Christmas shopping... or are we? Haha, who knows?    

Christmas markets and Ice-skating in Stockholm

This day has been amazing! I’ve spent my whole day with my big brother in Stockholm, where we went ice-skating in King’s Garden (Haha, it feels so silly to translate Kungstädgården to King’s Garden), shopped at Christmas markets and laughed at silly soldiers in Old Town.


My favourite part of the day was when we decided to go ice-skating. We looked like real helmets (retards). Guess why? Because we were wearing big white helmets, haha! But do you know what? It made the whole experience a lot more fun actually. There we stood, in the middle of the ice-rank, laughing at each other until we dropped. I couldn’t even skate in the beginning. My brother actually had to hold my hand and drag me around. Now that must have been hilarious to see.

Hahaha, don't you just feel sorry when you see this picture? Haha, helmet alert!

HAHAHA! I can't tell you how much I love this picture. This is a type of picture that I will look at whenever I feel sad and blue. I believe that as soon as I look at this picture I will burst into cry because I would laugh too hard.


Haha, I loved the chubby ballerinas!

"Merry Christmas!"


That's a real cannon-shot!

We went to the German Church to warm ourselves!

We went to the hood!

Psyche! We went to "Storkyrkan" (another church)

Fancy the phone booth?

I never knew it could be that much fun to watch guards before. I used to be scared of them because they scream while having guns in their hands, which basically is the time for a human to be scared. I mean, if you see a guy screaming while holding a gun in your hand you wouldn't hang around to see what would happen. You would run as far from there as possible. But these guys... Haha, these are a totally different story!

I tried to take them seriously... But it was impossible! I just laughed and laughed, and the funniest thing is that even though I tried so hard not to laugh, I couln't stop laughing. I hope they didn't feel offended... Because that was not my intention at all. I would never want to offend a screaming guy with a gun in his hands. I don't have death wishes you know!

Just hanging out with a troll fox - nothing special really!

Of course we went to a café as well! Haha, what do you take us for?

Trafficking traffic

Good times at the airport!

So what is there to do in an airport except going shopping (or shop lifting if you prefer to live the thug life? I don’t want to exclude anyone here, haha!), eating, socializing with friends (or strangers) and waiting. Actually, I could list a bible of things you could do on an airport, but none of that is relevant to what I have to say.


I had a really bad day last Friday. As you may remember I dragged my whole luggage to school (up hills), there was no wifi on the bus to the airport even though it was written all over the bus that there was supposed to be free wifi, I was tired and my body was aching, I was hungry… Well, you get it! Someone was having a big laugh at me! Anyway, as I arrived to the airport it was announced that all flights to Stockholm had been cancelled. I was too tired to react. All I wanted was to get on that flight and get home. Suddenly it turned out that my flight was the only one not to have been cancelled. It was a bit of a Hallelujah moment really, haha… until the wait began! 

So what did I do? I watched Step up 3 a third time and listened to the one and only song I had had the time to download on my computer. The rest of the time I just...

... took some pictures of gate 19 (which as it turned out wasn't even my gate...) 

... and myself having a really boring time, haha! I almost get bored by just looking at these pictures!


Oh, spare me!

I can barely walk normal after yesterdays work out. Even though that was the case me and my brother went to the gym after our little visit at IKEA. I’m glad we only had a little snack at IKEA and not the traditional Swedish Christmas food that was served there.


Ernesto: Do you want to have some traditional Christmas food while we’re here?

Me: I don’t know, I’m not a great fan of that type of food. But let’s just take a quick look at it before we decide anything.


We just stood there for 40 seconds in silence, while staring at the food. Suddenly my brother interrupted the silence by saying “Nope, I think I’ll pass” as I burst into laugh. That must have been one of the most disgusting sights I have ever witnessed (when it comes to food). Haha, whatever Swedes eat for dinner on Christmas Eve – my family doesn’t! We eat proper Mediterranean food.  

This picture has absoultely nothing to do with this post, but I just thought it would be nice to have a picture of Oxford here.

Christmas at IKEA

G’day dear readers! Today I haven’t done too much really. I went to IKEA with my big brother to buy some small things. Guess who stood behind us in the queue! One of Sweden’s funniest young comedians, Soran Ismael. “Well ‘Oooh’” you think, right? The thing is that I have never had any good experiences with comedians. And how is that possible? They’re brilliant, but I always tend to laugh my life away whenever I see them even if it’s not on one of their shows. I’m sure that having me in the crowd makes them feel more confident about themselves, but they don’t even have to say anything to make me laugh. Actually, no one ever has to say anything particularly funny to make me laugh. I just laugh because that’s who I am. I guess that none of the comedians that have ever “made” me laugh should feel good about themselves, because it doesn’t necessarily make them a good comedian to make someone like me laugh really.


Anyway, I just couldn’t stop thinking about when I stopped “Sean the Man” in the middle of the Street a few years ago to make him help me find the way to a store. Don’t worry; I’m not some kind of a comedian stalker. I just needed some help to find a store that no one else seemed to know the way to. At that moment I couldn’t even recognise him. All I could think of was that he looked like someone, but I could never really put my finger on whom. I even asked him “You look like someone. Are you someone? I mean, I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before. I know it sounds cheesy, but this is for real”. Haha, that must have been one of my most stupid moves in history. “Are you someone?” C’mon, really? This guy just laughed while walking me to the store. When we finally got to the store and he had already gone, it struck me who he was. But it would never have made a difference if I knew who he was or not. He’s just an ordinary guy, except he might be a bit funnier than regular guys.   

Of course we had to take a snack while we were in IKEA!

From Me To You - A Very Merry Christmas

“A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world, what difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset.”
- Oscar Wilde


This little quote led to Damian giving me the opportunity to explore, which might be one of the funniest pages I’ve ever entered. It’s almost in the same class as Kim Jong-il Looking at things! Both of these pages are wonderful if you want to have a great laugh!


So for you my dear readers, I give you this! You can the name of ANY band/singer (or just celebrity) and it'll tell you what to drink. I typed in Ibrahim Tatlises and he actually showed up! And because we got into a funny conversation about him looking a bit like Saddam Hussein, I had to type in Saddam… Guess what? He actually showed up on this page.


“An awesome reason to have a full bar at home” – Damian O’connell

Hi ho!

I’ve been helping my brother with stuff all day and soon I’ll be going to the gym to juggle this fat that I’ve collected during my stay in Great Britain (why you little…).


I haven’t really gotten any rest since I’ve come home. My first day back I went to a surprise party for my sister’s fiancé’s 26th birthday, and since then it’s been a lot to get back into. I still tend to talk English sometimes, which is getting really annoying since I’m back in Sweden. It’s all a bit weird really, but don’t worry: I’ll get back in the game sooner than you think!

Welcome home

I’m sitting in my own room, on my bed, while my sister is lighting candles all over the place and singing to Junip – Without you. In the kitchen my father and mother is making an amazing dinner. My brother is out playing with our puppy in the snow. It feels good to be home again.   

Food, food and some more food!

Haha, I just realized how many pictures of me and my dad eating food I have on my computer. But can you blame us? After have being tortured with fried food for three months of course he’ll feed me with proper food (and some delicious deserts) when he comes to visit me.

At café Nero in Cambridge I think?

At a French restaurant in Cambridge as well, Crêpe!

Mmm-m, haha! I can't explain how much we laughed while we were eating. It took us one hour to finish our food because we laughed so much. Whenever I decided to take a Belgian Fry, my father decided to speak Arabic and make it impossible for me not to laugh.

A starter at Jamie's Italian? Haha, don't worry, we didn't just EAT!

We had some coffee as well!

And some desert... Haha!

I took my dad to one of my favourite café's in Oxford. You know which one, Patisserie Valerie!

I thought they only had good deserts, but they have incredible food as well!

Dad had some breakfast instead of lunch!


Yummie in my tummie! Hahaha, I'm sorry for this!

Even though I hate to admit it, his desert was way better than mine. Your eyes may not have had enough, but trust me - your body will have had enough when your finished with this!

We went to The Living Room at Oxford Castle to have some dinner! I really liked this place. The concept was wonderful. You could eat dinner in a privet room if you liked. Every room has a unique style and feeling just so you could feel that you were having dinner in your own living room. Genius!

And so we came to our last dat together!

We went to a café at Queens Lane (I think it's called Queens Lane Café)

We went to the University Church

We went to the Market Evenue where I bought my dress for my sister's best friend's wedding!

Haha, yeeey!

Later on we went to have some lunch at Bella Italia on George Street.

I'm alive, I'm back and I'm home... In Sweden!

Hey! It has been a long journey, but I’m finally back home in Sweden. I’m going to spend my Christmas Holiday here with family and friends and I’m really excited about it.


I’ll really miss the street musicians in Oxford though. I guess I’ll have to walk down the narrow streets of the Old Town of Stockholm.

"Bless you my child"

You know when you walk buy people or just things and you think “God I wish I had a camera now” and then realise that you actually do have a camera and go back to do what you were meant to do in the first place? Well, this happened to me while my father visited me in Oxford.


Some people you just wonder what their story is. I believe he's one of these people.

Street Style

I’m creating a new category here on my blog called Street Style. Here you’ll find everything from Amish to Space Cowboy. And since I won’t be on the same spot my whole time, but travelling around as much as I can while living the poor student life, I won’t be able to specify the category by calling it for example “Oxford Street Style” or “London Street Style”.


I was actually spotted in Stockholm by a Japanese fashion journalist on my way to work last year. My hair looked like Rihanna’s in her music video “Rude Boy” and I remember that I was wearing a pair of white Nike sneakers, a what I like to call “white Papa tee” (aka oversized tee) tucked into a black tight skirt and a green military/London guard jacket with golden buttons. I’m sad to tell you that I forgot her Business Card at my work, so I never got to check out my picture.    

I’ve been planning to do this for quite some time now, so watch out guys!

I've had a lot of crazy hairstyles through the years. My absolute favourite was this one from 2009, which was made by Wella who I modelled for for a couple of years. There thought was to create a hairdo that would suit me, and since my name is Begonia and they would call me Flower they created a flower for my bang in a lot of different colours.

My weekend in Cambridge

You’ll probably think that me and my dad only ate all the time because of all the pictures of food plates, haha! But the reason why I took those photos was because it had been too long since I had had some proper food! By that said I mean not English food. Haha, sorry guys – I love you Brits, but it’s only so much fried food a girl can take.

We had some brunch here!

I can't tell if my dad feels pain or excitment by looking at his food. I don't get how people can eat beans for breakfast, haha!

We went for a shopping spree

Don't worry, this is not a sick pervert street, haha! It's called Sussex street!

Christmas market

We went to Anatolia where we ate meze, BBQ and fruit!

This little café looked so dark (my brother would have compared it to the ghettos' of Eastern Europe) comparing to the other cafés that looked so pretty and fresh. But do you know what? I loved this café. It served homeless coffee and a warm place to stay, even for just a bit.

I'm changing the channel

I’m sorry if I’m being too deep. I’ve just had a lot on my mind these past few days… I keep seeing things that bring me back to the memories I wish I could forget. But the past belongs in the past, and there is no reason to worry about what already has been.


So let’s talk about something that is more fun! I know: It’s Lucia today, which means I’m going to watch the Lucia ceremony on the computer.  

And who am I?

Life is not black and white. It’s about all of the different shades of gray. All my life I’ve been struggling to know where I come from. I am considered as “A Swede with a multicultural background”. It never matters what country I said I came from – I was never considered as a real part of these countries. My background boarders between three different continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. I was born and raised in Sweden, but does it make me a Swede? Not in the society that we live in today.


I believe that me not feeling that I belong to a certain category has made me to the person that I am today. I don’t consider myself as a part of any nationality, race or culture. I am what I am and there’s no category for this. I am from this planet, this earth, this world. I breathe the same air as you do. When I wake up in the morning, it is the same sun that warms your face that shines on my face. When I go to sleep it is the same moon and the same sky that you see before you go to sleep that I see.


I don’t need to have a label to feel that I belong, not anymore. Once I was proud to say “Hey, I’m from this world”. But today I feel disgusted to say that I am from this world. The fact that we have to struggle with racial differences and issues, the fact that we still call it race; it all disgusts me. I wish people would stop using these labels and stop being so ignorant of the fact that we are all the same. We can never escape from who we are, but if we let a nation or the colour of our skin define our personality – what will we then do when its importance has started to fade away as society develops to the better? My hope is that we all one day can feel that we are a part of something so much greater that nations.


The colour of my skin, my appearance, my language and my background doesn’t define who I am. It is my heart, my soul, my ambition and my brain that defines who I am. I am Begonia Retina Randhav.

They tell me it's impossible

I prove them wrong!


There is no such thing as impossible. There’s only you; your decisions, your thought, your ideas, your belief, your goal. There are no restrictions in life, there’s only you. You are your only restriction. The sky isn’t the limit – you are!

Pub tour!

I never told you about our little pub round with Damian. We got a paper with boxes to tick after every pub we visited. Of course we all had two tasks:


  1. Drink
  2. Stealth Bum as many people you can and catch it on camera


We collected points by following these rules and oh my, there were a lot of stealth bumming that night, haha! In the end of the night I stealth bummed everyone and everything. By that I mean I stealth bummed machines, chairs, walls, the air – almost anything imaginable.


But who won the game? I don’t think we will ever get to know that. I believe it was one of the guys since they drank unimaginable amounts of alcohol that night. Good job you guys… Haha!

Anyway, I had an amazingly fun night. The end of the night was a bit sad, because we had to say good bye to not just our teacher, but also our life coach, Damian O'connell! As I wrote before, I think he's a brilliant guy and I wish for the best for him.

It may not look like it on this picture, but I was sober as a judge! Haha, but hey, you've got to fit in to all of the other pictures!

Let the game begin!

This was almost our whole gang!


In your face Damian!

Steve... C'mon!

Okay, so I guess we are even now!

Hahaha, what the...? The guy behind me must be taller that my sisters fiance... And he's tall!

Monday - the beginning of an end

Spin my world again
The radio is playing our song
Stockholm is deserted and the world is holding its breath
So spin my world again
For everything we once dreamed of

Christmas shopping

Today I have been doing some Christmas shopping with Malin. We had a wonderful brunch at Patisserie Valerie, afternoon cream tea with scones to be exact. I had a really nice time and now I’m about to run out of money. I can’t help myself; the thought of seeing my friends and family smile when they open their gifts is priceless.


Up now: Work on my Christmas rhymes! Anyone who has ever got one from me knows that they are pretty… hard to understand. They are suppose to make sense and give a clue of what the present might be, but no one ever gets what my gifts may contain. Maybe they’re so unpredictable? Haha, let’s pretend so!     

Party farters’ – just go home!

What’s the thing about farting while dancing on the dance floor? Who does that? There you stand, having a good time with your friends, and suddenly this smell penetrates your nose and you feel a bit woozy. You wonder what that person can have eaten to make it smell that bad and then you turn around to look in horror to understand where that terrible smell comes from. But it’s futile; it’s impossible to find the perpetrator in the crowd. To fart in the general vicinity of another person and take off before the smell takes effect is a very hateful thing to do and must end. This madness has to stop once and for all!


I know that “Fart and flee” occurs more frequently during the holiday season as shoppers are out for hours and there are always people with no respect at all that wants to destroy the spirit. Well guess what? Last Christmas the one you would least expect to fart in public to then continue to stand in the queue like nothing had happen was caught! A boy was standing behind this man and his height was just perfect for this (because his height was up to the man’s hips). When this man decided to commit this horrible crime (also known as farting in public), the little boy turned to his father to say “Daddy? I think this man just farted in my face! It smells funny…” Hahaha, you should have seen this man’s facial expression. It was priceless! I love when they get caught.


Though, last night it was impossible to catch from whom the despicable smell had come from. But I have a few words to share with all of you party farters’ out there – please stop with this madness or go home. Don’t come out and party if you’re going to destroy the fun by essentially taking a dump on it.  


That’s all for now, thank you!

We Are Your Friends

Last night was fantastic! I had such a great time with my friends. We danced, we sang, and yes, we sweat our lives away on the dance floor! I even had my beer glasses on, which means that the party was rocking!

 Maybe I’ll come with a few comments of the night later. But now I just want to thank my girls for an absolutely amazing night! ♥

I love this music video! It's genius! When you wake up like this, you know that the house party was remarkable.  


New stuff!

I thought I could share some pictures of some new clothes I got when my dad was here, haha! Thanks daddy, I really needed this! ♥

Knitted from New Look

Blazer from Topshop

Golden dress from Ansari

Propaganda Night - Oh, it's on!

Right now I’m just singing and dancing in my room while waiting for the dinner to be ready. Later on, I'll be going out to meet up my girls for an indie night out at Propaganda. Since it’s our last weekend in Oxford before we leave to go back home over the Christmas holiday, we’re all going all in! See you in the morning mist everyone, haha! This ship is sailing away now, arrr! 

Good bye Anna

Last night I had to say good bye to Anna, who’s going back to Sweden today! We had some dinner at… I don’t even want to say it, it’s too embarrassing, Fire and Stone. I swore that I would never step a foot in that restaurant after that little incident, but I did it for the sake of Anna. Okay, let me just share a couple of wise words with you: Don’t go there, ever!


The night was really nice, even though I wanted to shove my food into Xxx’s pie hole just to make her shut her mouth every now and then. It felt a bit sad to say good bye to Anna, and I will really miss her unique laugh. ♥    

Hahaha, I love this picture! Sara sure knows how to rock the pizza with her Persian lips!

Daddy's in town!

When my dad called me this Sunday to say that he was outside my house with his car my heart almost stopped. It was 7 pm and I was packing the last of my clothes. Then I just ran for it. I ran as fast as I could to his car. I wasn’t quite sure witch one of the cars that was his, but I had a feeling that took me strait to right one. When he opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes. It had been so long since I’d seen him. I think we hugged each other for at least 40 seconds.


The first thing that we did was to go to the City Center and have some dinner at All Bar One. Then we took off to Cambridge where we would spend a couple of days. We didn’t arrive until midnight because of our stupid GPS, which drove us around in circles the first hour and a half. Haha!   

Everything comes in three's

They call me Messiah

I'm alive! I have returned like Messiah to guide you through my life again. You shall worry no more!

I’ve just had so much other stuff going on these past couple of days. I went to Bath this Sunday and later during the night my dad came over to Oxford to visit me. So I’ve been hanging out with my old man these days that I haven’t been writing. But I promise you to upload a whole lot of pictures as compensation, haha!

Christmas market in Bath

As I may have told you, last Sunday I went to Bath for the Christmas market. I really liked the City, but next time I’ll probably spend more time to play Jane Austin and go to the fancy café that I saw but never had time to visit. It looked like something that had been taken out from an old novel or something. Outside the café there was a small tent with a circle table and five white chairs with the shapes of hearts. It look absolutely amazing with it’s lovely small cups and plates.

Scooby doo looks Scooby dooby stoned, haha!

We ate some incredible crêpes  

We went to Castle Galleries as well!

I'd love to do this soon!

Just chill'n with Jane Austen...


Have you watched Irreversible? Don’t! I tried to watch it and my laptop was just seconds from getting a splash of puke all over it. I couldn’t stand it and I’ve only made it halfway…


Do you remember when I wrote that I had my last lesson with our favourite teacher? That was a lie. Yesterday was the last time he taught us… But I think it was our best lesson ever! Haha, we were planning our night out. Oh yes, it’s happening! Next Wednesday, me and my class and our ex-teacher are going out for a pub tour! Damian has set some rules and I’m telling you; this night is all about going all in for the drinks. I think 98 percent of our gang will be driving the porcelain bus back home.


On Wednesday night Oxford City will turn into the ship Titanic, and we will all scream “MAYDAY, MAYDAY” as we see our lives pass by our eyes in revue - because this ship is going to sink. And dear sweet readers, I’m afraid we’re all going down with it! “Don’t get too wrecked” you say, but I think Damian will make us all hit that iceberg so hard that you will be reading about our lost souls of Oxford for eternity. We have no life vests as well – we’re in it for the kill! 


Well, I haven’t got a life west, but I do have a life boat. Luckily, I’ve got my dad to take care of me if things (or should I say I?) go a little too overboard. I’ll see you all in the bottom of the ocean. ♥

We get 2 free wee stops - If more, point will be taken away from us. If we throw up there will be an instant disqualification. And we also got an emergency number if we get lost on the way to our goal - the bridge! Do you see what I mean with "No life vests allowed" now?

Chestnut guy

Yesterday the Chestnut man were in our school. I had never eaten chestnuts before, but sometime must be the first!

My date with Lisa

Last night after school I met up with my date, Lisa. We saw the parade and counted down for the Christmas lights to be put on. It all felt a bit magical.


Afterwards we went to Cowley Road to eat at The First Floor, which is a beautiful Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese restaurant with an “All you can eat”- buffet. Wow! After our wonderful meal (or should I say meals?) and long time of hysterical laughter, we met up with our friends in the City Center to hang out by the Christmas Fairs and dance to some 50’s live music.


Later we all went to the Eagle and Child for a pint or two (except from me and Lis, because our back teeth were literally swimming after all of that amazing food we ate.) I had a really nice time and would definitely give this date five stars out of five possible, haha!

I would have loved to have had her coat last night. It was a bit cold... just a bit!

This one I really loved! It was dancing and drumming, it was absolutely fantastic!


I watched the small children who were sitting on their parents shoulders and I realised that I also wanted to be three years old again. Everything was so much easier then. Life was just a play and the word evil was only a phase in fairytales that would be defeated by the good in the end of the day.

Then the lights came on! Everyone was so excited, they were cheering, playing music and having fun!

The lights were lit bit by bit. It was amazing!

At The First Floor!

And so it was time for our date to step it up to next level - FOOD TIME! But first we had some wine... Or did we?

Psyche! That was another coupple's table! And we're students... We don't do anything too exclusive like sharing a bottle of red wine on a restaurant?!


And so we went to the other side of the city for the Christmas fair!

These looked so good, but I would still like to believe that mine tastes better, thanks!

I'm just saying...

Thank you all for an awesome night. Oh, I’m sorry? Did I write awesome? At least we didn’t get tipsy, so it didn’t suck. The ones who get this, get this – the other ones… I’m sorry! This will remain a mystery for you. ♥


I’m going to start writing on my essay for my MEIA class while listening to heavy dubstep now. But before that I just wanted to let you know about a great concert in London tomorrow. It’s a Swedish band called Hoffmaestro which is performing on the O2 Islington Academy tomorrow the 2nd of December.

During the mid nineties the music scene of the Stockholm youth clubs was on fire. Different bands and genres would face off on the same stage at any given night. The fight for the crowds affection was grueling and edged the bands on towards something out of the ordinary. It was in this setting the members of Hoffmaestrofirst met.


With time they grew eleven men strong and all their different musical influences flourished into a unique sound: A sound that they've now labeled skank-a-tronicpunkadelica. A dynamic genre that allows them to move freely between anything from ska and reggae to techno, New Orleans funk or country as opposed accepting the limitations of a conventional genre label.

I’ve seen them before and I’m telling you; There's so much energy during these concerts that people actually die. I can’t describe how amazing they are live. There are not many bands that gets the audience to flip like that. The audience becomes a crowd of puppets that does what ever they tell them to do. People just rage and have fun and I love it! When they play The Storm the audience literally becomes a huge storm. To be in the middle of that storm feels like being inside of a tornado filled with dancing party animals.   

For me Hoffmaestro breathes summer, happiness and festival. So... A tip from me to you would be to see them live if you haven't done that already! ♥

On speed

Yesterday was horrible! I had only slept for three and a half hours. I wanted to go on my friends graduation party, but I was so tired. Then I asked myself when I became such a boring person? I don’t sleep? I’ve never used the word sleep as an excuse to not do something. So I went strait to Starbucks to force myself to drink a big cup of coffee (and I hate coffee) while eating some energy bars to wake myself up. My body got shocked because of all the energy I got. I think people around me thought that I was high on cocaine or something similar. Suddenly I was power walking around the City Center with my eyes wide open, feeling every heartbeat in my chest (I thought I could even hear the blood fled in my veins) and I was talking as fast as an AK47 shoots its bullets in the phone as my entire body was shaking. But when I finally got home I threw myself in my bed and thought “Mm… This is comfy! I’m just going to lay here for a bit”. Then I fell asleep!


It was not until I heard the voice of my host brother screaming “I WANT BREAKFAST NOW MOM!” and I got so scared that I fell from my bed and down on the floor, that I realised that I might be a bit late for the graduation party. I didn’t understand a thing of what was going on. I just got up and started stressing about taking a shower, changing my clothes and putting on some makeup. Then I looked outside the window… “It’s not even dark yet. Why am I stressing?” I thought to myself. Then the words my host brother had been screaming became clearer. “Breakfast… “BREAKFAST?!” I shouted to my roommate who had woken up by the sound of me falling off my bed. She didn’t understand a thing as well. She looked a bit scared but pissed in the same time. I don’t blame her; it was 6.24 am and I was shouting while running around in the room. I guess I really missed the party…

You don’t get to see me sentimental that often, so dig in!

Guess where I woke up this morning? On the floor! I fell down from my bed while I was still sleeping. That hasn’t happened to me since I was three!


Anyway, I have been feeling a bit sentimental today. It was probably the last day Damian got to teach me and my class. He says that he might come back after Christmas, depending on if he gets another cool job or not. But I don’t think he will come back really.


Because I like him so much, I wish for his happiness and that he gets the job. But I would still have loved to keep him as my teacher or mentor. I have never had a teacher that has given me so much inspiration before. I have got great respect for this man and I hope that this won’t be the last time I will see him.

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